Join Shiden Network Waitlist for Kusama Parachain Auction

Please submit the form to express your interest in joining our crowdloan for Shiden Network on Kusama. Shiden is a canary network for Plasm Network and aims to become one of the first parachains on Kusama.

IMPORTANT: All participants who submit this form will receive instructions closer to the parachain lease offering. In addition to that registered participants will receive additional tokens if they join the auction from the same address.

Check out Shiden Network FAQ before filling in this form.

Also, read our Kusama PLO strategy.

We need your support!

Shiden Network is a completely community-driven multi virtual machine dApps hub on Kusama. Our main goal is to become one of the first parachains that acts as a dApps hub on Kusama! Please complete the following steps and spread this to the world!

Any questions? Feel free to reply to this thread!

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Get ready guys hold more ksm and wait for the final announcement. This is so exciting can’t wait already to see shiden and plm booming this year.

What is the best wallet for KSM hodl?

Ok, I found MathWallet

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If I already have plm, am I need to submit this waitlist for get shiden airdrop?

This waitlist is for joining the Kusama auction to get bonus SDN if you lock your KSM.

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Ooof. Waitlist closed already? What’s up with that? Already filled up? Big response?

You can always join the PLO.
We needed the waitlist data for our strategy during the PLO.