Neurolanche X Labs dApp Staking apply

Hello Astar community, this is Leo from Neurolanche X Labs. Recently, we embarked on a journey to bring a new color to the NFT world within the Polkadot ecosystem, and we have just released first WASM NFT collection on Astar Network. We will launch the most advanced and first VR-based metaverse of all Blockchain ecosystem wasm+unreal engine 5

Neurolanche X Lab would like to apply dapp staking. I’m Leo, a co-founder of Neurolanche, submit this on behalf of our team. Please kindly take a look at this.

Project Overview
About Neurolanche X Labs
Neurolanche X Labs was established to conduct research and development in the fields of health, education and technology. Neurolanche was founded in 2021 by a Psychologist and two Computer Scientists. Neurolanche X Labs conducted research and data collection in neuroscience for a year. Teams have been formed for Neurolauncher (NFT Collection), which will be released in the second quarter of 2023. based security protocol for brain chips and blockchain based solutions for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s diseases.

What is Neurolauncher
Neurolauncher consists of 500 cyber-themed NFTs designed in 3D. It is first WASM Nft collection on Astar Network. We didn’t want Neurolaunchers to be just simple visual elements during the design process. Instead, we wanted them to be the main characters of a universe we call Neuroverse, which we have carefully considered to the finest psychological and sociological detail. Creating a meta-universe requires caring about biology and the biome, and the characters in it must change, adapt to the ecosystem, and evolve over time. Users should be able to integrate with their characters and convey their unique feelings to these NFTs. For this reason, we designed Neurolauncher NFTs to age and evolve over time using NFT 2.0 innovations and artificial intelligence. As users spend more time in the universe and experience events, they will observe changes in their Neurolauncher NFTs over time. Additionally, users will have the ability to change their character’s clothing, hairstyle, and cyberwear. In addition, each Neurolauncher is a VR-based character developed in the Unreal Engine 5. Our goal was to produce NFTs that would allow Neurolauncher NFT owners to not only have a visual element but also to bring their characters to life in a highly developed metaverse.

What is Neuroverse
Neuroverse is a VR-based multi-chain metaverse designed using insights from the fields of psychology and sociology. Neuroverse also first VR-Based metaverse developed by Unreal Engine 5. The rapid globalization and industrial growth of the world have shown us that another pandemic in the future could lead to catastrophic consequences. Our goal is to create a beneficial universe for humanity, including the healthcare sector and educational activities. We are working to ensure that educational activities can continue and that the health sector can integrate with VR technology. Additionally, we are aware that many NFT projects have faced bankruptcy due to liquidity problems and technological inadequacy. We want to bring NFT projects to life within the Neuroverse, on both the Polkadot network and other blockchain networks, and unite them with innovation. Our biggest objective in designing Neuroverse is to provide people with an authentic virtual universe experience and enrich the added value of the Astar Network by providing free metaverse support for NFT projects created within the Astar ecosystem.

As neurolanche, why do we focus on the education and health sector?

  1. We believe that virtual universes should be in a structure that will benefit humanity rather than the game industry.

  2. We think that applications such as zoom and google meet after the pandemic aren’t sufficient for the education and health sector.

  3. We know that metaverse will benefit the health and education sectors by synthesizing the innovations brought by VR technology and Unreal engine 5 with psychology and sociology.

  4. We know that in the process of a global pandemic, the activities of the education sector coming to a standstill again will turn into a disaster for humanity.

  5. Due to the scarcity of hospitals and doctors, we want to support the health conditions in rural areas with VR technology. We want to solve the economic problems in the health sector by spending the billions of dollars required in the health sector more efficiently thanks to virtual universes.

  6. We want to offer everyone an equal right to life by increasing access to health services.

  7. We want students all over the world to have equal education rights by taking distance education thanks to meta-universes.

  8. We not only want to solve the liquidity problem by gathering Nft communities under one roof, but also to benefit humanity.

