Unclaimed tokens

I havnt claimed my tokens from the second lock drop. I have unclaimed tokens right now, I have not done anything to claim those ones yet, what do I need to do?


As we have announced many many times, if you haven’t claimed PLM by October 20th, you won’t get PLM anymore. The original due was 5th but we have extended the deadline. It is written in the first article and announced more than 100 times on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.


I went thru the lockdrop process and clicked the claim button. The text turned into claim requested (not claimed) now on the telegram group I was referred to make a post if I feel it is unfair. Since I went thru all available steps to claim I want to get my tokens.


If you have done all steps, you can check your PLM on Subscan. Please paste your address on Subscan. And as we described and explain so many times, there are 2 ways to claim, using the Ethereum key and replacing the original key. If you take the first approach, you need to import your private key to get PLM.

Please read this doc as well


the address is not found on subscan. the coins are gone?

Yes, unfortunately. But you can get your ETH back once your locking period is expired.

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Announced many times F


I have locked ETH for the token distribution, but missed the claiming deadline because I assumed “logically” that we would receive PLM at the end of the locking period not at the beginning. I guess I didn’t join the discord or discussion forums at the time because I didn’t know there would be such important announcements/ reminders. I’m not sure why its designed this way, it seems a bit unnecessary to have a claiming deadline in my opinion. (unless its to penalize people who don’t join forums)

As an early supporter, I hope the tokens claim will be reinstated. If not, then at least the ETH locked should be returned before the end of the locking period for those who didn’t manage to get any “incentives”.

If I don’t claim my bank deposits after the depositing period is over it doesn’t disappear, it just sits there till I remember to claim them. I hope we can expect a similar kind of user experience from the Plasma team.




I’ve been in the discord chat room for a day now, and seems like there are quite a few people facing similar issues of having unclaimed tokens. I also found 3 other people in the Plasm Wechat group who didn’t know the token claim had a deadline, and the deadline was not announced in the Wechat channel as far as I’m aware. I’m sure the team has more valuable things to do than to deal with this type of request all the time. I think the entire community deserves to know: 1) how many users were affected by this, and 2) we should have a vote to decide whether the token claim should be extended indefinitely.

I think once this issue has been settled then no one else would bother the team anymore, and we can all move on to more valuable discussion.


Well, I’m in the same boat, gentlemen. Requested a claim by the end of september but not claimed and thought that everything is okay until today. Locked my assets and spent some $ for transaction costs for nothing. Sad but true.


Yes, I am the same. I locked 5 eth for 1,000 days at the end of sept. I tried to claim it after locking it but the transaction to a while to go through before trying to claim - it was late so I went to bed. Now it seems I can’t. If the team is announcing how many tokens were issued during lockdrop #2 that would include unclaimed ones - surely the tokens are allocated as part of the lockdrop contract, just not distributed? Similar to a bonding curve presale - the final number of tokens are finalised at the end of the sale (but at least they’re distributed in a bonding curve)


I would like to make a poll later here. You guys are talking about your unclaimed token from your point of view. But actually, all we need is the reason why and how issuing unclaim tokens helps the community from the community point of view. Why we should roll back and issue an unclaimed token?

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i think no need roll any back,three times claim announcement early!

No reason to roll back. Users who participated in the lockdrop have agreed on the conditions, and one of the conditions was about the claim period of the tokens. It’s the user’s own responsibility to read up on the project and the lockdrop.

Even if the persons missed the announcement it was written in the T&C, at the moment they locked their ETH they signed the contract with their MetaMask.I already had a long discussion with some people on Discord. It’s not that they lost any funds, they will get everything back after the locking period. Lesson learnt for lockdrop 3!


I think UX is something that pretty much all crypto projects need to address and make a core priority.
I’m a web developer, and even I was confused about some details. Luckily people in the dischord were helpful in confirming that I had taken all the correct steps.

Still, there are also barriers to entry in traditional early investing, and standards should be maintained.
Since the period was already extended and you made efforts to inform people about the deadline on numerous occasions, I don’t see any reason to roll back.
Going forward, UX could be improved. I have seen also with Flow and Harvest.io (not the one that got hacked), which is now Hard Protocol, there were much worse issues with wallet compatibility and general confusion about how to proceed.


I spent some time researching this topic over the last few days. I have a lot of respect for Sota for coming forward and explaining his point of view.

I appreciate from his perspective, the team is doing a “fair launch” so there’s no team token or any “pre-mine”, there was a lot of disclosure and the core “affiliate program” members need to get their 1% referral token in time so the claiming period needs to end.

I locked a chuck of ETH for 1000 days in the 2nd lock drop, but I follow quite a few polkadot / eth projects simultanously so I don’t check the chat groups often. I thought the tokens were claimed because it says “claim request approved” on my page, but turns out there was additional actions to be taken.

I don’t think the team is trying to profit from unclaimed tokens as some other ppl have suggested in the groups. I think they are trying to reach a wider group of potential contributors through the lockdrop, but didn’t manage to come up with a user experience design that engages the following kinds of ppl:

  1. people who are not so close to the team or are too busy check the chat groups/ mediums regularly;
  2. people who found the user experience of claiming a bit baffling;
  3. people who trusted the integrity of the project enough not to check regularly

In my opinion, these are the people who are the hardest to reach, and once lost, impossible to regain. From the community’s perspective, the larger the community the better, and the more trust can be be fostered between projects and contributors the better it is for the entire ecosystem. I thought about participating in the 3rd lockdrop, but then I realise I still fall under the category of people listed above who are not currently the team’s priority. So even if I know to claim my tokens next time, there will be other terms or nuances I will definitely miss because I won’t be in the chat groups all the time, and I don’t have close access to the team.

I can’t change the team’s priorities, but all I can say is that some other projects did a better job: Instead of letting users claim rewards themselves, dropping tokens into the contributor’s wallets creates a much better user experience. It builds a sense of security/trust, so that I don’t feel like I need to check on the project every day. Most importantly it engages a larger group of people, which is the key to success for every project.


Sorry for my interruption. We have researched the result to discuss based on the fact.

Fact No1 October 5th

  • Number of locking transactions: 9325
  • Claimed: 8477
  • Unclaimed: 848

9% of participants didn’t claim by October 5th, the original due date.

Fact No2 October 5th
We have extended the claim period to October 21st. (Added 16 days)

Fact No3 October 21st

  • Number of locking transations: 9325
  • Claimed: 8675
  • Unclaimed: 650

6.9% of people still don’t claim token.

We have extended 16 days and decreased the unclaimed number from 9% to 6.9%. To make it 0%, we need more than 56 days and meanwhile, we can’t distribute an additional 1% of tokens etc.

If we raise money from you, I think we should roll back and distribute tokens but this is lockdrop and we didn’t raise even 1 cent. And if we rollback, the share of the people who claimed correctly will be diluted.

This is the simple demerits of rollback. So what is the merit of rollback?


I think self-centric opinions are meaningless in this form. Let’s discuss based on the fact and from community point of view. I know some people missed the opportunity but really few people talk about why we should rollback and how it helps the community and how it breaks the community.

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Hei Sota! The train not waiting if some people are missed it. They had a lot of time, help and instructions. People will get back their ETH.

I am sending you my account particulars. Could you please tell me what is my situation and what I need to do from this point onwards? Please.
I am absolutely confused with what is happening.
Have I claimed my tokens properly or is there anything else I have to do
It is an interesting process, the best thing is to know where we are standing.
Thank you very much.

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