Neurolanche | 🚨 a project that is cause for alarm

3 days ago our twitter account was suspended due to the reporting done by the Neurolancher team. They are trying to silence us and possibly silence all critics.

We want to get the word out and capture more information from the public. This is a revised version of our previous post we placed on the Polkadot forum warning about Neurolancher. - - -

Hello Polkadot and Astar Network forum community

**Neurolanche is a project that has been associating itself and taking advantage of the brands of Polkadot and its parachains. It also associates itself and plans to work on different networks like zkSync, Manta, and LINEA, a claim we find highly suspecious. It has raised our eyebrows of a small group of us and led to further investigation. What we are finding is of high concern and we feel that the users are at risk. Neurolancer is investing and participating in practices and methods that are considered wrong and could constitute illegal activities across many jurisdictions in different countries. Much of the following actions can be easily be seen on the main twitter account and its team members accounts.

Some of Neurolancher actions observed - - -

  1. Claiming thinly true and sometimes completely false associations with different projects with misleading graphics
  2. Creating the appearance of a serious project with high potential and upside for investors by exaggerating comments and claims
  3. Using airdrops to attract users in a consistent manner
  4. Outsource work to unknown, unproven entities followed by claims of high recognition of those entities
  5. Supporting and participating in giveaways from spam and boted twitter accounts for twitter impressions on Neurolancher projects, impressions on the tweets and the team members tweets; a.k.a generating fake engagement and inflating the numbers.

Silencing their critics - - -

Our X account we were using for calling out suspicious and bad actors in various parachains was suspended.

Our twitter username is @ DotDotDiligence and you will find that it is suspended now. This occurred shortly after pointing out some details of our findings of Neurolancher. We assume this orchestrated heavy reporting was done by Neurolanchers ownership of fake accounts and team members by reporting it in mass. We are learning how they operate and how they have something to hide by silencing their critics. We mainly tagged Polkadot, Kusama, Kusamarian and Astar in our posts and began getting organic views and impressions. Then we were reported and swiftly suspended. We won’t let this take us from our initial mission to question, prod, and inform about suspicious projects in our Polkadot ecosystem. We will create a new twitter account to continue this mission because we are motivated.

Branding - - -
They are flying the Polkadot, Astar, and Phala flag to gain general approval and using the team members who hold various ambassador roles in our ecosystem to spread grossly overstated claims. For example, they heavily emphasize and misclaim that one of their game products called Astar Strike is the largest and most valuable gaming project in Polkadot. A claim that is delivered by the team and spread around frequently.

It only takes skimming and reading the social media posts from the main account, the founders and cofounder and rest of the team members comments to realize that there is something odd and off. We began digging to pull out info for your consideration. Another example, the video game studio that is behind their projects: Illumate.

  • Twitter/X: @ IllumateStudios: 6 followers
  • LinkedIn: illumate-studios: 10 months old, 10 post.

DYOR with ALL info mission - - -
We think its only right to raise concerns, educate new users on how to DYOR and asked the end user and investor to make their own conclusions by looking at the entire picture. This team is conducting its affairs in a meticulous and convincing fashion, and we want to bring more data out in the open. We want to spread awareness of all their tactics as we continue to investigate the project and its founders. We desire to post our findings here for users to make their conclusions.

Raising awareness - - -
We will be taking this info to Phala and other teams they utilize the branding of and post it in multiple forums, discords and other platforms to provide our findings in what we hope are sources for the users to consider. We question the types of associations Neurolancher claims that exist. It is important because we observed the Neurolanche team will be selling their own security asset and token $NEROX to the public.

We revised this sentence “We believe Astar Network and its users are at high risk for hosting this type of project and team.” to

“We believe that users and investors are at high risk of future losses related to a token sale of this project due to the dubious methods in business dealings and misleading promotional practices. The parachains and its users should be cautious of any promotion they see around this project, and the accounts and people that support it. All should engage in continuous due diligence and use best judgement while assessing all claims and all other information shared by the Neurolanche project.”

If anyone has other information they would like to share with us, related to this project or any other they suspect in the Polkadot ecosystem please feel free to email us at:

We plan to continue investigation and information collecting. It will include the associations, team members, github, funding and anything else we find.

