MoonFit Dapp Staking Proposal

It’s great to hear that moonfit is interested in Astar! Welcome! I have a few comment/concern and hope you can clarify. 1. It seems all NFTs are minted on Moonbeam, not on Astar, so astar community may ask how it would benefit astar eco? 2. The goal for adding astr to moonfit dapp staking seems to be low, like 6 months, 1,000,000 astar, even if you reach it, it would rank the second bottom in the current NFT dapp staking projects in Astar

Hi @Vangardem , can you explain more on why you think MoonFit is antagonistic to Astar? It’s kinda confusing for me when you say we are a good project but not good for Astar without further explanation, some clear points would definitely help us develop our product better.

“Ponzi” is a general term for projects that have an unsustainable economy and limited cash flow from outside, relying on the new users to pay for the previous ones. We are just trying to make comparison between MoonFit and other existing Move-to-earn projects that have these flaws. If you are not okay with it, then we will make some changes as well as reduce using that word. Thank you!

@souleater Thank you very much for this feedback! We will add this tutorial & introduction to our next app update, improving the onboarding process.

Also, we really appreciate that you voted yes and put your trust in us!

Hi @DrCAO , thank you for your questions and I would like to clarify:

  1. No, MoonFit NFTs minted using $ASTR is on Astar Network, it’s not true that all NFTs are minted on Moonbeam.
  2. This is a pretty conservative goal, due to our anticipation of current and upcoming market sentiment. I agree that it seems to be low, but we want to keep it realistic and not over-exaggerating what we can do and achieve. Furthermore, as we are new to Astar ecosystem - we learn as we go. We will take time to learn and have suitable strategies to increase this number for Astar ecosystem.

I think it’s the best feeling to exceed our goals, even though they might be small numbers!

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Voted in favor.
I’ve used the app and fully support its mission to promote an active lifestyle. We need to introduce more incentives to encourage activity, as this can directly contribute to better health.

I echo @souleater’s sentiments about simplifying onboarding for newcomers, especially those unfamiliar with web-3.

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Well I said that because I simply fear that the liquidity they receive will be taken to other networks, but that is a probable issue, I was referring to that, not to its structure because I think it is a good project, I vote no because I am not convinced that they use PONZI; you should take a look at what it means and in general terms what has happened with the PONZI systems.

I hope that with your work and dedication you can let me know that I am wrong in case you enter the program.


Great to see your proposal to join Astar dApp Staking. However, i really don’t see how this will bring value to the ecosystem in the long run. Most users will stake on your dApp just to receive rewards.

@Vangardem We have already stated clearly in our reply to Mr. Sota above that the liquidity or rewards we receive will not be taken to other networks, only for Astar Network instead. About the Ponzi system, we agree that there might be many other opinions besides our own - and we are completely okay with diverse opinions. What we mean is we will solve the flaws and problems of those unsustainable projects, we always respect them for having the same goals of promoting healthy lifestyles and more activities for people.

I hope that if you see MoonFit can be a good part of growing Astar Network ecosystem, MoonFit can get your vote yes. The general meaning of how we can contribute to Astar does not depend on the way we name other existing business models. Thank you very much buddy!

@cmalize I think that with the new Dapp Staking Reward with only 20% allocated for Stakers, the risk of users staking on our Dapp just to receive rewards is not very likely. Based on community’s feedback, especially from Ramz and GuiGou above, we have reduced to the same cap as Astar Degens and Cosmize - at 20%. I think that this is much better for Astar ecosystem growth where projects maintain fairness in terms of incentives.

The only thing that matters where fairness is prioritized like Astar ecosystem is, would the product be able to grow users and develop features that can attract cash flow? - product development in general. In this regard, we have proved ourselves with the traction, numbers as well as product feature releases in our proposal above. And we are looking to leverage on this for Astar ecosystem. We can co-grow, it’s totally achieveable!

Thank you, wish you a nice weekend!

I have some contact with moonfit team. And I can say they love to work very well. I am supporting this proposal.


Can you please give more details about your relationship with starfish finance? Since you mention them above. It seems you add their name to have more text.
I have been investigating them since long time. They have an exploit in their stake lpt smart contract and moved high amount of sean tokens to uniswap through celer bridge to sell and dump their own token. Their dapp is useless with high risk of rug pull due their vulnerability in their smart contracts. Plus their discord is a show. They published their farms live on Twitter and months after all the liquidity was drained.

With all the respect you deserve, you said in the quote text:

Starfish Finance Leading Entertainment Fi in web 3 & piloting the Multichain Gamifed DeFi playground- on Astar Network with 1.4 M TVL…

Which is absolutely nonsense for me.

Are you really have interacted with them and their gosht product? Or you simply copy paste their name?

