Kwikswap Protocol - Builder Program Application

Thank you for your interest in builders program. However, I think you have to ensure there’s
enough liquidity first without which the project may not gain adequate community support. Do you have any plan going forward? again I have seen sometime ago you are in partnership with Reef Finance. Since April 2021, since that partnership what have you accomplished and what solution do you provide for Reef Chain? The project doesn’t seem serious to me in my honest opinion though.

Thanks for all your comments on the topic of liquidity and a sincere thank-you for the genuine constructive feedback posts also. Where we love constructive feedback and any feedback whether good or bad, we don’t appreciate being dubbed “not serious”, as we seriously take pride in our work and unfortunately when we launched in June the market was very difficult to navigate and gain much traction.

We are apprehensive to share our Liquidity marketing plans until we have 100% finalised them.

1/ It wouldn’t be right to announce anything not set in stone here as anyone can apparently join here.

2/ We will announce them in line with our marketing teams advice and not under duress to prove ourselves worthy of joining the builder program.

As mentioned in the previous post, we are literally days away from our LP yield farms on both Shiden and Ethereum, we have additional arsenal to assist in driving this by way of a Coin Telegraph feature and another outsourced marketing entity that will be also helping us reach the masses. We were under the impression that our team would be joining this community to offer some support mechanism.

The Kwikswap team would love to be in the builder program and be an active part of the Shiden / Astar community, however, if this is the kind of negativity that we need to get used to as a result, then we are also extremely happy to just continue building on our own. We didn’t apply wanting any funding, we believe in Shiden and Astar, otherwise we wouldn’t have started building on it in the first place - Creating a DEX in the Plasm ecosystem | by Maarten Henskens | Astar Network (Previously Plasm) | Medium and we wouldn’t have pushed it through every marketing activity we were involved in; including always talking it up for example in Cross-chain DEX to be deployed on two layer-two solutions on Polkadot.

@cmalize we are on Reef Testnet, so there is yet to be a solution as such…

Although i smell much negativity on your telegram main chat, and also lack of liquidity on Shiden/Astar side. I still voted Yes.

Also remember in the future that if things still keep going like this, we could propose to taking down your dapps stake contract.

Keep building!

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I was thinking about the farming.

If you ever succeed in this vote, Kwikswap will get listed on the dapp store and SDN holders will have the option to dapp stake on Kwikswap.

To incentivize SDN holders to stake on Kwikswap, you can give the stakers a boosting power for farming, provided that they use the same account to add liquidity. It is like, the longer they stake on Kwik, the higher the boosting power. Not about how much they stake but how long they stake.

I think this will encourage the stakers to add liquidity to Kwikswap and have better farming rewards. Win win situation.

This sounds a bit complex due to the different environment. We dapp stake with polkadot.js while we connect to Kwik with Metamask. But think this can be done.

We have some community members that have been waiting to farm things.

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@moonme , I believe we need to build with Polkadot.js connectivity also. I have asked the dev team to put this in the queue. Definitely love the idea of this and I did mention to Maarten a few weeks back that SDN stakers would be rewarded higher and to see if we could get some support there. We are testing the farms at present. Really excited to be able to almost finally give our contributors and LP token holders a reason to migrate or join us! We have commissioned TokenSuite to also assist our marketing for all of our farms and our Shiden DEX also and we work closely with PromoTeam also who will also execute some great narrative around our plans over the coming days.

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Sincerely appreciate your vote @souleater

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