We will conduct the research and do our best to communicate it in a informative manner. If you feel compelled to, please share this post with others to get the word out.

Sentinel Species


Thanks for the info. Have you started investigating why your X account was banned?


Yes, we filled two appeals and we received info back that the action of aggressive account following is not acceptable for Twitter. We were following more accounts in a attempt to reach the Astar Network ecosystem to get our word out. That and a combined reporting from multiple accounts places our twitter account in a position of appearing as a multiple of a single account and this violates the Twitter policy: “Aggressive following, particularly through automated means”

Even so the root of the matter is that it was suspended as we called out the Neurolanche team and the illumate team, followed by post that we were making about the images used and both teams association. This doesn’t take away from the fact of the findings and the risk we are trying to warn the Polkadot, Phala and Astar ecosystem about.


Well, if you really think you have valid points, you can always create a proposal to delist Neurolaunche from dApp staking.


Other than that, there is nothing much to do. Each hs to dyor.

Btw, this statement of yours “We believe Astar Network and its users are at high risk for hosting this type of project and team” only make yourself look stupid. Astar is a permissionless chain. Who is “hosting”?


> Blockquote

Thanks, we will look into it and follow up.

> Blockquote

On “hosting” comment - - You are correct, “hosting” is a poor word choice in this setting given that Astar, Polkadot or any of its parachains is not “hosting” it either. Instead we would replace it with

“We believe that users and investors are at high risk of future losses related to a token sale of this project due to the dubious methods in business dealings and misleading promotional practices. The parachains and its users should be cautious of any promotion they see around this project, and the accounts and people that support it. All should engage in continuous due diligence and use best judgement while assessing all claims and all other information shared by the Neurolanche project.”


We are providing all our responses and reports to the Astar Core team and the Community with our data. As Neurolanche, we are the only transparent community in the Astar Network community. We are the team that initiated this transparent reporting process. It’s not surprising that some started smear campaigns against us after we began making transparent reports. We will continue to develop.

Instead of trying to defame us with fake news, you could sue us all or come and ask us questions. We are not a team that moves among fake identities like you, but a team with real identities.

After all, aren’t the founders of the first 5 projects unknown?

As I said, if you are bothered by us, you can create a delist proposal.

The fact that Illumates Studio does not use social media accounts does not make them a bad studio. They are a team from Hacettepe University. You can confront them at any time with all the tax plates and payment records. Instead of making fake news, come and ask me like a person. I’ll introduce you to everyone.

If you are trying to cause internal turmoil within Astar, you have chosen the wrong target. Neurolanche owns the most transparent and most developing community in the community.

Also, while making all the comments, the most ridiculous part has been for the Twitter section. I am the person with the largest community in Turkey, having 55,000 members on Discord. If you think my interactions are fake, remember that when you try to cause ridiculous harm to the Neurolanche project in the future, with just one message on Twitter from me, you could surpass What is happening.

Since 2021, I have been developing Neurolanche as my own family. I devote countless hours each day, working from morning until evening.

I understand your comments, but we are one of the most transparent teams in the Astar Network community. Please, if there’s an issue, come and ask us directly instead of involving our name in smear campaigns.

There’s no need to use a fake account to write. We know who you are.


Quite shocked with this. Hope Leo and the rest of the team can provide all the requested data. Btw Leo, long before you joined here, Sushi Top Marketing is the first one who were transparent and doxxed himself back then. So it would be a bit exaggerated if you use term “the first”.

In fact Sushi Top is the first project that really brings true experimental usecases on Astar EVM irl.

Also a bit suggestion from me that I already told you long time ago, maybe you should drop the “Astar” from Astar Strike name. Since from branding perspective it’s a lot better so you don’t associate yourself with the Astar brand if your game wants to expanding to the other chain.


You don’t need to be shock. When you are growing fast, people can ask everytime, each Question.

We are sharing everyday and each month report.

Please check our every stuff Here:


Also we are sharing each step at Twitter and Discord.

Also if you want to find each contract you can check Here

Recently, I requested a meeting to discuss the need for someone from the Astar Core team to join and oversee our treasury’s multisig wallet, due to the significant growth of Neurolanche from Marteen. I also asked for an appointment at a future date.

