Unstoppable Grants Proposal: ApeXChimpz (AXC) + full IP


we from ApeXChimpz are currently residents on Kusama but would love to migrate our whole heritage heavy IP around our NFT projects onto A(nother)STAR, now that ASTAR EVM is live

To bring all our successes with us and use our NFT lineup to build on and with ASTAR we would like to apply for the Unstoppable Grants program and request a loan of 2 million $ASTR (for the duration of 3 months) to bring our own dApp live and start migrating our projects from Kusama onto ASTAR EVM.

But we dont aim to stop at migrating what we have done so far. We will bring over 4000 equipable XChimpz NFT 2.0 onto ASTAR EVM and build out the vision behind the XChimpz on and with ASTAR.

Please view this proposal:
Community Proposal for AXC
and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you so much and have a great day!

Best regards
Moon-Bearer / AXC


Im beyond excited for this and Astar only stands to benefit from ApeXChimpz on multiple levels!

:white_check_mark: Reputation

Moon-Bearer, as a long time builder and deliver of previous projects, including ChaosDAO (which has contributed to the Kusama and Polkadot eco in ways that im still in awe of) your reputation and the community behind you is beyond valuable. You all bring knowledge and long time experiences in the space - both important for continued growth of Astar. Like many parachains, Astar is still in the building phase and creating a strong and robust foundation can only happen through sharing of views and ideas.

Also, the chaos apes are now synonymous with OG supporter of the eco and some of my favorite builders and supporters still wear the ape proudly as their main PFP. That says a lot about the mindset you have, the people who support you, and the types of projects you have founded and co-founded.

:white_check_mark: Community

The most important part of any build, I know Astar would receive your community with open arms. Astar has long been a OG parachain and has mostly kept its head-down building and shipping. The addition of AXC and its community would be such a plus - especially as they come in with ideas and perspectives of Astar that we OGs here may not so readily see. Community is the hardest thing to nail down in this space so the fact that theres a supportive one (as seen with the nanas sales) also stands out as a strong point on why AXC should be listed.

:white_check_mark: Buildooors

TrickyNFT are the quiet innovators that I think many don’t know of. Many probably don’t know of the serious contributions they have made to SIngular marketplace and RMRK - a tech that here on Astar we are ready for. Having them transfering a collection (and later hopefully building ones!) on AstarEVM will serve our userbase and partner teams that are looking to build on us. They can now see the power of composable NFTs and look to the high-bar that TrickNFT has set.

As a side note, NFTs are still heavily used and built out by many of our partners. Showcasing what can be done with Astar EVM RMRK will serve to inspire them and think of new ways to build out their projects - weathers its related to potato chip snacks, trains and anything else! The benefit is beyond just a NFT collection - its a benefit for future builders who have not seen the possibilities with the RMRK standards.

All this put together, and your reasons and plans with dapp staking rewards, is why I would like to see AXC builders and community on Astar. Dapp staking has always been about support and this is a perfect opportunity to show we are also welcoming to long time teams and builders who have been here for years like us.

Let’s do this!


Apes strong together


Hey, Astar fam! :wave:

Longtime holder of AXC pieces, from an original Ape, to several BuffChimpz, and a good number of XChimpz. I have always believed in his abilities as a builder, but it has taken time to construct such a grand and ambitious vision.

Hearing the announcement of this new phase taking place on Astar has, quite literally, sent me into orbit :rocket: The progress being made by the entire Astar Network team has been commendable, and as a holder of the token and user of the chain, I cannot wait for this to be our community’s primary home.

I believe Moon-Bearer will fully realize his vision when granted access to the required NFT technology thanks to RMRK EVM being deployed on Astar. Considering this, I unequivocally support Moon-Bearer and this proposal.

Looking forward to the future!



I am happy to see ApeXChimpz expressing interest in joining Astar. I closely followed their collections on Kusama and witnessed their excellent community development and project management skills.

Moreover, i’m excited to witness the same dedication and fruitful long-term partnerships that we have already cultiviated between Astar Degens and ApeXChimpz, now under one roof.

I will support this Community Grant proposal.


I am excited about what is to come from this OG team! Got my support!


This proposal is truly exciting and forward-thinking! It’s clear that ApeXChimpz has a well-thought-out plan to leverage the ASTAR EVM and bring their NFT projects to a new level. The commitment to migrating 4000 XChimpz NFTs and expanding the vision with ASTAR is a testament to their dedication. I look forward to seeing how this project unfolds and the positive impact it will have on the ASTAR ecosystem. Best of luck, fam!


Recently, we had a great call with Moon-Bearer. Our thoughts and vision are aligned. It would be an honour to see ApeXChimpz on Astar :pray:

I’m supporting this initiative and looking forward to supporting them through the Astar Foundation.


GM Mister Bearer :gorilla:

I’ve followed your project from the beginning, when the KSM cost $400 and buying an ChaosDAO APE NFT represented an annual salary, a crazy time for OGs.

I can attest to your long-standing commitment to Polkadot and in particular to Kusama ecosystems. You’ve worked tirelessly on your project and concept over the years, adding value to our communities, even during difficult bear market times.

I would be happy to see you and your community welcomed into our ecosystem. By bringing more apes to join our proud Astar Degens apes.

