London Crypto Marketing Proposal

I’m a Woodsy team member and Admin at London Crypto. London is a T1 influencer on Twitter. London has over 138k legit followers mainly UK based and receives one of the highest impressions from his marketing audience. We looking to help legit projects increase their exposure to a wider audience.

I strongly feel we can help increase the exposure of your project to a new audience through our Twitter and our new Telegram group. We would love to promote your fab project so let me show you our options below :point_down:

Here’s his pricing :point_down::point_down:

$2,500 = 1 Tweet from London


$4,500 = 2 Tweets


$30,000 = London offers long term corporation to ensure stable growth. For example, over 8 weeks consists of 3 Tweets a week which will also be posted in the Telegram room.

Some project tokens are “considered” towards payment to help projects finance marketing payments.

The longer-term marketing is available where we work alongside your project supporting it. Price can be discussed also to ensure we can help with your marketing requirements.

The audience is a 94% active UK following and one of the best buyer audiences on Crypto Twitter. You also get known as a legit project being on my page.

Each tweet is will published on Twitter and the new Telegram group which will soon be one of the busiest groups. 13k in several days, astonishing. It’s getting primmed to be very exclusive and now over 20K followers/Investors.

Please feel free to message me and I would be keen to put a deal together for you and your community.

If you need any further information my friend please let me know :facepunch:

Many thanks,


@woodsy1983 on Twitter

good idea,but i think need offical team make one pool well.

You can participate in the community program, help Shiden grow and the reward will be given based on the effort and impact of your work.

All of us from the community are also making use of the program and we don’t set a price on what we are doing.