You can ask me any question you’re curious about. Let’s continue to develop.


I noticed it before your account was closed. Upon further examination, I found your arguments to be quite insufficient. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can apply for delist here and we will re-examine your arguments. It’s obvious that you don’t understand some concepts. Firstly, an airdrop campaign is not wrong. Linea (L-2), a product of Consensys, which received more than $720 million in investment, made a big airdrop campaign. Not only that, but many projects today do marketing in this way. You cannot blame Neurolanche for attracting users with airdrop insinuations.

It was also inappropriate to say that Astar hosted it. This is a decentralised place and anyone can launch a project here. Astar is not responsible for their good or bad intentions.

In addition, Neurolanche presents many things it does transparently. If you think I am making a biased comment because I know Leo, you can take a look at his regular transparent spending posts.

If you still don’t understand anything, it shows that you are a person with ulterior motives. Please do not take this as an insult, if you are sincere in what you say, I think you will not have a problem with this accusation.


Thanks for reporting. We do need people to check and due diligence on dApps.

Also, Astar is blockchain and do not endorse any dApp… even a scam meme coin can launch on chain. But I got your concern about community damage.

IMO Neurolaunche is growing its own community by their own, and they are doing a really good - even I am not agreeing with some marketing movements.

“Do not blame the players, blame the game”.

I wish sucess to the project and it’s always good paying attention in what dApps are delivering. Keep building Team. :muscle:


"We have never had a problem with transparency. Thank you for your comment. As Neurolanche, we have our own community. Until now, no investments have been raised except for NFT sales.

From our NFT sale, we proved ourselves to our community by increasing the mint price from $50 to a floor price of $3000 and working hard every day.

In the link below, you can find Astar Strike data. We share updates every week after our beta test. Unfortunately, since dapp rader does not support wasm, we manually count the data, but if you wish, you can check it yourself through the smart contract.

In addition, we have always recorded and spent our dApp staking revenues transparently. As a team, we have no financial concerns. Therefore, if you wish, we can appoint someone from the Astar team as a controller in our treasury.

Thank you for your support so far. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. If there’s a delay of up to 1 month from the below development dates, you can delist us from the dapp staking program. We continue to work tirelessly every day.

Official Investment Contract:

Roadmap and Delivery Dates:

Neurolauncher NFT Collection Smart Contract Address: bYLgJmSkWd4S4pTEacF2sNBWFeM4bNerS27FgNVcC9SqRE4
NeuroGuns NFT Collection Smart Contract Address: aZ9bd2tHeGKrs3FnJv5oe7kgVrP5GQvdJMhC2GxjXA2Yqbd
Astar Strike WASM Smart Contract Address: Xf5tQFQdsC3f7b34q7UH2aTvRKJVNkaDfmpf99bFcz1DJ1M
Astar Strike EVM Smart Contract Address: 0xf5C1A88e4461409Aa7623b4c2645DD2Fbb5b59c2


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

He needs to dox himself.


For what its worth I’ve been spooked by Neurolanche from the start, multiple AMA’s at the beginning they were espousing a strong background in Neurology and Psychology, yet they would misuse very simple anatomy and physiology terms in very absurd ways. It really highlighted that they certainly do not have any strength of knowledge in these fields, yet they were marketing themselves in a way in which they wanted to convey that they have strong backgrounds in these areas. Immediately spooked me. My anecdote doesn’t mean that they are nefarious, but it definitely does mean that their knowledge levels are certainly detached from what they advertise, either ignorantly or nefariously.

None of this is a comment of the actual project, just an observation of a strong deviation between what the founders claim to be and what they appear to be.


Neurolanche was established in 2020 during my undergraduate studies in psychology at Nişantaşı University, where a person named Seray and I started researching Alzheimer’s disease. Later, following the development of web3 and a panel process, we began researching in the Metaverse field and entered this area.

In the founding story of Neurolanche, there actually was no blockchain. We have mentioned this in many Twitter space videos and articles.

Apart from this, after my psychology undergraduate degree, I pursued a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In this field, I worked on configurations between Alzheimer’s and artificial intelligence.

Currently, I am doing my master’s in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Pavia in Italy. My main research area is human emotions and behaviors. Therefore, please do your research before making comments. Currently, I am funding my university studies through earnings from the Astar Network agency program. Many friends from various ecosystems are aware of this.


