InsureDAO - Builders Program Application

Dear Astar community, really glad to be here. I’m Motoki, a co-founder of InsureDAO. I would like to apply for the builder’s program with InsureDAO.

Project Overview

InsureDAO is a permission-less insurance platform. Users can purchase and underwrite insurance on the platform. Also, by allowing anyone to create insurance, we aim to cover every single risk in DeFi space. Additionally, we will offer a bug bounty and audit support program named the Security coverage package to support the pre-launch product.

Here are the basic links of our product.
Docs: Welcome to InsureDAO - InsureDAO
Discord Channel: Discord

InsureDAO has 3 functions, build, market, and lending.

As for insurance payment decisions, we use a 3rd party DAO named ReportingDAO consisting of security professionals such as QuantStamp and WatchPug.

InsureDAO Build
It is an Insurance builder kit for DeFi protocols. It allows DeFi protocols to issue insurance easily. We require inputting governance token and insurance type and depositing the initial liquidity.

InsureDAO Market
It is a two-sided market where buyers and sellers exchange hacking risks in the applications.
Users can be either buyers or sellers or both.

InsureDAO Lending(under development)
It is the lending function of using the underwritten USDC in InsureDAO. Borrowers can borrow USDC by depositing INSURE tokens as collateral. Underwriters can receive the interest paid from the borrowers in addition to INSURE token rewards.

In addition to the above, we will keep developing to add more features. For details, please see our roadmap described below.

Project goals

By providing insurance, bug bounty platform, and audit support to stabilize the whole Astar ecosystem. After launching, we are going to make a lot of partnerships with existing projects and pre-launch projects. As we are a well-experienced team, we provide these services smoothly.

How can InsureDAO benefit the Astar ecosystem?

As explained, InsureDAO is the insurance provider to lower the upcoming project risks. That means we can accelerate the project launch by underwriting the contract risks. At the time of dawn for new chains like Astar, it is quite difficult for users to judge which project is solid or not. InsureDAO can help users to avoid contract incidents by manipulating the power of insurance. We are sure that this might contribute to increasing the TVL as users do not have to take much care of the protocol risks compared with other chains.

Project roadmap

End of April ~ May 2022
・Release the light version of InsureDAO(Only purchase function)
Users can purchase insurance of Arthswap and Starlay.
InsureDAO or (Arthswap and Starlay) team will deposit the USDC and underwrite the insurance.

・New partnerships
To grow the whole insurance ecosystem, InsureDAO is going to increase the partners who can underwrite the insurance.

Q2 2022
・Add underwrite function to the light version
In addition to the purchase function, users can underwrite the insurance by depositing USDC on InsureDAO and earn a premium and the INSURE token.

・Cross-chain bridge
Enable INSURE token to circulate in Astar Network.

・INSURE token farming by collaborating with some AMMs

・API connection with partners
We provide our API to partners as well as 3rd parties so that everyone can view and manage their assets in consideration of insurance fees.

Q3 2022
・Add insurance build function
Users(Defi protocols) can create an insurance pool freely on InsureDAO.

・Dual mining

Q4 2022
・Make INSURE token as a lending collateral

Team members

Kohshi Shiba (Founder / Developer)
He Majored in Business Management at Aoyama Gakuin University. He is the inventor of ERC2615. Previously, he built Forecastory, decentralised prediction market.
He is very familiar with engineering and global marketing He has been working as a blockchain application developer for two years.

Shun Oikawa (Co-founder / Lead Developer)
He is a student majoring Aerospace Engineering at Green River College, currently on a leave of absence to contribute the DeFi ecosystem.
Previously, he worked at NFT marketplace in Japan for 2 years. He is familiar with engineering for Dapps.

Rubio Kishigami (Co-founder / Business Development)
He majored in Hispanic studies at Sophia University, and graduated from MSc Finance at SOAS, University of London. Previously, He worked at NFT marketplace in Japan for two years as a COO. He is familiar with finance and marketing for crypto users.

Motoki Takahashi (Co-founder / Marketing)
He majored in Law at Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Previously, He worked at a blockchain gaming company and Venture capital fund for new technology.

What we would like to ask for

dAppStaking listing when we launch
Help networking

We would like to use some portion of dApp staking rewards for underwriting farming rewards to show attractive rewards and bootstrap TVL as well as reserve in the InsureDAO reserve pool, which is the reserve fund for compensation when the insurance event occurs.


To be a trustful project, we’ve already passed the security audit by 3rd party audit firm.
You can see our audit report below. We understand security is always important.
Code4rena(Lastest): Final draft of C4's audit report for the InsureDAO contest · GitHub



Ticker: INSURE
Contract Address: 0xd83AE04c9eD29d6D3E6Bf720C71bc7BeB424393E
Chain: Ethereum Network
Total Tokens:
The total Supply for the first five years: 210 million
40.40% of 210million — Community
20.74% of 210million — Team with 3 years vesting
0.45% of 210million— Advisors with 2 years vesting
12.04% of 210million — Investors with 2 years vesting
10.88% of 210million —Treasury(foundation)
10.35% of 210million—Treasury(Community)
3.15% of 210million— InsureDAO DeGenesis
2.00% of 210million — Airdrop

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I have been working in many projects on Astar.

The most concern or the first question from users will be ‘Does Astar have Insurance Service?’

Sadly, at that time there was no such service.

Now after the discussion with team plus with audit, we could solve this along waiting service on Astar.

Thank you so much!



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