After the global outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, the education and health sectors came to a standstill. I realized that in a globalized world, technology was not sufficiently embraced and humanity was not adapting to it. During the pandemic, as education sector relied on web2 companies like Google Meet and Zoom, failing to provide adequate interaction for students, I started collaborating with my university professors for academic work. After studying the concept of Metaverse for almost a year, psychologically, we decided that the best virtual universe would be VR-based. And we rolled up our sleeves for this. We began building the world’s first VR-based Metaverse developed on Unreal Engine 5. Later, due to our long years in the Polkadot ecosystem, we realized that Polkadot didn’t have the Nft culture like Solana, Ethereum, and Avalanche . And we thought it was necessary to voluntarily gift all our technology to the communities in the dotsama ecosystem.

We started to integrate another Astar Network Nft collection on our neuroverse.
There is some example:

Astar Sign Witch

Astar Degens

Astar Cats

Heal 3

We thought that I should provide the sufficient technological capabilities I have to the Polkadot NFT communities and redesigned all the communities in our ecosystem to transform our universe into an open world that they can use for free.

This way, we will establish a living space for NFT communities within the Polkadot ecosystem, and thereby overcome the main issue of utility deficiency faced by NFT communities. While Neuroverse’s primary objective is to merge the healthcare and education sectors in the VR world, it also aims to initiate a new NFT culture within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our Vision
We aim to surpass the billions of dollars spent in the health and education sectors while simultaneously initiating a new NFT culture within the Polkadot ecosystem. As Neurolance, we want to offer Astar Network users the world’s first VR-based universe developed on Unreal Engine 5 and provide a livable metaverse opportunity for NFT collections within our ecosystem. Additionally, we aspire to address the shortcomings of applications like Google Meet and Zoom by fulfilling the interaction needs through our VR-based universe and transforming into a highly interactive virtual Web3 platform.

Our Mission

Creating a global NFT brand in the Astar ecosystem.

As Neurolanche X Labs, we aim to add value to numerous NFT collections in the Astar Network using our technology and utilities. Additionally, we aspire to become a global NFT brand with our released WASM NFT collection.

We aim to integrate NFT collections from various ecosystems, including Astar Network, into Neuroverse (the world’s first VR-based metaverse) and enable these NFT collections to come to life within the Astar ecosystem.

We aspire to achieve the world’s first integration of ChatGPT, DID AI, and Siri, enabling NFTs to not only be visual representations but also transform into living avatars.

Finding new solutions for the healthcare and education sectors.

In the event of a potential pandemic, we want to resolve the problems that may arise in the education and healthcare sectors using our VR technology, and transform Astar Network into the central hub of the future for healthcare and education.

We want to transform into a high-interaction web3-based framework for the health and education sectors, recognizing the shortcomings of web2 applications like Google Meet and Zoom during the pandemic.

Dapps Staking Reward Usage
1- Staker Reward 25% (Screenshots will be taken at the beginning of each block and deposited at intervals of two weeks.)

2- Holder rewards 30%
Neurolauncher Nft holder will get this rewards. (Monthly)

3- Neuolanche Treasury 35%
Continuing to develop our universe.
Integrate another Astar & Global Nft collection on our universe
To enrich our treasure and support any ecosystems.

4- Marketing 10%
To become a global brand and bring professional teams to Astar and other ecosystem.

Official Partnerships

Astar Degens (Astar Network)

We plan to 3D model the Astar Degens NFT collection and integrate it into the Neuroverse universe, creating a livable space for Astar Degens users.

Degenerous Dao (Sama Network)

We aim to provide a livable space within the Astar Network ecosystem for the owners of Degenerous DAO NFTs on the Exosama network. Our goal is to increase the user base within the Astar Network ecosystem.

