How to unlock 1000 day ETH?

I participated with the 2nd lockdrop and locked some ETH for 1000 days. The website I used in the past to see the countdown and the locked ETH no longer works. I went onto the astar website where I can see my astar and shiden coins, but not the locked ETH. Can someone please tell me how I can view it? I won’t be able to unlock until next year, but I would like to see that everything is safe and still in countdown mode. Thank you!

@moonme when I try to go onto that page it says: User is not connected to main network… I tried connecting with metamask but that doesn’t work either. Please help. I do not use discord.

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This tutorial is shared on Discord #faq


If your ETH lock up period is over, to claim it back:

  1. Go to lockdrop page Plasm Lockdrop
  2. See “lock address”.
  3. Copy that address.
  4. Use Metamask to manually send 0 eth to that address.
  5. You will receive the ETH in your wallet.
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