Lost funds Using XCM bridge

Once Acala opened their bridges with other chains, i rushed to bridge my Ausd from Acala to Astar, the transaction went through successfully, or so i believed. After 2 days i could still not see my ausd in my astar wallet balance.
The feedback below is what I got as an answer:
“Looking at your cross-chain transaction, I see that it’s been completed successfully on Acala and Polkadot, but failed on the destination chain, Astar. XCM transfers are async: Acala doesn’t know if the transaction was successful on Astar or not, so it cannot revert a transaction if it fails.
Your transaction failed with the “TooExpensive” error. It looks like Acala didn’t withdraw enough ASTR to pay for dealing with the aUSD. At the moment, the funds are lost.”

XCM transfer hash:

Extrinsic Hash:

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