Shiden Network Frequently Asked Questions

Shiden Frequently Asked Questions

We recently announced Shiden Network, a canary network of Plasm. We will deploy the network on Kusama as soon as possible so that dApps developers can build dApps on Shiden Network before becoming a Kusama Parachain and earn SDN tokens. With this FAQ we would like to give an answer to a lot of questions from the community.


When is the Parachain Lease Offering on Kusama?

This is technically dependent on the Kusama parachain auction readiness. Join our community for updates. Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

How many SDN will I get for joining the KSM PLO?

This depends on the lease/lock period of KSM and a few other factors such as total locked KSM. The token allocation for the PLO is capped and we will distribute a total of around 30% of our token supply to those who join the PLO.

What does it mean to unbond my KSM, and how do I do it?

When nominating on Kusama, you have a delayed exit period, called the unbonding period, which serves as a cooldown. You will not be able to transfer your tokens before this period has elapsed. Read more and find instructions on the Kusama wiki.

Do I have to unbond my KSM if they are on an exchange?

Not necessarily. You need to contact your exchange to find out how to participate directly in the exchange. In case it is not supported on your exchange, you would need to unbound, transfer your KSM to Polkadot-js extension wallet and use one of the methods to participate, which, we will announce closer to the launch of the PLO.

How long will the KSM tokens be locked?

Your KSM will be locked for the full duration of the Shiden parachain lease. This is a yet-to-be-determined (6, 12, 18, and 24 months).

Will my KSM be returned after the parachain lease ends?

Yes, more information will be released in our strategy.

When will I receive my Shiden tokens?

When we win the auction on Kusama you will receive your SDN tokens in your wallet. Be aware that those SDN tokens you mint during the PLO have a vesting period during the lease period. SDN will be released linearly closer to the end of the lease period.

What if Shiden doesn’t win the parachain auction?

If Shiden does not win the auction, your KSM will be automatically returned immediately but Shiden aims to become the first one.

What is the difference between the Plasm PLO on Polkadot and the Shiden PLO on Kusama?

Shiden PLO is on Kusama and will function as Plasm canary network. For participants, the key differences are that the parachain lease duration for Shiden may be different and likely to be shorter than Plasm. Also, participants in the Plasm PLO on Polkadot will receive PLM, whereas participants in the Shiden PLO on Kusama will receive SDN tokens.


Hm…First time hear about vesting period for SDN tokens which we get during Kusama PLO.

Does it right for PLM tokens and Polkadot PLO also?

Yes, there is vesting for 3rd lockdrop on Kusama and Polkadot. We recommend you to join our crowdcast next week (soon to be announced) to hear more about our strategy.


Guys, in Russia there is a great demand for various blockchain technologies, it would be very good to make a Russian-language chat in telegrams, because in Russia they do not like to register anywhere, and if they use something, and this is a telegram, they will wait until it appears there and on other platforms most of the people will not work, believe me, we are lazy :sweat_smile:

You are welcome: Telegram: Contact @PlasmNetworkRus

I planned to stake PLM after lockdrop 3, it seems i need to change my plan( Ok, thank you.

Awesome! :sunglasses: :wink:

Just finished watching the latest community update call via Crowdcast, and now reading the FAQ. Too many unknown variables at this time to know whether participating in the Plasm PLO (or any PLO for that matter) is a worthy investment. The fact that KSM/DOT tokens are locked up for a long period of time without staking means that the ROI of PLM/SDN must be quite high. Looking forward to more updates and additional PLM/SDN tokenomics in order to make a sound decision. :+1:

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In Kusama and Polkadot, the actual amount tokens is different (10mln and 1 billion). What is planned in Plasm and Shiden network?

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That’s because Polkadot had a redenomination and Kusama hasn’t otherwise it would be the same :-).
Plasm and Shiden will have the same token supply.