Please kindly teach me with more details to be able to understand.

Thank you

@marscaptain @Uranus

Hi @Dennis_Official , thank you for this question and I would like to clarify more on it!

StarFish Finance is our friend and we hosted a co-marketing campaign with them. You can check our campaign here, this is purely a marketing collab:

I took the brief introduction and TVL stats about Starfish Finance from public source: their website and DefiLlama. We actually did not know about the exploit and the risks they are having there, and we have not had any product integration with them yet. We did not just simply copy paste their name here for more texts, we had a collab marketing campaign and great experience working with their team.

We consider them as our friends, we would dive more into this problem and take more cautions where needed for users’ safety!

Thank you very much for your raising your concern, hope this clears your doubt!

Even if Astar already have a fit app I always prefer to have a good and healthy competition. Voted yes and started TestFlight download :grin: :+1:


@VasaKing Thank you very much for supporting us!


GM Astar friends,

I am still unsure about Dennis’ intention to occasionally call out the Starfish team as a scam.

Dennis has been complaining about the staking rewards on Starfish (Astar Network side) since the end of 2022 under multiple accounts on Astar Forum as well as Starfish Discord, which have been banned both by the Astar official team and our team for spamming. For readers in this thread, please check the following posts in regards to our team’s official response to the issue.

Fast forward to today as the macro crypto landscape evolves and our team’s development scales, essentially, the staking rewards are generated by the users in swapping and using Starfish’s products on Astar Network. In case of low volume/activities, the pool will not generate rewards for the staking.

The team is, “unfortunately”, still around as a legitimate builder, we “unfortunately” didn’t rug, and we are “unfortunately” making a lot of new frens including Peter from MoonFit, and “unfortunately” not scamming people despite the bear market has been really tough.

To top up on Dennis’ claim on Starfish Discord is a show, I would like to take this chance to shill us that we have recently witnessed significant growth of members from Nigeria, Vietnam and potentially in Russia. All organic discord data, and our MODs have been “unfortunately” busier than last year when Starfish got on Tokensoft and listing. I myself was actually surprised that our community work had been going better than I expected.

If anyone wants to verify Dennis’ claim, I invite you to join our Discord and just to chill with others, we have “unfortunately” NEVER stopped entertaining our discord members, thanks to our community lead Venus General’s unstoppable creativity and ideas.

Thank you, Dennis, for your continuous efforts on reminding the team that we have to do better.

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Congrats!! The voting is passed. To proceed with the registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.

We will whitelist the addresses.

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We would like to express our profound gratitude to the whole community for supporting our team to keep building and improving MoonFit!

@moonme Here are all the details, please proceed and let us know if you need anything:

  1. Native Substrate account with 1001ASTR


  1. Verified smart contract:
  1. Github repo: GitHub - MoonFitApp/contracts: The #1 Cross-chain Social Fitness App

Thank you very much!

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Whitelisting is done. You can now proceed to register on the portal.

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This address below was full of Sean tokens(millions) many times and was drained by an exploit many times.

Check on blockscout scan.
Please kindly,
Do your homework.


8 months ago January 19/2023.
Exploit in action:

SPT contract exploited: 0x8e04fbEb4049FD855Cc4aF36A8b198dC7C0e31D0

This is only one of them, there are more . Please Kindly Do your homework.

Hacker/exploiter address: 0x04310DbA7bB27045860f765cAa2421A37Eeab44e

This is only one of them, there are 50 more addresses. Again kindly do your homework please.

Doing a proper tracking you will find out the funds were laundered by using celer bridge and Uniswap on Ethereum chain.

Regard your discord ban. It is absolutely false. Sorry but you never banned me, instead I had to leave your discord due a hack you were having and I didn’t have time to deal with.

Regarding your farms and liquidity pools. They were completely drained and are inactive with 0 daily activity since many months ago. (8 aprox)

See the pictures below (only 300 usd in the dot/ce usdc for mention only 1 example) 1,9k Total visible TVL. The 1.2m tvl is concentrated majority in two pools sdn/astr 832k and ceUSDC/usdt statemint with 431k which again are inactive. This is what I call speculative TVL.

You requested before in a proposal for 500-600k equivalent to 13M Astar to make Dot liquid staking dual reward scheme.

which was denied wisely.

Now you changed the game and are named the #1 Leader in Entertainment-fi in Web3 using Astar name which is nonsense for me.

What I only see is a discord account giving away Sean tokens, Discord is not built on Astar I think thus neither the telegram is, and so…

I saw only two maybe operative things on Astar: the prediction market and the coinflip. But the vulnerabilities are still in your smart contracts and the exploit is still live and: YOUR TEAM IS AWARE OF THIS FACT.

Thank You.