Lock drop eth wd


I have a small amount of eth in the contract for the 1000day (2nd) lock drop still. How do I retrieve this eth now? I see the site / front end is no longer online. Ty!

Follow the guide here. If the website is no longer online, simply send 0 eth to the lock address. If you don’t have the lock address, you have to search for it in your etherscan transaction list.

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Thanks. I realized that it just couldn’t be done on mobile .


Hi Moonme,

Rather than start a new thread I’ll drop in here.

I participated in the lockdrop, and I did claim the original PLM tokens. but then for a variety of issues left the crypto space.

Is there any guidance on where/how to find the tokens?


Hi @narommy,

You need to connect your wallet to the Portal:

If you haven’t migrated your tokens from your Metamask lockdrop account to a Astar native account, you’ll need to restore your Lockdrop wallet on Polkadot.js - Restore a ECDSA wallet on Polkadot.js | Astar Docs


Thanks Gaius Sama,

I had the Json from the lockdrop days.

I connected to the Portal and I can see the address in the Dashboard, but no tokens… presume that the ADHD tax hit again and I didn’t complete all the steps :-/

I have a memory of following the steps but maybe I only got to “claim approved” but I thought I saw the tokens in my wallet. Is there any way of confirming whether or not this is the case based on my ETH address?

I’m not looking for anything I’m not entitled to but I don’t want to leave something that’s dropped to me that I can’t find.


You can try to enter your ETH address on Subscan and see if you have any tx or tokens:

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