Cult Bears Dao(Astar Network & Moonbeam)

We plan to 3D model the Cult Bears DAO NFT collection and integrate it into the Neuroverse universe, creating a livable space for Cult Bears DAO users. Cult Bears DAO is a cross-chain NFT collection available on both the Astar Network and Moonbeam network. Our goal is to increase interaction between the Moonbeam and Astar communities.

Mones Io (Astar Network)

Legend Of Eros (Arbitrum)

We aim to 3D model the Legend Of Eros NFT collection and integrate it into the Neuroverse universe, providing a livable space for Legend Of Eros users. Legend of Eros is an NFT collection available on Arbitrum.

Coin Reference (Dotsama)

Enriching the Astar Network and Neurolance ecosystem.

Zk Pepes (Zksync)

Paras (Nft Marketplace)

To increase the recognition of Paras, the first WASM NFT marketplace on the Astar Network, and establish collaborative marketing strategies.

Astar Sign Witch (Astar Network)

We plan to 3D model the Astar Sign Witch NFT collection and integrate it into the Neuroverse universe, creating a livable space for Astar Sign Witch users.

Moonfit (Moonbeam)

Astar Cats (Astar Network)

We aim to 3D model the Astar Cats NFT collection and integrate it into the Neuroverse universe, providing a livable space for Astar Cats users.


And DIA Oracle (Multichain Oracle)

By partnering with DIA, we’re confident that we’ll be able to provide our users with access to high-quality, decentralized data that they can trust. We believe that this is a crucial factor in building a successful and sustainable metaverse project and are excited about the possibilities that this partnership will bring.

Initially, we’ll be incorporating weather data that will alter the environment of our metaverse according to the external reality. By utilizing oracles to obtain weather information, we’ll be able to create a more immersive experience within the Neurolaunche metaverse. For example, if it’s raining in the real world, users in Neurolaunche will experience a corresponding change in the environment of the metaverse, with rain falling in-game as well. This level of interactivity and realism will enhance the overall user experience, creating a more engaging and exciting metaverse environment.

We want to ensure randomness in our universe with DIA oracle. In the neurocraft game we will design for our universe through smart contracts, we will use randomness in crafting items in the universe and in the terrain system. At the same time, we want to integrate the position of the sun in the real world with the position of the sun in the virtual universe with smart contracts. Thus, users will be able to synchronize time in the real world and the universe. We’re also looking forward to the future addition of a Discord bot with information about tokens and our floor price. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the prospect of having a dedicated space within the metaverse where users can access data, charts, statistics on tokens and NFT collections, and stay up-to-date on the latest information.

We are confident that the integration with DIA will greatly enhance the user experience within the Neurolaunche metaverse. With this integration, we envision Neurolaunche becoming a daily routine for users, much like their morning cup of coffee or visit to the office. By accessing precise and reliable information through DIA’s oracle technology, users can make more informed decisions about their investments inside the Neurolaunche ecosystem. We believe that this will help build a strong sense of trust and reliability among users, ultimately leading to the success and growth of Neurolaunche as an all-day metaverse project.

Overall, we’re thrilled to be partnering with DIA | Cross-Chain Oracles for Web3 and believe that this collaboration will bring significant benefits to both of our communities.

Official Links
Nft Marketplace

Note: The Neuroverse universe has already been significantly developed. Although many of you may have seen it, you can check the videos of our universe from our Twitter account if you wish. While Neurolanche is not a DAO, all dApp stake revenues will be publicly disclosed monthly, and how they are spent will be shared with the community.

Wallet: bc2Stpr8BUfbxcpb9VCLiYUfduNQM5jbg7vJPUukZbEBxU4



I’ve admired how this Neuolanche literally grew from the community into a notable project on Astar, and has made connections within the ecosystem. Heal3 was a good choice to help reach your goals.

There are several goals in ‘Our Mission.’ Which ones will you focus on first?


