Astarhub - dApp staking application


I’m Gunit, Astar’s ambassador and founder of Astarhub. With @igporoshin , we would like to apply Astarhub to the dApp Staking program.

Astarhub was created to offer users and developers of the Astar community a place to gather as much information and knowledge as possible to help them use the applications and tools of the ecosystem. AstarHub is an educational platform and an aggregating information hub for Astar Network and its ecosystem.

Today, users can find on AstarHub, the most important information about all the projects launched and active on Astar and Shiden Network as well as a database of tutorials and articles about the different projects and tools of the ecosystem. We have also created a beginner’s guide for any new user who wants to discover and understand the problems Astar solves. Thanks to Astar’s ambasssadors, Astarhub supports a total of 12 different languages allowing even users who are not fluent in English to understand and use Astar. A review system has been set up in the dApp section so that users can share their opinions and experiences of the different projects they have used.

Currently, we are also launching an important educational campaign on Astar Network that we have named #LearnUseEarn. Through this campaign, the user will be able to follow a serie of courses to learn how to use the Astar EVM and WASM ecosystems. From creating a wallet to using the Astar portal, the dApp staking and the most important Astar Native dApps, the user will learn and experience the ecosystem while being rewarded with ASTR tokens. Once the campaign is over, the courses will remain available on Astarhub for free access. In the future, we will continue to develop new courses on different issues and applications of the ecosystem.

Now, we would like to present our application to the dApp Staking program because we need to be financially supported in the development of Astarhub as well as to be able to reward our users. Following the philosophy of Astar and Web 3.0, we believe that Astarhub users should be rewarded for their participation in the development and construction of the project. In the following presentation, we will explain what is our roadmap for Astarhub during the next months including the integration of web 3.0 tools directly on Astarhub.

Development Roadmap

1. Reviews + dApp page development

The goal of the dApp page is to provide entry information about every Astar dApp and collect reliable reviews from users. For now every user can leave a review, verification is not required. This is not a way to get trustworthy reviews so will implement the verification through connection with web3 wallet (Metamask for the beginning).

After connection, we will check the user’s address. In case he has interacted with the dApp’s smart-contract, he will be allowed to review the dApp. If not, an error message will appear.

This will look like this (Reviews block):

To encourage users to leave their reviews, Astarhub will run a Reviews Reward pool (More details below).

2. Reviews widget for dApp’s web site

To increase trust level, dApp builders will be able to place a review widget on their site. This widget will display their reviews and lead to their dApp page on Astarhub.

Example on Arthswap site:

3. Surveys

To contribute to the successful growth of the ecosystem we will offer rewarded surveys regarding dApps quality. Anonymous and rewarded surveys will encourage users to leave meaningful feedback, which will be used by the dApps team to increase their product quality. In the end, it will be helpful for the whole ecosystem.

To get access to the survey, the user needs to use the dApp before (Access and verification via Web3 wallet connection).

Survey example:

4. B2E reward distribution

We are planning to use B2E reward to fund our development and engage new users to Astar Network ecosystem.

Reward distribution will work as follows:

Community Rewards Pool includes Asarhub content growth pool (the smaller part) and Astar Network ecosystem marketing pool (the bigger part).

The goal of the Community Rewards Pool is to engage users to fill Asarhub with the quality tutorials, reviews etc.

The purpose of the ecosystem marketing pool is to attract new users to the Astar Network and its dApps via learn-use-earn campaigns, cooperation with crypto influencers and other activities.

We explore the possibility to hire a marketing agency to provide a high-quality marketing campaign for the Astar Network and ecosystem projects.

According to our calculations, it will take 1.5–2 months to develop an infrastructure for the Astarhub content growth pool and prepare a detailed plan for the Astar Network ecosystem marketing pool. During this time, we will stake tokens designed for the Community Reward Pool.

5. Faucet

As far as our goal is to attract new users in the ecosystem we need a faucet. Yes, there are working ones, but for us it is better to have our own with the parameters we need.

6. Improvements of the existing pages

We are planning to continuously improve all pages, main points are listed below:

6.1. Materials and tutorials page

We have noticed that the current page structure is not comfortable for the searching of materials needed. We will develop a new structure with the user-friendly filter on a left sidebar.

Also, there are many similar tutorials like “Add Astar Network to Metamask”, so we will implement a rating mechanism to show the best/the most useful materials on the top.

6.2 dApps catalogue section

We have more ideas and plans for Astarhub to help users and support the growth of the Astar ecosystem, but we will share them later in future iterations

Thank you for considering our application and we hope you will accept Astarhub to join the dApp staking program.



Cool initiative, just trying to inspire so maybe to open the Astarhub for potential new writers like it is made on Figment site, here is even my example of article: Figment Learn | Perform a forkless upgrade of a Substrate pallet

When some dev will learn something new, can come and write an article and get some reward. Fair play I think.

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I agree, it’s a good idea and we already support this feature:

  • Anyone (users or developers) can submit/suggest the addition of new articles or tutorials to Astarhub via Github or an external link (medium, documentation, etc). Developers could create articles or tutorials and submit a PR to our Github.
  • In our next iteration, we will reward users who create new tutorials and articles and add them to Astarhub. See explanations under “4. B2E reward distribution”

Thank you for the suggestion, we would love to have more content coming from the community.

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Hello, @Gunit Thank you for your post. I think this initiative deserves dApp staking. However, I think just maintaining the info is not enough because this is heavily overlapped to the official documentation. I would like to request at least 3 things if this is funded by dApp staking.

  • I prefer to see a more professional logo.
  • The design should be consistent with Astar’s brand. Right now, the design is very random.
  • Add more information on the project page. This page is a great example.

Hello Sota,

Thank you for your support. Concerning the 3 requests :

  • We have already ordered a new logo from a professional, it should be ready soon.
  • We will add the development of a new design, in compliance with Astar’s brand, to the roadmap.
  • Concerning the project page. I had a look to dtmb website and in my opinion, we are already displaying more information about the different projects such as : name, logo, website, description, social media links, tags, github, medium, audit, docs, network, reviews, tutorials.
    What other information would you see on the project page?

Thank you. I personally want you to prioritize Algem first. We need a liquid staking solution asap.