dApp Staking Proposal - mooon

Hi Astar community member, very happy to be here! I’m kazuma from mooon. I’d like to apply mooon to dApp staking.

Project Overview:

We are developing a new NFT distribution service, “mooon.” It is a global platform service that allows users worldwide to easily conduct marketing through NFT distribution. Even users unfamiliar with NFTs and cryptocurrencies can use their regular Google accounts and credit cards for marketing through NFT distribution.

Advantages of mooon

1. Easy Creation
Users can create NFT distribution events without a wallet or cryptocurrency, using Google for social login and credit cards for issuance.

2. Easy Receiving
Recipients can receive NFTs without a wallet or cryptocurrency, with mooon’s unique system and design enabling intuitive operation even for those unfamiliar with Web3.

3. Easy Content Promotion
Event creators can set tasks like following specific Twitter accounts or visiting websites, using them as quests when receiving NFTs, effectively promoting their content.

Our Mission:

Through mooon, we aim to create a world overflowing with NFTs.


Wallets via social accounts are non-custodial thanks to magic, allowing users to extract private keys and export them to metamask safely.

Past Achievements:

Sep 2023: EIEN × mooon - Free mint of original artwork for the NFT Project EIEN.
Oct 2023: AYAKASHI CLUB × mooon - Free mint of original artwork for the NFT Project AYAKASHI CLUB.
Nov 2023: NFT COLLECTION - Free mint for visitors in Hiroshima and Okinawa.

Future Developments:

Since mooon’s main release, we have issued 140,000 NFTs in two months, aiming to expand various functions and reach 200,000 NFTs.

Usage of dApp Staking Rewards:

Additional development costs (50%)
Marketing activities (25%)
Creator support (25%)

The rewards are used to improve mooon’s platform.


Website: mooon’s website
Twitter: mooon’s Twitter
Benefits for Astar Network:
mooon’s Dapps Staking extends beyond NFT projects, enabling artists and businesses domestically and internationally to distribute NFTs easily on Astar.


Past Achievements:

Sep 2023: EIEN × mooon - Free mint of original artwork for the NFT Project EIEN.

Oct 2023: AYAKASHI CLUB × mooon - Free mint of original artwork for the NFT Project AYAKASHI CLUB.

Nov 2023: NFT COLLECTION - Free mint for visitors in Hiroshima and Okinawa.


Very good proposal! We have already been talking in the discord and I have even read about your proposal in more detail in the channel, so I support you. Much success with the project!


Thank you Juminstock!!:smiling_face:
We will be doing many events to flood the world with Astar Network’s NFT.


Thanks for the proposal.

Just yesterday, I spoke at the Space AMA hosted by X’s Astar Japan account.

We have seen a steady increase in usage in a short period of time, which I think is very promising. It is also great that you are helping to raise funds for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake that the Astar Foundation is doing.

Mooon offers a free mint function to creators and companies, and mooon pays for the gas. And Mint fees are collected from creators and companies, but very cheap and hard to profit from.
So it makes sense to use dApp Staking to support these projects. It is also a good way to return a portion of dApp Staking fees to the creators. mooon has a throwaway fee but basically mints NFT for free, so currently there is no direct profit to the creators.

I look forward to future updates.


I love the team and project. We are already working quite closely on something astar foundation is currently preparing and I’m very happy to see mooon here!
And wow 140,000 mints in two month is impressive.


Is this more like web3 engagement like Galxe but in the end users get an NFT for doing task?


Thank you you42 :wave:

Thank you for the wonderful time we had yesterday at the space at X.

We are accepting donations for the Noto Peninsula here and would be happy if you could take a look.

You are right, we only get gas and a small fee to create an incentive for creators and companies to issue more NFTs.

We are hoping that the dApp Staking feature will help us with the operating costs and creator support that we are lacking because of this.

In addition, mooon is good at creating events with various projects, and we would like to actively hold events with Astar projects in the future.


Thank you codymuro3
The company aims to reach 200,000 units issued by the end of this year.:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Thank you souleater
I believe the service is similar to Galxe. However, we are lowering the cost so that more users can issue more NFTs, and lowering the threshold so that even non-crypto related users can issue freely. We welcome all users.:heart:


Exciting proposal! Mooon’s user-friendly NFT distribution and successful track record with projects like EIEN and AYAKASHI CLUB are impressive.

Allocating staking rewards for development, marketing, and creator support demonstrates a strategic approach.

The plan to extend dApp staking globally aligns well with Astar’s mission. Best of luck!


Thank you Matt👋

Thanks for appreciating mooon.

We will be working even more closely with Astar’s NFT collection in the future to make the NFT even more exciting.

We also intend to work with your Bluez to improve the UIUX of the function of distributing NFT to existing holders.

Let’s make Astar more exciting together! :fire:


The project is very interesting. I would like to ask a few questions.

  1. How does the team plan to address Privacy & Security for each account?

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors of the project? What are their strategies for attracting users?


Thank you for applying to dApp Staking. I listened to the AMA that was held in Space the other day.

Given the recent rise in the ASTR token and the increased gas fees on Astar EVM, I think projects operating services on Astar EVM are facing a heavier cost burden.Allocating dApp Staking rewards to gas fees makes sense.

I’m looking forward to your listing on dApp Staking and hope it becomes a good example for other projects!


Thank you BoomBLB👋

1st Answer.
Mooon uses a wallet to manage users, so it is designed to avoid acquiring personal information as much as possible. Also, the private key for the account is linked to the magic wallet to ensure high security.

2nd Answer.
Galxe is a competitor. However, Galxe’s target market is corporations, while ours is the general public, so we have succeeded in differentiating ourselves from them.


Understood. Thank you so much for your explaination =)

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Excellent proposal @kazuma7o7 happy to support :blush:


I don’t understand the exact technology you’re using? What about the security of the person’s wallet? Do you have key responsibility and assurance? Also, there are many alternative projects, why should we choose you?


Thanks for the very nice question. :heart:
We are very different from the alternatives in three point!!

  1. the recipient does not need a wallet and virtual currency in advance.
  2. the issuer as well as the recipient can issue NFTs without using virtual currency.
  3. we are a marketing tool, not an issuance tool.