Some references

Thanks for your comment.

Apart from this, you can find all my certificates and my work on my linkedin account.

In true sense, my life is currently within three circles:

My university career, my ambassador roles at Astar Network and CEO positiın on Neurolanche. The biggest reason Neurolanche had a lot of Cognitive Psychology field in the beginning, as I said, was because it was not based on blockchain. Apart from this, there is Firolauss, our artificial intelligence project that we will release soon; it will be my data collection tool for my thesis topic at my university.

In my thesis topic, there will be analyses of artificial intelligence on human behavior and emotions in the theory of mind.

Again, as I said, if you have doubts, you can appoint a representative to our treasury from the Astar Core team.

Apart from this, if I have left a wrong impression on people in your comments, I will overcome these problems. Thanks again.


Kudos for posting this Ser! You’ve earned a supporter. This is exactly what I have been fudding. This also explains away my ‘anatomy terminology’ based concerns, seeing that there is no medical practice.

Feel free to remove the above, because leaving them up could pose a security concern.
The speed and thoroughness in which you proved legitimacy has me very impressed.

I’m scarred from a high frequency of rugpulls from early Astar projects, and I hope my FUD doesn’t get interpreted as slander.

I feel bad for sitting with bad judgement against you. My apologies ser. Utmost respect for your hustle throughout your education. Those are difficult degrees! And getting those degrees while also hustling in an entrepreneurial fashion garners a tremendous amount of my respect.

Best of luck Ser.

PS - With your impressive background & AI Engineering background, consider running Firolauss as a subnet on Bittensor, I’m sure you’d be able to generate immense value


Thank you for your response. I try to devote as much of my life as possible to my academic career and our project. I have almost a year’s history with Astar Network. Thanks to this community, I am continuing my academic career.

Actually, I should be the one thanking you. Apart from this, you can reach out to me anytime and ask any question you want.

I don’t think there would be a problem in sharing my personal information, as I am not a person who hides their identity. Taking a wrong step in the community would adversely affect my career.

And the Neurolanche and Astar Network community are my biggest family during this process.

Best regards.


I’m leaving this here for information. Although they haven’t targeted my accounts, bot followers and likes based in Japan have started targeting my friends.

I don’t know who is trying to target me, but I won’t share these issues on social media for possible FUD on Astar Network in any way.

Rest assured about this. I will continue to share everything transparently through the forum. I will continue to provide all necessary answers through the forum. I would like to inform about this matter.

Wrote to X

Apart from this, seriously, don’t try to attack me on social media. I am one of Turkey’s oldest and biggest influencers. That’s why my interactions are high.

The only behavior you need to do if you want to hurt me:

“Why has Leo been encouraging transparent sharing for two months? Because of you, other projects will also have to do it, and the identities of some will be revealed.”

For example:


Besides, Dear Toga; please try to write a delist proposal by conducting research about us on the Astar Network forum. Responding to every comment will make us stronger because all the data is recorded.

(I am aware that @moonme is one of the most important web3 advocates on Astar Network. My tagging him does not imply that I think he is the person who opened this forum. It is clear who opened this forum.)

Don’t worry, Neurolanche will never issue tokens without delivering the product.

After our meeting with Maarten next week, a person will be invited to manage our treasury. (We wanted to do it this week, but Astar was busy due to ZkEvm).

Best regards.

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"Last week, we made a deal with Dapp Labs, which has one of the highest TVLs on Zksync, Manta Network, and Linea, to develop on Astar Network Zk Evm.

(They have a TVL of over $500 million)

Tomorrow, an announcement will come with Firolauss.

Now is the time to explain whether we are a legit project or not."

When you gonna Will start add benefit Astar, you can text me. I am taking the biggest one project on All Layer to 2 Astar by Neurolanche.


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Thank you for the information. We will keep collecting it. Any questions will be written here for your responses.

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When you come to my previous answers with questions, you will get answers to your other questions too. I spent my 2 days of weekend listening time on you.

Stop liking everyone, including my close friends, from the bot account.

As community we are holding most ASTR on the ecosystem. Don’t try to take engagement from us. We are supporter of Astar. Not like you fake account.

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