Metadomo - Unstoppable Community Grant Proposal

I already have some tokens steaked in Metadomo, that’s how happy I am with the project. thanks for the info provided! Let’s keep building on Astar.

Like the rest of the team, I remind you to prepare your community for the migration from V2 to V3, it is of utmost importance to do so.


Hi everyone!

Thank you for the support so far on dapp staking v3!

We are currently preparing our month 1 updates - excited to share our progress soon!



Congratulations team, we’ll be eager to observe your progress!

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Excited to see what you have been working on this month :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. Some more information regarding this months work would be great! Eager so this project grow.

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Congrats Team!!! Let’s make great things together =)

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Month 1 Update

JETRO Delegation Update

Metadomo was selected by the Japanese governmental organization JETRO (more about JETRO below) as 1 of 6 innovative Irish startups for an invitation-only ‘mission’ to Japan, which we completed last week and was very successful for us.

“JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential”

JETRO organized VIP events and helped arrange meetings with key stakeholders we target, both in Tokyo and Fukuoka, the southern prefecture designated as the Web3 hub of Japan.

Highlights include:

  • Presentation and reception with Japanese business VIPs and dignitaries at the Irish Ambassador to Japan’s residence
  • Meetings Japanese government officials
  • Business development meetings with key targets (clients, partners, investors)
    • Japan major railway operators
    • Transport, retail, and real estate conglomerate
    • Asian loyalty point provider
    • Regional shopping and entertainment complex operators
    • Electronic ticket technology companies
    • Top 3 telcos
    • VCs and conglomerate investment divisions

All meetings were positive with expressed interest, including major conglomerates, excellent for product validation. Since Metadomo has a ‘web3 under the hood’ approach, rather than forcing users to get wallets, change their existing systems, etc, many parties were open to collaboration with Metadomo as a gateway to Web3.

It is important to note, that the user bases of any one of these conglomerates, LPPs, shopping complex operators bring rivals monthly active user bases of established crypto companies such as Kucoin,, etc. We believe Web3 mass adoption is easier through activating these channels, rather than crypto education.

Team is currently focusing on follow up with the enterprises and commencing our fundraising efforts, which is our primary focus at the moment.

KYH (Know You’re Human)

We have added a new functionality planned for MetaLoyalty Profiles, which aims to help companies differentiate between AI bots and real humans without asking users for KYC or biometric data. Recently this narrative has been popularized by projects such as WorldCoin, and Metadomo can do it better as we have POS level integrations.

Whitepaper excerpt:

Proof of Personhood can be inferred from continuous data collected and accumulated in MetaLoyalty Profile. The collected data, particularly POS terminal redemption data at physical stores, is difficult for AI bots to emulate. We call this system KYH.

Drawing KYH personhood proofs from loyalty and purchase data provides the following advantages:

Non-invasive proof method

  • Other identity based projects such as WorldCoin use biometric data (iris scans) to create personhood proofs, creating a public perception of dystopian invasion of personal privacy, no matter how secure and open source the underlying technology may be.

Continuous Proofs

  • Loyalty and purchase transactions happen continuously and build value to the accumulated data, whereas proof relying on biometric data is static and not usable in any other way than to prove personhood.


  • Sharing transactional data is commonplace, as in internet cookies for advertising, in surveys and more. Thus using this data for KYH identity proofs should not pose resistance or a mental barrier.

By connecting their Web3 Wallet which contains the soulbound MetaLoyalty NFT, users can verify their humanity to service providers.

Rewards Station Beta

Rewards Station is currently near completion of UI and system overhaul based on feedback and will begin testing before showcasing and opening to clients. We have interested parties sourced from attendance at Astar events in Tokyo, JETRO delegation, as well as overseas gaming clients.

We will be sharing screenshots very soon, with potentially an open campaign (for HK/Japan residents) in the near future.

Notes from Huy, leading tech:

"We are living on the edge! Our web services are rendered using SSR (Server Side Render) - on a server close to the user. It is backed by an API, written in Rust, which is memory safe and super fast.

We’ve built a nice dashboard to make managing users, rewards, coupons,and… just about everything… so easy!

We’ve built our own NFT gating service, which allows us to support Astar fully.

Such SQL, much relations, great quality! (We’ve updated our code to support PoH - allowing humans to provide proof that they did the work, for points to be awarded, and points to be spent to buy real work rewards. Because of this complex relationship between Metadomo, clubs, users and merchants, we had to write some crazy event triggers & workers directly in PostgreSQL. The end result is a database layer with amazing speed, super resiliency and highly reactive).

Next up is to polish Reward Station - it is already super fast but needs a bit of a paint job. Expect beautiful things in the next update!"

Community Strategy

Socials Upcoming Twitter AMA

We are planning to host an AMA with Astar in the near future once Rewards Station is live. The previously mentioned parties would like to see a live demo, so we will do this by opening a Metadomo Club within Rewards Station with live campaigns with Japanese voucher rewards during the AMA.

Staking Offering

We are planning to offer $DOMO via Initial Staking Public Offering (ISPO) for dapp stakers, triggering on reaching certain tier levels of dApp staking v3.

In our plan, dApp stakers will enjoy a share of $DOMO token distribution based on the amount and duration of $ASTR staked, with current stakers being grandfathered into the program.

More details to come after legal review.

