Grants for APAC DAO Tech Webinar series

APAC DAO Background:
An APAC-centric web3 and blockchain initiative by the community and for the community, powered by 1,500+ founders/builders and web3 players from 600+ projects in 15+ countries in APAC. Our key pillars include Meetups and Webinars, Talent Matching, and Decentralized Launchpad.

APAC DAO initiates a tech webinar series with leading projects in Gamifi, Defi, infrastructure to educate and support existing and prospective web3 builders with toolings and product development in web3. We would like to propose for 600 USD worth of ASTR as rewards and operation cost for the AMAs.

Details can be found here Astar Network x APAC DAO Tech Webinar Series Proposal.pptx - Google Slides

Key ideas

  1. KPIs: ~100 dev participants joining per webinar
  2. We haven’t done this before and planning to kickstart with Astar Network and some other projects.
  3. Potential partners: Golang Vietnam (10K members), WeBuild (3K members) as web2 community partners, Talent@Web3 and Apollo Academy by Salad Ventures (Singapore), Web3PH (Philippines), S21 and Kommunitas (Indonesia). Total outreach 20K members in web2 and web3 space.
  4. Format: 20 - 30 min AMA with rep from Astar Network with rewards for the best questions - we can run more than 1 session to introduce about Astar Network
  5. Next projects in the pipeline that we are discussing with: EPNS (Communication protocol/India), Forward Market (Thailand), BreederDAO (Philippines, Gamifi)

The idea sound great, can you please share here your media channels?


I like this idea. Thanks for proposing.
Can you guys assure/invite any of your partners to participate in the AMA? Maybe ask them to co-host the session.

If the 100-150 participants are just airdrop hunters it’s not a good way to spend Astar treasury.


I met the team before and nice people in the team.

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Can you please provide more details on how the $600 will be used?

Also, I noticed that you want to give an airdrop. Airdrop has never been the culture here. But, we do reward community members who are actively contributing to the ecosystem.


Below are our Twitter and APAC DAO community

We have official partnership with WeBuild, Golang Vietnam, Web3PH, Talent@Web3 and can ask them to co host. The word airdrop might be a bit misleading - it will be used as rewards for active AMA participants with good questions.

Hi the term ‘airdrop’ might be a bit confusing - we will use it as rewards for active contributor to the AMA. We will use 400 as rewards for people in 1-2 AMAs and 200 as operational cost with production and manpower.

I love this initiative.

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@moonme if you think we can start the voting.
Please proceed.

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Approve Treasury Funds
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I’m very exciting with this initiative. Fully support it



Thanks for the proposal. On the slide 9. is written “Decentralized Launchpad”, could you explain what does it exactly mean?


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It is a community-based launchpad scheme that we plan to launch later next year. APAC DAO community has gathered 1,500+ diverse members and partners who can support projects who wish to launch in our community. Once we have been able to gather a solid pipeline of members - founders - partners by Q1 2023, we will kick start the launchpad service to help our members to launch their project in a decentralized manner in our community, also help them save costs and pick the partners that they wish to work with in the launching process at their own discretion.


I like these events to introduce Astar globally. I will support the proposal.