GaiaStarter - Builders Program Application

Project Overview

GaiaStarter is also the first platform on AstarNetwork to support both IDO & INO (Initial NFT Offerring), helping many projects raise funds. Ahead of the upcoming global rise of the metaverse, GaiaStarter has decided to support INO.

GaiaStarter is a platform that helps projects in the AstarNetwork ecosystem built on Polkadot raise funds. GaiaStarter is also the first platform on AstarNetwork to support INO (Initial NFT Offerring), helping many creators raise funds. Ahead of the upcoming global rise of the metaverse, GaiaStarter has decided to support INO.

Until now, investors have had to purchase platform-specific tokens in order to purchase tokens to be launched on the IDO platform. Proprietary tokens with insufficient utility will be sold when the IDO is terminated, resulting in lower prices and losses.
NFT creators could not focus on drawing to launch NFT projects; they needed to spend a lot of time and effort preparing smart contracts for NFTmint, preparing marketing, etc., from drawing to selling NFT and making money. In addition, after raising funds through NFT, IDOs are conducted to launch projects using tokenomics, but even to conduct IDOs, smart contracts, marketing, etc. become burdensome for creators.

A launch pad on GaiaStarter is available to participate in the IDO by staking both stable coins and governance tokens respectively. For creators who wish to launch NFTs on the AstarNetwork, an INO platform and NFT staking functionality will also be available.


  • Participants can use stable coin when joining IDO
  • They should stake $USDC, $aUSD or $SAI to get allocation
  • They can get both IDO token allocation and IDO token as staking rewards
  • Our platform web top is designed by famous NFT creator in Japan (

one of his NFT↓

  • Support INO(Initial NFT offering) & NFT staking
  • Designed to increase TVL on AstarNetwork.


  • staking pool to get $SAI
  • stable pool to get IDO allocation and IDO token
  • $SAI pool to get IDO allocation and IDO token


A global team composed of:

  • Emi - Founder & Marketer
  • pontagon - Dev
  • Micky - Dev
  • hime - Dev
  • RIC - Marketer

Past Performance

1600+ discord community members


  • Token ticker: SAI
  • Token decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone1: Soft launch.

  • Forked from other products (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Update logo
  • Frontend
  • Testnet release
  • Audit
  • Estimated End Date: End of April 2022

Milestone2: Token Launch

  • Staking $USDC earn $SAI
  • NFT Staking
  • AMA, Launch Token
  • Estimated End Date: End of May 2022


  • Farming
  • CEX Listing
  • Estimated End Date: June 2022
  • Support INO(Initial NFT offering) & NFT staking
  • Designed to increase TVL on AstarNetwork.


Thanks for the proposal. There are any repositories on GitHub publicly available?


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Thank you for feedback!!
Yes, we are working on private repositories.
If you need to see, plz tell me your account. We welcome to invite you.

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Hi team,

I presumed that your team is from Japan. Dont you guys want try to add experiment feature like launching a Manga platform, utilizing on NFT as a pass to access the content that Mangaka create?

Ex : let’s say Toriyama Akira (sorry im old) is releasing exclusively every week of his DBZ manga by chapter on your platform, and the reader need to hold an NFT (using your INO) to access his content, or just buy the pass for that particular chapter every week using SAI let’s say.

I think if your platform can have a partnership with famous mangaka or some indie manga artists, it would bring massive traffic to ur platform and generally in Astar too. In my opinion, it definetely give oppurtunities for new generation of manga artists on how to publish their creation (and monetized it under their own control) and if u guys secure a partnership with veteran manga artist it would be great also. And we definetely as a fan would like to collect it.

As the guy that spent his younger days reading hundreds of manga, I definetely would like to see that kind of platform.

just an idea though :slight_smile:

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Hi!! Thank you for feedback!! It is very interesting idea;)

Of course we will promote brand related to Japan, but it is different discussion about where the target user live in. We focus on global market. If we launch Manga platform there, the translation is needed, Japanese → English. It need a lot of operational costs which we can’t continuously pay.

Although this information is not certain, it is likely that the translation of the manga is done by the publisher or editor. From that, the collab with them may be great strategy and expand the market of them.

It is certainly interesting to build such a platform. I’ve learnt a great deal!

Thank you so much :smiling_face:

Hi!! We update new logo;)


This looks so much better than the previous one. Was this done by the community?

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Yes!! Many great community members applied to our logo competition.
It is as if we are building the project with them!!
We appreciate to them and don’t want to disappoint them.

It’s just fine with having a logo contest to get involvement from the community.
Also, let’s see from the product itself, having awesome company website doesn’t mean they can develop great products.


Hi, since it is nearing April, can we see your MVP? :relaxed:


We will finish to build MVP between end of this month and first week on May.
A part of testnet will be launch on next week for OG community members.
The target date of first IDO is mid of May :100:

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Hello everyone.
This is our MVP.

GaiaStarter was completed audit by Ether Authority today. Thank you.

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Thank you very much for vote.