Unstoppable Community Grant Proposal: Metasky



Metasky is a Web3 platform to create, execute, and manage loyalty programs for brands and communities. Metasky product suite enables creators and brands to build an engaging loyalty and rewards program for their communities through gamified bounties and utility-charged NFTs.

Core Convictions

On Web3

  • Web3 is a set of technologies that makes interoperability easier across trust boundaries
  • NFT standard for representing digital objects is posed to become ubiquitous

On Creator Economy

  • Creators are becoming founders - Building teams and using software
  • Creators are the new brands - Creating brands instead of promoting brands
  • Creator and brand communities require sustainable community-led revenue flywheels


Metasky Studio

The easiest and most practical way to launch and manage NFT ecosystems.


  • Recognize and curate your community across online social channels such as Twitter (X), Instagram, Whatsapp, and Discord
  • Launch gamified bounties to check the current engagement level of the community and design the NFT drop based on the analytics of these bounty programs


  • Launch digital membership passes as NFTs that have built-in trait rarity
  • Enrich the NFTs with utilities based on their trait rarity
  • Easily link utilities to your NFTs from the Metasky utility library
  • Gamify the experience to claim these NFTs


  • Earn commission on the secondary market trading of NFTs
  • Launch super exclusive NFTs for the top 1% of community members


A wallet to hold, engage, and manage your NFTs - membership cards, tokens, points, and coupons in the easiest and most intuitive fashion.

With Skywallet, your customers can:

  • Login or sign in using the identity of their choice - phone number, email ID, socials, web3 wallets, etc
  • Engage with brand bounties, giveaways, and social media activities
  • Redeem the utilities of their NFTs
  • Buy or sell NFTs on secondary marketplaces
  • Pay using global currencies
  • Consume targeted announcements and discussions based on the NFT trait rarity
  • Works across devices - Android, iOS, and desktop

Metasky Web Service (MeWS)

MeWS is a collection of powerful APIs and SDKs that power Studio and Skywallet. MeWS can be easily integrated with any of the existing platforms or websites to turn it into a powerful NFT ecosystem.

Some of our latest achievements

The Metasky product suite has shown to be the most efficient and useful method for establishing and maintaining NFT ecosystems. We currently support 16 communities, have 194K unique users, and have processed 73K transactions.

Documentary of our product in action for Music Label

What can Metasky provide?

Boost Engagement in the Astar Chain Ecosystem

  • The Metasky suite of products offers the potential to enhance the vibrancy of communities within the Astar ecosystem, enabling them to create and implement robust loyalty programs with a strategic emphasis on augmenting engagement and optimizing monetization for these communities.

  • The user-friendly and intuitive nature of the no-code Metasky studio ensures a seamless experience, eliminating any learning curve. This feature is poised to yield significant time and cost savings for both established and emerging NFT ecosystems within the Astar framework.

  • Skywallet presents a user onboarding and navigation experience akin to traditional web2 platforms. This functionality is particularly advantageous for prominent brands and corporate entities, allowing them to introduce web3-based loyalty programs to their user bases that might not yet be well-versed in the world of cryptocurrency.

  • Skywallet goes beyond by accommodating the Japanese language and incorporating Yen-focused fiat payment channels, rendering it well-prepared for penetration into the Japanese market.

  • Metasky’s capabilities extend to facilitating the integration of communities and brand partners into the Astar ecosystem, contributing to its growth and diversification.

What are we expecting from ASTAR?

Astar is the go-to blockchain solution for Japanese developers and enterprises, serving as the pivotal gateway for entry into the Japanese market and the exploration of its untapped potential.

Conversely, Metasky’s suite of products and services has established a good presence within the Indian market, captivating brands and communities as they delve into novel opportunities within the realm of blockchain.

Metasky has been proactively cultivating partnerships within the Japanese market, collaborating with notable IP projects such as Tanukiverse, Minato Chan, 0n1Force, WenTokyo, Studio Seven, and Myth Division, among others. Beyond individual entities, our collaboration extends to the Yamanashi region of Japan where we are helping the local government to setup a web3 powered loyalty program around tourism in that region.

