Metadomo - Unstoppable Community Grant Proposal

Thank you so much for your clarification. I got your points =)


Really glad to see real use cases applications joining Astar.
Voted YES :grin: :handshake:


Thank you for that complete context, I had a similar doubt and with the graphs and images I was clear on that point. Great the use you want to give to your token, that’s just how it should work!


Great I like the game theory implemented for the $DOMO token!

Very good explanation of the initial function of the platform, I hope to see it soon in full operation thanks for the explanation, I wish you the best of success because here there is a very interesting product, attentive to new updates!


Count me in! I’ve cast my AYE vote in favor of the loyalty-on-leverage program, especially showing strong support for its implementation in Japan.


Thanks everyone for your support and great questions!
We’re looking forward to growing together with Astar! :muscle:


Voted yes.
Tyrone participated in the Meetup held in Tokyo. During that event, I learned about their project and realized that they are a team passionate about development. I’d like to follow up!


Thank you for choosing us and for trying to realise your project. Your effort is admirable


I don’t think such projects are what we need right now. I won’t support you in any vote. Astar needs to use its opportunities and treasure more wisely. The projects we need are my main focus. That’s why I won’t support you.

Thank you for your efforts.

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Very excited to see that you have successfully passed the voting process! Welcome to our UCG program! I look forward to reading your monthly reports.

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Thanks everyone for your support - it means a lot to us!
Looking forward to sharing our progress updates and success!

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Congratulations! @Takumi-Metadomo :tada:

The voting is passed. To proceed with the registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.
  4. Fill the form to be added to the Ecosystem Page on the Astar Network website. Link:
  5. Share your horizontal logo to prepare an announcement to our community.

We will whitelist the addresses.

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Thanks! Below are the details:

Substrate account: YkqeedMEm6i8fFiwgbA4AHKespArFCfi8j3znqqx5wtEyPy

Verified smart contract: WW4zHhyvhfWbDtt7nushXbp4gEYr7xqXijUZDAGXuLzMAm9

Github Repo

Horizontal Logo

I’ve also filled the ecosystem form.


I am really excited to see your improvement in our ecosystem

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Addresses have been whitelisted. You can now register on the portal by connecting the native wallet.


Hi, I am quite impressed with your proposal. I have always admired projects that seek to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 because it seems to me that the idea has always been to connect, evolve, share but above all to use technology to our advantage.

Your proposal is quite complete. I would like to see more on a marketing level on how you will develop this proposal. Otherwise I wish you success and I hope you can reach your goal. Astar is committed to innovation. :wink:

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I like the seriousness of the proposal and subsequent answers.

Transition / adding elements of web 3 to companies is one the reason I got interested into Astar and build our own Agency in Paris.

i believe what you suggesting is a sustainable application of Web 3 to companies.

I’m curious how do you plan to address the potential challenges in user education and adoption, especially for those who are less familiar with web 3.

Thank you for your clarification. It’s very useful information =)

Metadomo dApp has been registered!


We will be launching a staking incentive program, please keep informed on this thread for news on how to qualify (snapshots, etc).


Metadomo has been selected by Japanese Government-related organization JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) to participate in an exclusive Invitation Program (see here).

The event includes visits to Tokyo and Fukuoka to meet potential enterprise partners and help promote and expand our business.

This is a great opportunity for Metadomo and reinforces our commitment to the Japanese market and strategy for global expansion.

To address great questions we’ve received:

I have always admired projects that seek to bridge the gap between web2 and web3… I would like to see more on a marketing level on how you will develop this proposal. @Audiarmis

Thanks for your kind comments and support. In regards to our marketing approach, it is important to note that we are primarily focused on a B2B2C approach, at least for the early stages of the company. This means that we target enterprise clients to help them engage and increase value to their user community, and in the process, those users are then connected to Metadomo and in a sense become users of Metadomo, but not in a competitive sense to our clients. This is a rapid way we can gain both clients and users.

In our current phase, the enterprise clients we target are primarily Japanese Web3 projects. Building on this momentum, we will expand to Web3 project clients that are outside Japan and following that, we will expand into traditional point providers.

Understanding this go-to-market strategy, it makes sense that our current marketing is focused more on acquiring enterprise clients as opposed to focusing on direct user acquisition. This means more corporate-styled communication and direct sales contact to enterprises, as well as working with government departments to assist in our business development, as you can see in our announcement above.

I’m curious how do you plan to address the potential challenges in user education and adoption, especially for those who are less familiar with web3. @Max.eth

Thanks for your great feedback. We also share the same goals about bringing the benefits of Web3 to traditional business. Using Web3 services can be tricky to figure out for even Web3 savvy users, let alone Web2 users.

By way of example, during our closed beta we encountered unexpected obstacles for things that we took for granted. One of our private beta testers who isn’t savvy with Web3 completed the signup process on his desktop (where he has a crypto wallet), then assumed he can continue webapp actions on his mobile, which did not have a wallet installed. These learnings seem minor but are actually incredibly helpful to improve our offering and remove as much friction for adoption as possible.

We understand that if Web2 mass-adoption is an important goal (which it very much is for us) then we must strive to use an ‘empathetic approach’ and view our product, features, and onboarding from the perspective of a Web2 user, not just our own. Ideally, the product should be easy enough to use, without the need for education. Education is actually a barrier to entry, which will spike drop off rates. Features such as account abstraction can help to make Web3 be seamless for those who are unfamiliar.

To specifically answer your question, we address these challenges by incorporating the following principles in our development:

  • Familiar Web2 interface, simple sign-up, and as much automation and intuitive feel as possible
  • Simple instructions and clear communication to assist the process
  • Web2 friendly app actions such as forward reward vouchers to email

Congratulations Metadomo!

2M ASTR tokens from Community funds have been staked on your dApp.

As part of the UCG program , don’t forget to publish your monthly check-in reports here to share your updates with the community.

Looking forward to your progress on Astar Network.