Marketing team / lead formation

This proposal is based upon the previous responses from before and is part of the execution:

I propose as most of the team seems to agree to assign a marketing lead: a person in charge of marketing/social media campaigns/ product out reach.

The marketing lead, will be paid from the marketing allocated supply based on performance & outcome. (Number of partnership made & number of interviews conducted & educational content, etc…)

the marketing lead should also choose or form a team of members under him who have talent & are interested from ambassadors.

Marketing lead should have experience with marketing, customer interaction, have a genuine interest in marketing, and a proven success record.

Anyone can apply, ambassadors don’t need to apply to join the marketing team, but they need to apply to be the marketing lead.


This must be a cool initiative. And I think it is possible to use the marketing token allocation. Just a memo. One of to dos we need to do is to decide KPIs and KGI for the upcoming X months.


It would be great to choose from a several candidates according their marketing program, some kind of election.

great! In this case, how about waiting for some proposals from candidates? In the proposal, I would like to see

  1. Plan for the upcoming 3 months including KPIs, KGI
  2. Compensation ($SDN amount)

The SDN distribution shall be something like 10% pre-payment and 90% will be paid based on the performance.


Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea.

I agree with igporoshin and sota. It would be great if someone would voluntarily run for office and give concrete numbers.

We as a community will vote with forum and decide who the marketer will be, Of course, this includes the option of choosing no one.

And we will continue to implement our community growth program as we have in the past. If this is well intertwined.

I am going to make a separate topic to call proposals!