It is our next 2 month plan
• We will launch our dApp staking program.
• We will soon carry out the pre-alpha launch of our universe.
• We will release our AI app.
• We will transform the visuals of our NFTs into animations in the following days, thus releasing Neurolauncher V2.0.
• We will publish Whitepaper V2.0.
• We will continue various partnerships to strengthen our brand value and make our brand the most important name in the Astar Network.

We are building everything with our Community. We are opening live stream and etc.


I believe that you will achieve great success in adding utility to NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem, especially in the Astar ecosystem. It was even miraculous for you to come this far from scratch. Full support :heart_hands::heart_hands:


Coin Reference fully supports Neurolanche’s proposal to join Astar Network’s dApp Staking. Neuorlanche is a project that is designed to be the future of the connections between medicine and technology with the blockchain world, connecting two great projects such as Astar Network and Dotsama (Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems).

We are very happy to be part of this great family both as owner of one of their NFT, with a very high quality design, and as an official partner of the project. Also, we are very happy to have Neurolanche at the next TheWeek event this July and to be able to continue to show the message of Neurolanche with our content!

Neurolanche is breaking the frontiers of creation, and from Coin Reference we are ready to welcome the change!

A big hug to Astar fam,
Adrian Sancho Cebrian ⎮ CEO CoinReference


I believe that Leo and the Neurolanche team have proven their motivation to contribute to our community and to Astar in general.

My only advice would be to focus the project goals and roadmap on what can be achieved in the short-mid term, rather than spreading yourself too thinly over a variety of complicated objectives. For example, focus first on launching Neuroverse and supporting various NFT collections, before thinking about integrating ChatGPT, Google Meet or Zoom.

I have a great deal of respect for community projects that aim to improve our ecosystem. That’s why I support Neurolanche’s application and wish you every success with your project. I hope we’ll see a concrete realization of their objectives. :+1:

PS: I’d love to see the Algemantis NFT collection integrated into Neuroverse. :star_struck:

G’, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador

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The roadmap is not quite clear to me.

Is the Neuroverse launched yet? Is there any MVP community or user can test?
How do you guys planning people join the Metaverse, and why should they join?

Are you guys working close with Cosmize?

Thanks for you proposal, Leo.


If you actually look at the roadmap in the whitepaper, I had provided a detailed explanation. If you wish, I can share it with you again in detail.


2023 Q2 Neurolauncher mint

Mint on Astar Network of Neurolauncher nfts built for Neuroverse.

2023 Q2-Q3 AI application

First DID AI + Chat Gpt + Siri application. User can talk with their nft collection.

2023 Q2 Staking Program phase

Launch of the Neurolauncher nfts staking program. “It will start 1 month after the mint day”

2023 Q2-Q3 Neuroverse pre-alpha phase

Completion of the pre-alpha phase of the neuroverse universe, which will be the VR-based metaverse. First experience of Neurolauncher Nft owners in Neuroverse.

2023 Q3 Neuroterheum Whitepaper

Publish of the Neurothereum’s whitepaper, the test universe on Ethereum that will be created for the Neuroverse.

2023 Q4 Neuroverse alpha testing phase & first multiverse integration

Completing the Neuroverse alpha testing phase and starting the beta process. The first entry into our universe of another project on Astar Network.

2023 Q4 Neurocraft

Launch of the VR-based game built for the Neuroverse.

Neuroverse is currently in the construction phase. Keep in mind that Neuroverse is the world’s first VR-based data platform developed with the engine 5. We are developing our universe on WASM. We recently launched the first WASM NFT collection. We have also released many test videos related to Neuroverse. It can be considered as the most transparent project developed in the world. I share all the progress step by step with our community. As you may have noticed, I have also shared in the Ambassador group. Within the next two months at most, we will release Neuroverse for people to test.

In my previous article, I mentioned that Neuroverse is primarily built for the healthcare and education sectors. In fact, Neuroverse is a product of an academic research project I conducted at university. Our goal is to address the shortcomings in the healthcare and education sectors. One of these is a biology laboratory. Do you know the cost of setting up a biology laboratory? We are trying to accomplish this in our VR-based universe and aim to provide various experimental results to humanity by obtaining real-world data through DIA Oracle.

