Calling Marketing Proposals 🚨

As @igporoshin @Royal and @cryptodmeme discussed here :point_down:, we are calling marketing proposals.

To moderate the conversation, I have created a proposal template below. If you have any proposals, please reply to this thread. After enough discussions and proposals, we are going to open a poll and decide who works what. Regarding the payment, 10% initial payment and 90% will be paid based on the performance retroactively.


  • Plan for the upcoming 3 months milestones including KPIs, KGI
  • SDN amount for each milestone
  • Team
  • Past experience


I want to throw my 5 cent worth of thoughts into the mix here.

You are targeting investors so what makes investors tick?

  • A clear understanding of what they are investing in (What is Shiden)
  • Excitement about the potential ROI (Tokenomics)
  • Excitement about the future potential of the project (Roadmap)

Marketing actions that springs to mind in no particular order.

  1. Connect prominent crypto youtube channels to set up interviews with the core team and/or this newly created marketing team. This will obviously lead to project exposure and you can focus on crafting the message you want to get out. I would focus on the “this is where we are today” the project roadmap and the tokenomics.
    If you could also get a technical analysis or even a future price prediction (hopium) in even better.
    Aim to drive exposure, understanding and excitement.

  2. In your own social media channels create videos and/or interactive material to learn about the project, it’s roadmap, the team behind it and the hopium injection of price predictions.
    Have an analyst go through the TA of the token and get people interested in investing. There is currently very little, if any, TA available on YouTube for people to get excited about investing.

  3. Creating a learn and earn campaign is likely very effective as that will drive the understanding of the project while giving a small reward for the participants. At the same time it drives adoption of the token as people now become holders. However this obviously requires a larger budget than the above.

  4. Sponsoring of a larger crypto youtube channel to accelerate exposure to the project and the dapp staking.

I think what I’m trying to say is that the social media content available today is very scarse/limited in order to drive true hype about the project.

Hope this helps at least a tiny bit


I agree with a lot of the above post.

re: Youtube influencers;
This game, from my understanding, involves greasing the wheels so to speak with some form of bag to the influencer for featuring and talking about you. I do not have any idea what that bag looks like. You can always talk to several and pitch them why this will be a great investment for them and their followers. I’m sure someone has experience in this area and knows how the game is played.

From my perspective a couple of things need to be highlighted and shouted to the world.

  1. Astair/Shiden has FIVE W3F grants. 2 more than everyone else. Web3 is the future of the internet and the development of this iteration can not be understated. Look at the world today and the invasion of our privacy and data by the big tech companies in web2. look at the censorship. Look at how big banks want to shut down stable coins and impose ridiculously low interests rates and high fees on consumers. This makes Astar a key builder of Web3. taking your financial freedoms and privacy back.

  2. toekenomics. I kind of hate that term but whatever. highlighting the low total supply and help correlate that for new investors. Most people don’t understand the supply and market cap. They think every coin can go to 100 or 1000 when in reality the total supply makes it virtually impossible. I spend a ton of time looking and comparing projects with supplies of less than 1b. The good and even ok ones have great returns. Help people understand that they will make money with Astar.

  3. How does Astar align with Gavin Wood’s vision?

  4. In what ways does Astar make staking and earning easier than others? Can this be exploited in marketing? The biggest issues in the crypto space or barriers for mass adoption is accessibility. It’s not always easy to buy assets, create wallets, connect them, and stake them or pair them.

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Hello guys. Thank you for your precious opinions. Currently, we are looking for executors. All feedback is meaningful, but please mention your execution plans.



If I was doing this I would likely focus on getting in contact with a few youtube channels and explore the possibility and what it would take for them to either highlight the project or look closer at the TA of the token itself.
I am thinking this is a very important step to drive excitement and adoption.

The way I would go about it would be to become a patreon or similar, this way buying my way in to the group of people the particular creator cares about.
From there I am in a much better position to get my request for a TA of the token and also provide my own insights of the project to an already crypto adopted hard-core audience.
If I had a larger budget than that I would likely sponsor the channel to get a deepdive of the project bundled together with a TA if possible.
I would target channels like cryptosrus, coinskid or similar well respected ones.