I support your proposal 100%. :raised_hands:

As I’m also a BuffChimpz and NaNa holder, I’m curious to see how you will technically migrate your collections to the Astar EVM chain.
Do you plan to migrate all your collections, including ChaosDAOApes and BuffChimpz NFT, to Astar?

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:


Definitely would love that.
Follow this team and project for a long time already and they can only bring good value to Astar Network
200% for


That’s great, projects from other chains are coming to Astar.

The dApp staking rewards will be utilized in a variety of ways, and always be used to improve our IP value, support our development in creating innovative NFT utility and to bring further awareness and value to Astar Network.

Could you giver more infos about how to bring awareness and value to Astar?
Also, what’s the project roadmap on Astar?

Thanks for the proposal


WoW, first off:
Thanks a lot for all the great feedback and the vocal support towards our project.
Appreciate you all! :fist_right:t6: :fist_left:t6:

@pitcoin777 with the plans to make the XChimp a marketing tool, we open up for a wide variety of topics that could benefit multiple sides here.
The whole XChimpz project is set up to be able to onboard partners very easily. This way we could for example create custom items for any new project that launches on ASTAR. Those items would be created by AXC and could all function as separate NFTs. Projects could have the benefit of NFTs (for example token gated chats, invite only beta testing…) without having to create their own NFT project / IP, take care of the tech or whatsoever. They would/could also benefit from the existing community of AXC by giving great perks within their project, who have their item equipped and visible on the XChimp.

In short: versatile, project that is very very open, to welcome everything in the ASTAR eco and build for/with them.
Obviously we also allocate a % of the dApp rewards towards business development to be able to grow into this direction actively.

Growing actively also means, that we also have to create and deliver before there could be any deals with rewards for AXC. This includes BD as mentioned, art creation and also implementation of the art into the project (devtime).

Yes that is a nice add on for projects that come to ASTAR, but how does it help bringing awareness to ASTAR?
By actively onboarding partners into our IP via the above mentioned opportunities, we will obviously also attract their community to get familiar with ASTAR. Only the future (and my bullish plans) knows, what sort of partners we could onboard when this first of its kind idea hits the streets running.

Onboarding partners into our project is the base of the whole business case of AXC which will ultimately lead to more eyes on the project, on ASTAR and on the XCimpz as vehicle/as “brandable influencer”.

This also leads into answering the Q about our roadmap:
I can only ballpark the roadmap at this point because everything else would be totally irrelevant as this is all very very new and things can work out in an instant and faster/better than expected or take some more time should unknown hurdles occur. But never the less, the goal is to have 3D XChimpz as OG equitable NFTs being onboarded into metaverses where they could run around as avatars which brands can advertise on and the owner of the XChimp has certain perks for rocking ads.
We all want to see ASTAR succeed. Ultimately we believe that given our history and our capabilities, we have a great chance and offer a great community behind our IP, to whoever would want to onboard credibility into his project.

In the end we have the aim to serve 3 sides here and be the middleman for it all.
-ASTAR we could benefit to as the base where we as a brand “happen” on
-Partner projects we could help with easy onboarding and a key ready “product”
-Our NFT holders via making sure their NFTs will only rise in demand with every new partner/community we onboard.

Hope this sheds some light on your questions which I appreciate.


These two projects collaborating together can only lead to good things for all parties involved. ApeXChimpz (AXC) leveraging off the capabilities of the Astar network, while Astar can leverage off the community and future growth of AXC.
AXC is an OG RMRK NFT collection with huge goals and scope - coupled with a huge amount of current, and future prospective partners.
Astar is the perfect chain for AXC to achieve it’s goals - and Astar is well positioned to benefit from the success of AXC.

List AXC in dapp staking
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  • No
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As NFT enthusiast back then on Kusama and in the middle of NFT hype. Obviously I recognozed your work. Also knew Chaos DAO as well, as one of the reputable community in Polkadot Governance.

Welcome to to Astar :rocket:


Great proposal. Looking forward to seeing your dApp on the Astar dApp store :tada::fire::clap:


Strong NFT projects are always welcome at Astar.

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It is a great honor that your team is interested in expanding to Astar Network. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. Currently, the NFT market is relatively stagnant compared to 2-3 years ago. What strategies does your team have to get through this period?

  2. How does the project generate revenue?

  3. What are your plans to create awareness for users?

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welcome to Astar, solid team and hard working

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Good to see you here. Since I work in an NFT company, I have an extra sympathy for NFT projects, but I have some question marks in my mind.

I am not very familiar with the roots of your project. Do you think you can attract users to astr zkEVM together with your network in other networks? For me to say ‘YES’ to this vote, it has to solve a problem. Astar’s biggest problem is the lack of a community structure. NFTs can solve this, and do you offer us an opportunity to solve this problem with this project?

Also, how much and to whom will you distribute the dAPP staking rewards? As far as I understand, you will do these with rewards:

to enlarge the team etc.
to find financial support without selling nft for funding
for in-project awards

I also don’t understand why you avoid competition. Some projects give their awards to their stakers. It would be useful for you to think about this again because very soon, when many projects prefer Astar zkEVM, you may become weak in the competitive environment.

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