Introducing Astar SpaceLabs

Onboarding your dApp in the Astar ecosystem

All you need to know for onboarding your dApp in Polkadot’s number :one: smart contract parachain.


The Astar SpaceLabs is a separate arm within the BizDev department.

The Astar SpaceLabs is led by our Community Leaders. This initiative aims to do due diligence on each project and support young developers & projects to launch in the Astar ecosystem. We have picked the Astar Community Leaders on their commitment to the Astar ecosystem and have adequate experience in the crypto industry.

Who are the Community Leaders?

You can find them here.

Project Support

Make sure you understand the support we can give to your project in our ecosystem. We are here to build together and you can do this on Astar. The best smart contract parachain on Polkadot.

Here’s a list of support that the Astar SpaceLabs can provide.

  • Network Support
    This support is related to everything around building on the Astar ecosystem. What are the endpoints? Who are the infra partners? What oracles can be used?

  • Marketing Support
    We can support you by spreading news about your projects in our communities. Organizing AMA’s with our Ambassadors to promote the project in their local communities can be organized by the Astar Community Leaders.

  • Financial Support
    We provide financial incentives through dApp Staking. The requirements to join dApp Staking can be found in our documentation, please make sure you know them:

  • Tech Support
    We will guide you to the correct supporting documentation and answer all other questions you might have.

Want to be part of the Astar SpaceLabs task force?

Join us and see where being part of our network takes you!

Good friends always want you to grow. Let’s become a friend with Astar and apply for Ambassador. The Astar community around the globe is ever-thriving because of the Astar Ambassadors. Whether you are a developer, marketer, content creator, or simply a believer in Web3 or DotSama, you can be an Astar Ambassador and grow with us!

Join the Astar Ambassador Community
Astar is committed to fostering the growth of decentralized applications by providing the infrastructure needed for Web3, to help Web2 developers into Web3. The future internet where users control their data and privacy. We invite you to join us in our journey of creating a better tomorrow. Join here!


  • How to join Astar SpaceLabs?
    To join the program you can reach out to our Community Leaders. They will guide you further with building in the Astar ecosystem.

  • What support can I expect?

  1. Network Support
  2. Marketing Support
  3. Tech Support
  4. Community engagement
  5. dApp staking
  • Are there any grants available?
    We currently have only our dApp staking incentive available for our builders.

  • What is dApp staking
    On the Astar and Shiden Network, dApp staking is how developers who build dApps can get compensated. By having a basic income, developers can keep building and improving their dApps.

  • How to join dApp staking?
    You can contact one of the Community Leaders to help you with the onboarding. Make sure you meet the requirements for dApp Staking (read more).








Developers documentation:


I do believe that XCM with Astar parachain and DApp Staking has potential to change view on software engineers work flow while decentralization. To follow updates from Astar community and all sessions, events is time consuming that is why, I decided to make life easier for new developers in the space.

In this way Astar Technical Digest was born, if you want to follow updates and interesting sessions just subscribe the Twitter account.

PS. I do what I can to share all important updates, any hints how to improve the feed are highly welcome. The goal is to make time more efficient for new software engineers. We are at the beginning of the journey, but the speed of changes are going to be faster and faster.