I am of the impression that this is the key to exelerated adoption. You reach an audience that already is there for the sole purpose of discussing the crypto market and projects. Getting content in to these audiences will certainly drive investments.

An idea I would consider pursuing as well would be an airdrop. To do this I would get in contact with coinmarketcap to figure out how to go about things to get that set up.
An airdrop is likely to create alot of noice about the project on all the different social media platforms as everyone participating in the airdrop will be asked to share the information on their Facebook, Twitter, telegram and so on.

I know there are already informational videos available about shiden and maybe even promotional ones. I would try to promote them with Facebook ads or similar to drive more exposure.

I don’t know if shiden already have a discord server, I honestly haven’t looked for one (as I don’t use discord) but the subreddit page is quite low on members.
I would look to drive activity here to get more people talking about it. It’s all about getting people to talk to their “friends” about something they find exiting and engaging. This eventually snowballs by word of mouth, if the activityon these channels is interesting and engaging.

Obviously I am not a professional marketing guy and there is likely an ocean of people much more suited to drive this than me. However I wanted to throw in my 5 cents to help get the discussion asked for going and now I feel obliged to give you an answer to your question of how I would approach it as a courtesy.


Arrange an interview between Sota and legit project reviewer, that has legit followers. If the cost is reasonable, based on KPI, I am sure the team will compensate.


I’m not sure if this has already been tried and rejected or if it has not been considered yet.
But if we aim really high, going after a coinbase listing would be a super boost for investment.

After a bit of searching I found this link where someone with the proper Information can start the application to get listed.

Defenetly worth looking at anyway.

My name is Steve. I have 5 years of crypto research and investment, full-time since May 2016. I understand the youtube landscape watching 4-5 hours a day for the past 5 years. I am an initial investor of Polkadot and won 3rd place in the Kusama competition. I have a background in design, and I have been hired by local companies to implement and polish socials/websites in WordPress. I have strong copy write skills (delivering a message) created numerous app ideas of which one can be seen here Behance.

While I am not a professional in growth hacking, I have picked up on some of the tools in which are used to promote companies into virality. The observed components are;

  1. Creation of Twitter accounts that present individuals who are maximalist per se (run by a group)
  2. Using tweet deck (as a group) and liking nearly every $SDN tweet while on the toilet or on your computer. Commenting something intelligible/educational usually helps the Twitter algos boost comment priority e.g. emoji in the comments section even helps.
  3. Observation from AVADO #sendnodes competition with Kusama back in the early days, they used was one of the best viral marketing tools I have ever seen. This is the campaign I want to use as a template and implement.

The total cost would be 2950 SDN + $149 enterprise account + custom domain

I have started a rough version of it. I don’t know if you can see it? I would like to take lead in implementing this campaign.

With regards to the KPI’s, I imagine something very strong will come from this, so if successful I would like remuneration to be determined by Sota in SDN.


Thanks for the proposal/ It seems that i don’t have an access

Try this
PW: Surf65000

Click the first campaign

And for others, this login will get you nowhere else.

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Point 1, Creation of a Twitter acount by maxi.

This strongly comes from the community effort. All the community needs to form a movement or subculture e.g Link Marines. The community must be united to do this, instead of fudding and being negative.

I have created a legal document for stake technologies that will need to be reviewed by yourself Sota. It is based on the web3 technologies agreement for their competition on Furthermore, I have made more edits to the campaign which can be viewed with the log in details below:

PW: Surf65000

Everyone here is welcome to review the campaign, but please do not make edits, make suggestions where we can discuss. I thought I would make mention about market timing. As an analyst, it is ideal to get the campaign running before mid-November because traditionally markets dip. Those that receive the tokens get to enjoy the December hype madness. In having said I think the bottom tier of prizes should be increased to 50 persons, and corresponding t-shirts be given out to all winners. This will increase its cost base. Also, The campaign would be ideal to merge with Astar’s launch to aid in virality. I have made a generalization that 100SDN =10 ASTAR in terms of value, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Sota, please follow this link to see the marketing legal documentation for your company.
For others that would like to collaborate with me on this marketing campaign, please join my board on Trello.


