Is Neurolanche X trying to scam its stakers?

I’d like to use this space to ask a question and give a platform to the creators to come forward and give a clear answer. With the introduction of the new dapps staking mechanism, projects needed to find a way to be more appealing to their backers, which is completely normal. One such project is Neurolanche X. In order to drive stakers to their cause, the team advertised an airdrop for their backers for the first round of the dApp cycle. Now they’re doing the same thing again, boasting 100k in their tokens are to be distributed to stakers.
My questions and concerns are the following:

  1. Are these resources only allocated to people who support you in the current cycle?
  2. What happens to people that initially supported you for the first cycle? After all, you promised an airdrop to them.
    If the airdrop is only applicable to current cycle stakers, this would seem like an extremely poor practice, to put it mildy.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you, as there is a limited period for the bonus staking, and I can assure you, I’m not the only one asking these questions.

Kind regards,


It is so obvious that you don’t follow us, isn’t it?

As Neurolanche, what we published on the first day of dApp staking was exactly the allocations users earned in previous seasons.

100,000 Nerox is reserved for our final season.

Please do not ask such questions without researching. Have a good day. We even left the portal link for past users in the tweet we published in our marketing section. Are you ignoring it this much?