Grant evaluation and granting process


The following process is an outline of how we evaluate grant applications. The following descriptions are meant to illustrate the process and criteria.

Terms and organizational definitions of the process:

Team = members of the program’s management
Person in charge = the person who will be in direct contact with the grantee
Grantee = the individual or organization seeking the grant

Steps of the evaluation process

  • Acceptance of grant request from the form
  • Evaluate the project according to the evaluation criteria listed below by the team.
  • Depending on the evaluation, the grantee will go through either 1 or 2.
  1. To consider requesting a grant:

    • The person in charge will contact the grantee to set up a direct communication or meeting to clarify approval decisions and objectives.
    • The team will make a final decision on whether to accept the grant request, and you will be notified of the outcome by email.
    • The team can discard projects that do not meet the evaluation criteria and do not intend to change the application.
  2. To decline the request:

    • The person in charge will contact the grantee and inform them of the outcome by email.

Evaluation criteria

To date, the evaluation criteria identified are the following:

  • Must contribute to the Astar/Shiden ecosystem in a clear way, and the long-term ecosystem benefits instead of the short-term individual profits.
  • Application is clear and answers all asked questions (Team background, goals, etc)
  • Projects that have not yet started and are seeking a grant to get started are difficult to evaluate because we do not have enough information to make a decision, and may be rejected.
  • If the project has received some kind of grant in the past, you need to check how the previous funds were used and explain why a new request is needed.