In pursuit of further expansion within the Japanese market, Metasky seeks the following support:

  • Integration of Astar Chain with Metasky tooling, involving the community treasury staking 2 million ASTR in dApp Staking over a three-month period, commencing from the mutually agreed-upon date and adhering to the established timeline.

  • Provision of technical guidance and ecosystem assistance for the exploration and development of zkEVM smart contracts.

  • Creation of avenues for business development within the Astar ecosystem and the broader Japanese market.

The milestones and timelines for the integration of the ASTAR Blockchain onto the Metasky platform are listed below.

Nov 2023

Metasky’s team should be able to do the following with the help of APIs/SDKs/library :

  1. Create ASTAR accounts via the SDK/APIs offered.
  2. Create collections and NFTs.
  3. Create a primary marketplace contract and test free/paid purchases via ASTAR tokens.
  4. Transfer tokens/NFTs from one ASTAR account to another.

Users should be able to:

  1. Login with their phone/email accounts via a verification code and PIN, with an ASTAR account created for them in the backend.
  2. Login with a non-custodial wallet by signing on to the ASTAR portal or an ASTAR supported wallet.
  3. See and transfer ASTAR coins/native currency from and to Metasky wallet. The transfer can be to another Metasky wallet or a non custodial ASTAR wallet

Dec 2023

Users should be able to:

  1. Use a FIAT on ramp to recharge their wallet with ASTAR coins/tokens.
  2. Purchase NFTs in their Metasky wallet with FIAT and ASTAR coins in their wallet.
  3. Buy/sell their NFTs on an external marketplace (like OpenSea) by connecting the wallet to the dApp (via wallet connect)
  4. See and track all txns in the Metasky wallet.

Users (Studio/Club Admins) should be able to:

  1. Login to Metasky Studio via their existing Metasky account. If they don’t already have a Metasky account, they can create one on the fly.
  2. Create and manage clubs (images/description).
  3. View and manage members.
  4. Create and import (with validation) ASTAR chain NFT collections and NFT claims/drops. They should also be able to create NFTs within collections by uploading a CSV. They can share the link to Metasky’s wallet to claim/purchase the NFTs created.

Jan 2024

Users (Studio/Club Admins) should be able to:

  1. Create and manage bounty campaigns on Twitter and Instagram. They should be able to process rewards for their club members in any supported currency (ETH/MATIC/Aptos/Leaderboard Points).
  2. View the leaderboard at club level for leaderboard points awarded to club members.
  3. Create and manage utilities attached to collections/NFTs based on tier/property types.

Users (Club Members) should be able to:

  1. Log in to Metasky Club via their existing Metasky account. They need to be added as a club member in order to do so.
  2. Connect/disconnect their social media accounts (Twitter/Instagram/Discord).
  3. Participate in bounties (Twitter/Instagram) from within the Metasky club
  4. View the status of their bounty rewards, and receive rewards in their Metasky account. The same will be reflected in their Metasky wallet.
  5. See the leaderboard on a bounty basis.


The in-depth discussions regarding Astar’s vision and strategic direction with Sota and Shun during the IVS crypto event and token 2049 Singapore instilled a profound sense of assurance in us regarding the Astar ecosystem and its capacity to revolutionize the industry’s existing landscape. The unwavering dedication exhibited by the Astar team, evident not only in the development of this remarkable ecosystem but also in the efforts to establish a web3 regulatory framework in Japan, serves as a genuine source of inspiration.

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to embark on our journey of contributing to and constructing within the Astar ecosystem.


Metasky Studio

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Hello thanks for the proposal,

To be honest I’m not aware of your product or your team until I read above proposal. But seeing a plan dedicated for Yen payment is (very) nice. Hope in the future will support others currency as well.

Which Astar that you want to deploy? EVM or zkEVM or Native (WASM)? Seeing your previous deploy seems on EVM.


We will be deploying on zkEVM


Allright, we will wait your product to launch later on zkEVM. At the moment, I don’t have anything to ask.
Welcome to Astar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Because zkEVM is not launched it’s not possible to already take part of the Unstoppable Grant program, this one is only running for Astar L1 as a parachain.