Tribalism is something we should not promote but inadvertently imply. For instance, emojis like a star (representing Astar), or lightning bolt/electricity + purple orb (representing Shiden) - shown as feature on these Twitter accounts (1 per person in management - combine effort: I believe this is what members of web3 or another team did also when kusama started out - only an observation). What matters most is that these accounts follow each other, and get follows/interactions of the community’s strongest members, so it perpetuates though out. Does Shiden/Astar have a slogan? Like “expect chaos”?

I think another interesting tactic is making comparisons e.g. polygon (MATIC) has a lot of success as an L2 solution (price appreciation), so comparisons or heart to hearts with MATIC fans could be a good way to trojan horse ecosystems.


Sounds reasonable, however, who will be supporting the marketing lead? Will this person solely be in charge of all marketing and content development? I think a little more support will be needed.

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Please make sure @Steve that you mention that this campaign is approved by Astar team but not run by Astar! You can add a link this forum. Also please delete the Ethereum2.0 part.

Do not add ASTR in this contest because it can take maybe months to even distribute those

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I have made alterations as requested @Maarten @sota

With regards to the legal implications, I have placed the following in the campaign above the prize pool;

“NB: Campaign approval has been given by ASTAR but is not run by ASTAR. This campaign is run by a 3rd party “Simply Stake PTY LTD”. All prizes come from the Shiden Treasury, and distribution will be facilitated by Stake Technologies.”

Whether or not you want me to collect and contact the winners will be at your sole discretion for obvious reasons. On the backend, the campaign will be accessible to stake technologies for transparency. Passwords will be changed and given to you prior for monitoring purposes.

I have also made changes including the following;

  1. Increased the prize pool of $SDN reflect the Kusama prize pool in terms $USD from the past #sendnode competition
  2. Increased the amount and breadth of winners in the bottom tier from 25 to 45 to increase the odds for those who evaluate this metric.
  3. Reworked text to make it more legible.

Furthermore, I will be including the following;

  1. ‘Proof of knowledge’ questions inspired by Acala’s quests from a “user-facing perspective” – your input would help me understand the hierarchy in which you would like your users to learn from the campaign text I have written.
  2. Place a challenge that includes “tag three friends on Twitter”.
  3. Explore the possibility of other marketing techniques.

Other info:
-I am awaiting confirmation for the commercial use of the astronaut featured in the campaign (implying the idea suggested by “moonme/norugtiger” - that fans are “astarnauts” without actually saying it, I think potentially its best we let them work it out?

-I will rework the T&C’s to represent the above legal framework or to what is deemed necessary on your return from the conference.
-I am yet to formulate a methodology for distribution channels - your input would be great.
-Target launch date is November 10th.

My direct email is or feel free to contact me on Twitter (at)bowlistic

Kind regards, Steve.

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Looks great! Can you only make another adjustment?
Instead of using that the funds come from treasury, they will come from the community rewards pool:

Can you promote the Astar crowdloan event in this event?


Yes, I can include the Astar crowdloan event.


  • I have re-written the content accordingly. It now reflects the language used by those with limited understanding so info is more relatable and understandable to newcomers.
    -I am having my lawyer review the legal doco of which I will forward in the coming days.
    -I emailed the lead of Vyper CEO Kevin Tang as a courtesy despite his T&C’s expressing they accepted cryptocurrency-related projects and he turned me down. I have pleaded for this help and understanding, asking him to review the campaign for himself.
    -In the meantime, I believe he is a man of principle, and have asked him to recommend a suitable alternative.

Will do the first event for $10k and will take a month:
Which includes:
NFT digital wearables ($4k)
POAPs… ($0)
Designer for wearables ($500)
Me ($2k)
LAND space ($2k)
Start testing an NFT bridge to shiden (16hr * $50 = $800)
Will use rest of funds for a giveaway…

Lemme know…