Community Contributor Token Percentage

We are considering taking a portion of the token distribution from the advisory pool and allocating it to early community contributors, particularly those who can help in these areas:

  • KOLs/influencers (Astar ecosystem focused, English or Japanese audiences)
  • BD agent for Rewards Station, client sourcing
  • UX/UI, development

If you believe you can add value to Metadomo and would like to take advantage of this program, please reach out in our Telegram group


Nice. Thank you for the update! Sounds great!
Really looking forward to what you guys will do :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update. It looks awesome!
Please keep up the good work.


It sounds fun. Thank you so much afor an uptades =)


Very comforting to see your monthly report, I like how broken down it is, I can see the effort put in this month. congratulations and thanks for the update!

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Hi Everyone!

I would like to update the community on our progress, achievements and changes to the 3 month plan we have stated in the OP.

As we previously stated, we share an aligned vision with Astar to bring Web3 to the masses. Metadomo accomplishes this through enabling Web3 and its benefits into the traditional loyalty rails. To this end, we have now secured partnerships that bring us a user pipeline in the millions from various industries, such as national telcos to eSports.

Adding to this momentum, we also have industry titans joining the Metadomo advisory team to accelerate the manifestation of our vision.

User Pipeline

  • 100M+ users connected to Metadomo becomes Metadomo user pipeline
  • Sourced from various integrated enterprises such as national telecommunications companies across Asia

Gaming Pipeline

  • Partnership with gaming partner, integrated with most popular MMO games such as Dota 2, CS;GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, etc
  • Gaming partner enables Web3 tournaments on these games, with interest in our mass merchant network for rewards, loyalty and more
  • Brings a massive gaming user pipeline


  • Gaming OG Nolan Bushnell (Inventor of Pong, founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, etc) is part of Metadomo to help drive the gaming BD and strategy

Merchant, technical expansion

  • Added ~10k merchant locations from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand integrated
  • POS device access in aforementioned countries
  • Deep connection to fiat settlement infrastructure, including Asia specific methods


We have restructured our product side slightly, to better suit the achievement of our visions:

Rewards Station

  • UI completed, logic fully tested. View preview at
  • Ready to onboard clients but will wait to officially debut until close of fundraise and DOMO TGE.

Metadomo Core

  • Loyalty Marketplace, Plug and play loyalty is now merged into a single powerful blockchain based platform we call Metadomo Core
  • Metadomo Core is integrated with previously mentioned 100M+ users pipeline
  • Backend blockchain technology behind Metadomo Core is robust and advanced, developed with oversight by blockchain legend, Sunny King - inventor of proof of stake.

Metadomo Core is a blockchain based end-to-end loyalty, voucher, and customer offer platform for enterprises and merchants.

Metadomo Core runs on a private, permissioned blockchain to secure confidential information, with capability to bridge out specifics such as user points into public blockchains such Ethereum.

:white_check_mark: Integrate existing loyalty points or QR vouchers

:white_check_mark: Web3 activate users with auto wallet creation

:white_check_mark: Full analytics platform

:white_check_mark: Integrated with off-chain fiat cross border settlements

:white_check_mark: Creation of on-chain “MetaLoyalty” Profiles to store all user activity data, useful for proof of personhood

:white_check_mark: Management of $DOMO token, cross chain into Astar zkEVM

Mainstream recognition and validation of Metadomo continues at the top levels. CEO Tyrone Lynch was recently invited for lunch with the Ambassador of Japan to Ireland, Mr. Norio Murayama. Metadomo is recognized as a top innovative startup in Web3/Blockchain which are focus areas of the Japanese Government.

Tweet link

We are now commencing our private sale fundraising, and intend to do a public raise right after private round, with intention to TGE on Astar zkEVM immediately after.

Thank you for your support!


Thank you for the update. That’s good progress!
By the way, it’s been 3 months since you joined the UCG program. You need to decide whether to continue or finish it. What are your thoughts?

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Wow , I’m impressed by Your results :clap: I will give a try to the test platform as well :smile:

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Wow, really great report and very good news to share with us.

I was very much interested in your new relationship with great gaming products, as you mentioned, Fortnite, League of Legendes and more, could you tell me about this, how is this business relationship possible, what are you looking to achieve with them?

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Thank you very much for the update. It looks like there has been good progress. I think this will definitely be helpful, to some extent, for expanding the ecosystem further. =)

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Thanks for the feedback and support everyone!

Similarly to our strategy with onboarding merchants, instead of talking to merchants / games one by one, we work with aggregators or mass enablers to roll out adoption faster. For games, we are working with a partner focusing on crypto-enabled tournaments on MMO games. They use Overwolf, a gaming overlay toolkit already connected previously mentioned game titles. If you’ve played League before, you may be familiar with, porofessor, mobalytics, etc - these systems use Overwolf.

This enables us to tap into the gaming audience of those titles, providing better redemption opportunities for players.

We will be announcing specifics on this partnership quite soon.

We are really grateful for the UCG program and the overwhelming support we’ve received, and although we’ve had to change our 3 month outline, I think the progress we’ve made is more impactful than our original goals.

Although we would like to continue, I have some questions about the UCG program since the changes of staking v3.

We applied for UCG during dapp staking v2, and during it dapp staking v3 was activated. This changed the staking rewards we calculated from UCG significantly, we are earning less than 1/3 of v2 calculations.

Furthermore and more importantly, with the current system it seems that whether we get the UCG delegation or not, the staking income doesn’t change for us as we will still be in T4 tier. If the grant doesn’t change the staking income, it may be better to not reapply until the UCG program is changed, so we don’t lock up 2M of treasury ASTR without result.

It may be better for us to understand the future of UCG program before continuing. In any case, we will still be updating our progress in this thread.

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