Decentralized Digital Identity - Builders Program Application

Project Overview

Our proposal seeks to provide the community with our platform, giving them a productive dimension for the creation of recognizable decentralized digital identity or credentials, limiting some uses (limit of credentials per month or templates - freemium). All this, supported by any blockchain network that implements EVM (Virtual Ethereum Machine), such as ASTAR/SHIDEN.

For this we will develop a Software Development Kit (SDK) and its respective documentation with the following functionalities:

  • Creation of a Decentralized Identifiers2 for each entity with the following nomenclature “did:ev:yyyy”
  • Issuance of a verifiable credential3 allowing identities to be “identified” such as the name of an identity, the date of birth or manufacture, among others.
  • The proof of validation of a credential will be self-contained, that is, its validation does not depend on a server or API.

About Us

Digital Lab Innovation BlockChain/DLT and WEB3 for NTT DATA, we are a group of people passionate about blockchain technology, with lines of research related to market trends and actively participating in innovation ecosystems. We focus on the development of proofs of concept for our clients in sectors such as banking, insurance, international trade, industry, telecommunications, among others.

Our Team

Directo Blockchain WEB 3 -
Juan José JJ Miranda | LinkedIn

Expert in Digital Identity Architecture -
David Ammouial | LinkedIn

Project Leader and Commercial -
Juan Manuel Felix del Aguila | LinkedIn

Blockchain Developer, BackEnd and Smart Contracts -
Charles Paolo León Urbano
David Ernesto Saldarriaga

Researcher, Marketing, QA and testing leaders -
Simón León López | LinkedIn
Jerson Pool Miranda Robles | LinkedIn
Francisco Albornoz Perez

Project Details


Our main objective will be offer the service in online mode, like a SaaS mode on KayTrust (our plataform) with SHIDEN support. Kaytrust currently offers cloud on the LacChain network, therefore, we will extend support to the SHIDEN network in the demo version.

Execution Timeline

If the grant submission is approved, we can start immediately.

Estimated execution time

Total Grant Amount: $75K
Total Term: 6~7 Month

**Phase 1 **
Grant Amount $25k

  • Users can use the wallet in “Shiden Demo”
  • Kaytrust provider and KayTrust wallet can work with multi-blockchain transparently and Multi-blockchain support.
  • Pilot test with a small group of users and UX

**Phase 2 **
Grant Amount $25k

  • Provide the wallet user with easy access to a list of faucet urls.
  • Development of a specific faucet that sells gas with a user token.
  • Pilot test with a small group of users and UX

**Phase 3 **
Grant Amount $15k

  • That the issuance of the credentials is free, it does not cost gas to generate a verifiable credential (off chain), it can only be revoked (on chain) and support JWS proof type
  • Pilot test with a small group of users.
  • Pilot test with a small group of users and UX

**Phase 4 **
Grant Amount $10k

  • Pilot test with a small group of users and UX
  • Marketing and presentation. Press Release and Social Networks (Shiden) and Inclusion and promotion of Shiden as a network in the corporate commercial projects of NTT DATA.

Our purpose as a community

With our contribution, we want to improve the blockchain ecosystem through our proposal so that we can support more networks; As a community, interoperability is very important to us and we see Polkadot as a key network for this purpose. For this reason, we want to start with Shiden immediately and therefore we hope to receive the support of the community and achieve the approval of our proposal :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


The Builders’ Program came to an end about 2 months ago and now replaced with SpaceLabs.

Please take a look here: Astar Network - Astar & Shiden Builders Program