As Neurolanche, we believe that if a metaverse does not benefit humanity, it is no different from gaming projects. We have already started our VR-based work to play a strong role in the healthcare and education sectors in the future. You may ask why we are building it in VR. Do you remember the Nokia company? They couldn’t adapt to the rise of smartphones and eventually disappeared from the phone industry. We want to focus on the technology of the future from now on.

Now, how will we reach users? We are already working with 56 blockchain clubs in universities in Turkey. Once we complete the launch of our universe in the education field, we will start our activities. In the healthcare sector, although I have shared from many places, you may not have seen it. I have been accepted to the Pavia University Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience program for research purposes with the reference of Neurolanche. I will be moving within 20-25 days. If you’d like, I can share my documents as proof. As I mentioned, Neurolanche is the most transparent project built in the Astar Network ecosystem.

Apart from that, we are not working with Cosmize. Because er ara different project. Thank you.


Thank you very much, Gunit. After releasing the first WASM NFT collection, we are continuing our hard work for our universe. The construction of Neuroverse in the fields of health and education has been ongoing for a long time. I also need to continue my academic work to continue working in this area, as I am conducting research in a psychology laboratory. In addition to that, there will be a connection between the open world of Neuroverse and NFT collections. There will be various activities, many of which are described in the whitepaper.

I also wanted to see the Algem NFT collection in our universe a lot. However, when I contacted the colleague working in the CMO position, it was stated that there was no time available for integration into our universe. Since we were rejected, we did not contact Algem again. If you would like to work together in the future, we can collaborate. However, our current partners are our first priority. We can schedule a meeting whenever you want. Thank you.


This project is going to make history. Big Up Neurolaunche Team. :+1:



The voting is passed. Please do these:

  1. Have a developer native account with 1001 ASTR. Please provide the address.
  2. Have a verified smart contract of your dApp. Please provide the address.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo, and share the link to the repo with us.
  4. Fill in this FORM if you want to include your project on Astar website ecosystem page.

When all of these are done, we will whitelist your addresses.


Okay Thanks. We will check it. :innocent:



Smart Contract: bYLgJmSkWd4S4pTEacF2sNBWFeM4bNerS27FgNVcC9SqRE4

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The addresses are whitelisted. You can now register on the portal.


Can you check it please

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Neurolanche X Labs continues to support all projects in the Astar Network ecosystem, making new developments and enhancing our web3 vision.

We’ve made significant progress in a short period, thanks in no small part to the esteemed Astar community and the unique developer support structure in the dApp staking program.

As the Neurolanche team, we aspire to maintain transparent management and wholeheartedly support the Astar Network ecosystem. Therefore, as the CEO of Neurolanche X Labs, I find it necessary to publish this manifesto.

• On the first day of each month, Neurolanche X Labs will publicly present expenditures, reward distributions, and developments on the Astar Forum page. We will share our individual improvements with the community and present all developments to the community.

• If these expenditures and improvements are not published by the 10th day of each month, the Astar Network team reserves the right to delist the Neurolanche X Labs project from the dApp staking program.

Note: The reason for voluntarily publishing these rules by the Neurolanche X Labs team is to ensure our commitment to the Astar Network ecosystem within the defined rules and our desire to be more transparently monitored while making improvements.

Best regards,
Neurolanche X Labs CEO


Congratulations Leo, you have fulfilled more than your promises. I witnessed you reaching 100 from 0. There is a reason why you are the most active working team of Astar. Astar is strong with you, keep going

Have you guys got anything live yet?
Also time for an updated roadmap :+1:

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“We currently have the only actively developed game in the Astar ecosystem, called Astar Strike. You can find a lot of information in this month’s update. We share every development in real-time on our Twitter account, and we’ll also post it here at the beginning of December.”

U can check :arrow_down: