Transparency- Txs (Neurolanche)

Hello dear Astar Network community;

As you know, at Astar Network, we support dual machines on both Wasm and Evm sides. The Wasm support here was announced as an important event last year. As a community, we have well understood the importance of Wasm and have spent all our time in this area as Neurolanche, trying to develop this field as much as we can.

We have released Astar Strike, the first unity game of Polkadot, using Ink Language and Wasm infrastructure. We have become the pioneering community in transitioning other NFT collections into our ecosystem by providing Astar Strike integration to all important communities in the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

At the same time, by launching Astar Network’s first Wasm NFT collection, we have become the most valuable and highest floor price NFT collection in the Polkadot ecosystem.

In this development process, we have left our entire career behind and spent our time expanding these areas, putting in a lot of effort and time to do our best.

Unfortunately, due to the inadequacy of tools on the Wasm side, another project developing on the Wasm side, and the shift of the development process entirely to Layer 2 following Astar ZkEvm, we are entering this process to rebuild our projects from scratch with a new infrastructure.

Until today, we have tried to develop only our projects and the Astar Network ecosystem without making any profit from all our dapp staking revenues. Unfortunately, the lack of tools like dapp radar on the Wasm side not showing txs and TVL, and our shortcomings in data presentation have created a significant problem.

As Neurolanche, during the development process of Astar Strike, we decided to restructure our project to integrate with mobile devices using the Account Abstraction infrastructure by making a new investment of 40,000 dollars.

Contract of investment: Astar_Strike_Agreement_Neurolanche_X_Labs__Illumate / 17.01.2024 - Google Docs

Update Notion of Astar Strike:

You can examine the weekly data, txs, and others of Astar Strike from the contracts below.

Neurolauncher NFT Collection Smart Contract Address: bYLgJmSkWd4S4pTEacF2sNBWFeM4bNerS27FgNVcC9SqRE4
NeuroGuns NFT Collection Smart Contract Address: aZ9bd2tHeGKrs3FnJv5oe7kgVrP5GQvdJMhC2GxjXA2Yqbd
Astar Strike WASM Smart Contract Address: Xf5tQFQdsC3f7b34q7UH2aTvRKJVNkaDfmpf99bFcz1DJ1M
Astar Strike EVM Smart Contract Address: 0xf5C1A88e4461409Aa7623b4c2645DD2Fbb5b59c2

In addition, we will continue to work hard to develop the Astar Network ecosystem; we will continue to publish our daily and monthly reports and maintain our transparent management approach.

We thank the dear Astar Network community for supporting us during this process. All dapp stake revenues spent under this title will be presented in a report individually.

Also we are launching our AI project at Astar ZkEvm at end of February or beginning of march. Treaser at 29 January



Wishing to work together to develop Astar ZkEvm.

Also if you wish want to watch our GitHub activity, we can add u our GitHub which is building a lot in Astar ecosystem. Thanks.


That’s awesome! Keep building team…



How convenient that you post this soon after we called out your project a few days ago, and exactly about this Illumate team.

It looks like this transparency was not called for or asked for by anyone.

Did you just happen to have the urge to do this?

Did you happen to pull this template contract and make adjustments out of nowhere in a rush to prove something to the Astar Network forum community? Because we said something a few days ago?

You, your team and fake accounts reported our twitter account and got it suspended. We were questioning, informing and showing how suspicious some of you and Neurolanche’s claims are.

And specifically we called out this Illumate team and your teams association. This is the team that created the LinkedIn 10 months ago, and currently has 6 followers on their twitter account.

This is again, more suspicious actions on your teams part, directly influence by our calling out on Twitter. We assume you know this team personally. Due to timing of your project and the creation of this studio, we assume that there is something else deeper you are not disclosing.

We also posted about the “Metahumans” tool you fail to acknowledge in the majority of post containing imagery from Metahumans. We mentioned the possible game assets your team buys from the Unreal Engine asset stores and conveniently plays it off as the teams creations.

Your behavior of not accrediting and using imagery of other projects and tools is shallow and in bad faith. This is a behavior that all Polkadot and Astar Network users should know about and make their own conclusions from.

LinkedIn for Illumate
Twitter for Illumate

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Hello, thank you for your article and research. Please contact us before constructing complete theories in your head. Let us answer your questions.

1- Illumates Studio is an organization based in Turkey. We are working with them for the development of Astar Strike. Below, you can find all our official agreements to date. We are building all of them ourselves.

2- Metahuman:

In our whitepaper and explanations, we mention using Unreal Engine 5 and modifying the metahuman plugin to achieve higher resolution. I hope you do not expect us to try making our own game engine.

3- Forum:

We report all our developments daily through the Astar Forum. You can access all the links there.…

4- Interaction:

So far, we have not resorted to any plugin to increase our Twitter activity. All our interactions are natural because I am one of the biggest influencers in Turkey.

5- Development:

We are the most developing project in the AstarNetwork and Polkadot ecosystem. You can access all our latest GitHub data, which is more than the entire ecosystem, through the Astar Forum.

6- Vision:

We spend days almost without sleep dedicating ourselves to the development of Neurolanche. Please, instead of concocting complete theories, contact us. Do not try to slander us with false news while we have placed Neurolanche at the core point of our lives. We continue to develop without collecting 1 Turkish lira so far because we have the richest treasury income in the ecosystem.

And we spend all our earnings on development.

I hope I have provided sufficient answers. You can ask all your questions. We are the fairest and most transparent community in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Have a good day.
MSc Leo


everything is quite transparent, let’s continue to improve

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:rocket: Neurolanche Weekly Meeting with Ambassadors

Today marked a pivotal moment as the Neurolanche Core Team convened for our inaugural weekly meeting with the Neurolanche Head Ambassadors. This session was of great significance, delving into the results achieved in the program’s first week. Thanks to the quality and dedication of our Head Ambassadors, we have successfully reached new heights, gaining recognition in previously unexplored spheres.

:globe_with_meridians: Technical Insights and Development Highlights

We delved into the technical intricacies of Firolauss development, elucidating the forthcoming process of integrating Account Abstraction (GELATO), in dApp on Ramp (Paymaster), and privacy enhancements through integration with Aleph Zero. Furthermore, discussions on off-chain processing via Phala Network’s phat contracts. We will possibly launch our Firolauss demo version in 2 months.

:mag: Transparency as Our Cornerstone

A fundamental objective remains not only to be a leading project within the Astar Network and Polkadot but to stand out as the most transparent. We’ve made considerable strides in transparency, revealing development metrics, expenditures, investments, and overall project figures—an unmatched feat in the ecosystem. Yet, we aim to enhance this transparency further. In the upcoming weeks, Core team and our Ambassadors will contribute to chronicling Neurolanche’s journey, elucidating our achievements, and solidifying our path forward;

:star: Distinguishing Features of Neurolanche

Our project’s differentiators set us apart. Building what we have achieved in such a short span is attributed to our vibrant community and dApp staking. Our sustainable passive income empowers ongoing development, even during bear market phases. As we stand on the cusp of emerging from the current market downturn, our steadfast journey is becoming increasingly apparent. We are committed to making our processes and roadmap even more transparent.


:rocket: Neurolaunche Core Team Daily Meeting Highlights

:one: Firolauss Teaser Launch Evaluation
We commenced by assessing the response to the release of the first Firolauss teaser. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with our community showing great enthusiasm for Firolauss’s debut. Our Twitter post has garnered over 58,000 interactions, indicating a strong positive reception.

:two: Formal Partnership with Dapp Labs
We discussed the formalization of our partnership with Dapp Labs, a company specializing in dApp development and blockchain tools. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance our project’s solidity and focus on long-term goals. Dapp Labs will contribute valuable expertise, supporting both the formal aspects of the project and assisting in web3 contacts and marketing efforts.

:three: Firolauss Presentation to the Community
We presented a recorded session of Firolauss, offering a detailed insight into the mechanism behind the construction of Firolauss Artificial Intelligence (FAI). The presentation covered key aspects such as Account Abstraction, On-ramp in dApp, LLM, zkEVM interaction/integration, and the use of privacy contracts in Aleph Zero and Phat contracts for Phala Network.

:four: Updates from Polimec Parachain Meeting
We shared insights gathered from our meeting with the Polimec Parachain team. Their highly competent team provided valuable advice, highlighting improvement paths and guiding us on how to structure our project for optimal results.

:five: Aleph Zero Incubation Application and BizDev Meeting
We provided updates on our incubation application with Aleph Zero and discussed our meeting with the Blockchain BizDev team. The session showcased how we plan to leverage Aleph Zero’s privacy features within Firolauss.

And a Team we started take record daily meetings. (We are just recording public Side)

Video link:

:rocket: Neurolaunche Core Team Daily Meeting Recap

:globe_with_meridians: Astar zkEVM vs. Wasm
We discussed the strategic choice to focus on Astar zkEVM over Wasm side due to the former’s higher adoption and Astar’s prioritization of this zkEVM development. As a Ethereum L2 dApp, we aim to capture more liquidity, users, and establish stronger and more partnerships.

:page_facing_up: zkStrike White Paper 2.0
We are close to release of zkStrike White Paper 2.0 (formerly Astar Strike). This rebranding is pivotal for our project’s future as a Multichain and streamlines the adoption process. We’ll unveil exciting features such account abstraction, in-game mobile chat, chest and clan systems, a new map, and more.

:brain: Firolauss AI DApp Teaser and Updates
Yesterday, we unveiled the first teaser of our AI DApp, Firolauss, which garnered significant engagement. A second video on Firolauss is in the works, showcasing the real capabilities of Firolauss Artificial Intelligence (FAI). This video will highlight the seamless integration of Unreal Engine 5 with custom Open AI, emphasizing its capacity and quality. Demonstrating real FAI use cases

:world_map: Firolauss Roadmap
Updates to Firolauss’s roadmap, including account abstraction to broaden our user base and simplify onboarding from Web 2 to Web 3, were discussed.

:bar_chart: Defiguy’s Neurolanche Dashboard
Defiguy is developing a comprehensive dashboard featuring fundamental Neurolaunche information on the blockchain. It will include GitHub activity, user statistics, transaction numbers, and more. The launch of this dashboard will take place soon and we´ll be able to demonstrate the solid progress of the project minute by minute.

:newspaper: Dwulf’s Project Overview
Dwulf is actively curating/creating content and compiling information about Neurolaunche. Soon, this content will be made available to enhance understanding of the project as a whole.


We are well aware that you are making every effort to ensure transparency.
Keep building! :muscle:


Transparency - Build with the Community🕊️

As Neurolanche, we are only project that has been providing daily reports on the @AstarNetwork forum for the last 2.5 months.:page_facing_up:

We aim to advance management and construction with transparency and openly build our vision with people.:chains:

In addition to the daily and monthly reports we’ve been sharing on the Astar Network forum for a long time, we are eager to share everything with you transparently, from our project building processes to daily team meetings, on our recently launched YouTube channel.:video_camera:

After reaching 137 Million ASTR in our Dapp staking program and creating strong projects, we realized we can only maintain our vision transparently. With the transparency movement we’ve started to date, we not only set an example for other projects but also want to closely follow the development processes of Firolauss and Astar Strike with you.:building_construction:

Along with sharing our monthly Dapp staking revenues on the forum, here you will see how much we value each ASTR when spending our revenues to develop, and you will even be able to witness our discussions when deciding on our expenditures.:bank:

Besides daily, weekly, and monthly development reports, we will present a variety of content, from interviews with many companies we work with, including Illumates Studio, which has an official agreement with us in the development of Astar Strike, to snippets from our developer core team while they work on our smart contracts.:gear:

:rocket: Neurolanche Core Team Daily Meeting Highlights
:bar_chart: Neurolanche Dashboard Updates:
Defiguy provided insights into the progress of the Neurolanche Dashboard. It now includes information on NFT transaction volume, WASM transactions, links for transactions on Astar Strike contracts, GitHub activities, and a link to all daily meetings. All Neurolanche information in one convenient link!
:speech_balloon: Progress with Illuminate Studios:
Ahmet shared updates on discussions with Illuminate Studios, emphasizing the adherence to the scheduled roadmap. Initial updates were discussed, ensuring a steady progression in the project.
:globe_with_meridians: Web 3 Simplicity for User Onboarding:
Leo emphasized the importance of streamlining Web 3 processes in our dApps for greater user familiarity, particularly for Web 2 users. The goal is to make the front end user-friendly while retaining the power of blockchain tech in the backend.
:briefcase: Dapp Labs’ Role in Neurolanche:
Leo highlighted Dapp Labs’ role in Neurolanche, acting as a significant blockchain partner to support expansion in the EVM ecosystem. Dapp Labs will provide technical support, management expertise, and valuable contacts within well-penetrated networks. Access to Dapp Labs’ Galaxy, with over 25,000 users, will aid in launching our own Galaxy season to enhance our community and increase our project’s visibility in the Ethereum ecosystem.
:bulb: Community Governance and $NEROX Token:
After the $NEROX token launch, Neurolanche prioritizes building a community governance system. The community, especially Neurolauncher NFT holders, will have a say in project decisions, with governance over the treasury and project actions.
:globe_with_meridians: Hiring an Excellent UX Developer:
Neurolanche is actively seeking an exceptional UX developer to ensure high-quality website construction. A renowned UX Builder (suggested by Dapp Labs) is on our radar, offering services at a rate of $3,000-$3,500 per website. Did you like? uixNinja | Dribbble
:briefcase: Ambassador Program Update:
The first month-end turnover for the Neurolanche Ambassador program has concluded. Ambassadors will submit monthly reports via GitHub, and the Core Team will assess their activities for fair payment. Soon, the ambassador program will become open to public and fully transparent.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Technical Development Report Tomorrow:
Tomorrow’s meeting will delve into technical development reports, covering progress in code construction, Phat contract integration, Aleph Zero integration status, Illuminate Studios’ report, LLM configuration progress, and Ozgur’s update on FAI design development in Unreal Engine 5.

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:rocket: Neurolanche Core Team Daily Meeting Highlights

:globe_with_meridians: zkStrike Whitepaper 2.0 Launch - 12 PM UTC Today! :eyes:

The Neurolanche core team is glad to share the groundbreaking updates on zkStrike (previously Astar Strike). Our commitment to innovation and community satisfaction drives the transformation into zkStrike, bringing forth a wave of improvements and a new gaming experience.

:sparkles: What to Expect us with us in zkStrike:

  • Total Rebranding to zkStrike: A new era begins!
  • Account Abstraction with Gelato’s Tech: Revolutionizing user interactions.
  • Mobile Version: Gaming on the go, anytime, anywhere.
  • In-Game On-Ramp via Paymaster: Simplifying the Web 2 user journey.
  • Free-to-Play Onboarding: Welcoming more Web 2 users into the blockchain gaming realm.

:video_game: Addressing Gamer Concerns:
There’s a common sentiment in the gaming community that Web 3 games lack substance, gameplay, and content. zkStrike is here to challenge that notion, offering a great gameplay and an array of exciting features:

  • Enhanced Gameplay: Immerse yourself in refined gaming experiences.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Including deathmatch and battle royale.
  • Clans System: Form alliances and dominate the gaming world.
  • Chest System: Unlock rewards and treasures.
  • Avatar System: Personalize your gaming identity.
    and more…

:world_map: Sneak Peek at the New Map:
Ahmet gave us an exclusive look at the upcoming map, sparking anticipation for its release by the end of the month. Dive into the vibrant world of zkStrike with fresh environments and challenges.

:bulb: Deep Dive into zkStrike Contracts:
Ahmet provided an in-depth overview of zkStrike contracts, showcasing enhancements in privacy, data management, and account abstraction. Witness the technological advancements shaping the backbone of the zkStrike gaming experience.

:scroll: Whitepaper 2.0 Release - 12 PM UTC:
Explore the future vision of zkStrike as we unveil the Whitepaper 2.0 at 12 PM UTC. Join us to discover the innovative strides we’re making for the future of our community’s gaming journey. Don’t miss out on this momentous occasion!

:rocket: Stay tuned and game on with Neurolanche and zkStrike!


:rocket: Neurolanche Core Team Daily Meeting Highlights

:globe_with_meridians: zkStrike Whitepaper 2.0 発表 - 本日 UTC午後12時!:eyes:

Neurolancheコアチームは、zkStrike(旧Astar Strike)に関する画期的なアップデートを共有できることを嬉しく思います。イノベーションとコミュニティ満足へのコミットメントが、zkStrikeへの変革を牽引し、改善の波と新しいゲーム体験をもたらします。

:sparkles: zkStrikeで期待されること:

  • zkStrikeへの完全なリブランディング: 新時代の始まり!
  • Gelatoの技術によるアカウント抽象化: ユーザーインタラクションを革新。
  • モバイル版: いつでもどこでも、移動中のゲーム体験。
  • Paymaster経由のゲーム内オンランプ: Web 2ユーザーの旅を簡素化。
  • フリー・トゥ・プレイオンボーディング: より多くのWeb 2ユーザーをブロックチェーンゲームの世界に迎え入れる。

:video_game: ゲーマーの懸念への対応:
ゲームコミュニティには、Web 3ゲームが中身、ゲームプレイ、コンテンツに欠けているという一般的な感情があります。zkStrikeは、素晴らしいゲームプレイとエキサイティングな機能の配列を提供することで、その概念に挑戦します:

  • 強化されたゲームプレイ: 洗練されたゲーム体験に没頭。
  • 複数のゲームモード: デスマッチやバトルロイヤルなど。
  • クランシステム: 同盟を結成し、ゲームの世界を支配。
  • チェストシステム: 報酬と宝物をアンロック。
  • アバターシステム: ゲーム内アイデンティティをパーソナライズ。

:world_map: 新マップの先取り:

:bulb: zkStrikeコントラクトの深掘り:

:scroll: Whitepaper 2.0 発表 - UTC午後12時:
UTC午後12時にWhitepaper 2.0を公開することで、zkStrikeの未来のビジョンを探求します。コミュニティのゲームジャーニーの未来のために私たちが進める革新的な歩みを発見するために、私たちに参加してください。この重要な機会をお見逃しなく!

:rocket: NeurolancheおよびzkStrikeと一緒にゲームを続けてください!

Daily Meeting Link:

nice update.

any estimation when the game go live?
and do i have to get the nft to play it?

0.0 Abstract

Determination, work and happiness!:ringer_planet:

As Neurolanche, we started off 2024 with momentum. We completed January with 3 whitepapers, new investments, more than 28 daily meetings and hundreds of hours of work. :building_construction:

Let’s explore what we’ve accomplished in Astar Network & Polkadot.:page_facing_up:

In January 2024, Neurolanche X Labs embarked on a transformative journey, as detailed in our comprehensive monthly report. This period was marked by significant innovation and strategic development in blockchain and AI technologies, reflecting our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in these domains. A key highlight of the month was our investment of $40,000 in the development of ZkStrike, a pioneering game at the forefront of blending gaming with blockchain technology, signifying our commitment to revolutionizing the gaming sector.

Simultaneously, we laid the foundation for future integration with advanced blockchain infrastructures, such as Astar Network’s ZkEVM and Phala Network’s Phat Contracts. These integrations are expected to significantly enhance the functionality and security of both ZkStrike and Firolauss projects, optimizing gaming experiences and digital interactions. This initiative aims to bridge the traditional and blockchain gaming communities, ensuring user data privacy and security within AI applications.

Our strategic partnership with Dapp Labs for layer 2 expansion and the implementation of Account Abstraction infrastructure for Firolauss and ZkStrike underscore our proactive approach in enhancing the scalability and efficiency of our blockchain applications. We are dedicated to seamlessly onboarding thousands of Web2 users to the blockchain ecosystem, utilizing advanced technologies like Phala Network Aleph Zero and Astar Network’s ZkEVM, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Moreover, the development of Firolauss, a cutting-edge AI project that leverages Unreal Engine’s Meta Human capabilities for creating lifelike digital humans, exemplifies our commitment to merging AI advancements with blockchain’s decentralization and security features. This initiative, aimed at offering users unprecedented interactive experiences, highlights our meticulous focus on creating a seamless and intuitive user interface, account abstraction for ease of use, and the exploration of scalable, secure blockchain solutions.

Our proactive approach to community engagement, transparency through daily meetings, and strategic dissemination of information via reports and video recordings further emphasize our dedication to our community and stakeholders. The $40,000 investment in ZkStrike, our partnership with Dapp Labs, and the deployment of Account Abstraction infrastructure collectively illustrate Neurolanche X Labs’ commitment to enhancing gaming experiences, ensuring user data privacy and security in AI applications, and fostering a symbiotic relationship between AI, gaming, and blockchain technologies.

As we continue to explore and integrate these diverse technological platforms, we reaffirm our position as a leader in the convergence of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and gaming. Our goal remains to create a more immersive, secure, and user-friendly digital future for all, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and strategic development in the realms of blockchain and AI technologies.

1.0 Neurolanche Monthly Report: A Month Filled with Progress and Transparency

Since the end of 2023, we have committed to daily team meetings aimed at meeting the essential requirements for rapid decision-making and the continuous, strong progression of the project. One of the key aspects of these daily meetings is the production of comprehensive reports that provide valuable information about our daily decision-making processes and decisions to the community. The strategic direction set by the core team for the project, the implementation of these methods, especially in the area of meeting reporting that includes significant meetings with the Phala Core Team, Aleph Zero BizDev, Polimec Core Team, has significantly accelerated the development of the project. Every day, we are dedicated to solving project challenges quickly by collaboratively reflecting on solutions. Additionally, daily meetings encourage a culture of continuous improvement by providing opportunities to critically think about the decisions made. These daily meetings have been beneficial in dissecting complex challenges encountered while developing contracts for our dApp. The collaborative environment allows us to explore various solutions by leveraging the collective expertise within the core team.

As we delve into the complexities of smart contract development, we discuss innovative approaches in line with our commitment to code optimization, security measures, and providing high-quality products. We also place special emphasis on the design and user experience (UX) aspects of our projects. We believe that a transparent and user-friendly interface is critical for the success and widespread adoption of our applications. By reflecting on the design strategy and improving UX, we aim to create a more interactive and intuitive environment for users.

Besides discussing complex technical issues, these meetings also play a significant role in establishing a systematic framework for managing daily tasks. Recognizing the importance of a structured workflow, we implemented a comprehensive daily task list for our core team and ambassadors. This initiative aims to streamline our operations and ensure that every team member is aligned with the overall project goals. In meetings, the completion of these daily tasks is assessed, promoting accountability and transparency within the Neurolanche ecosystem. The dynamic nature of the blockchain industry requires agility, and our daily task management system allows us to quickly adapt to emerging challenges and opportunities. For the core team, this system serves as a roadmap for daily priorities, enabling us to allocate resources effectively and focus on key objectives. Ambassadors receive clear instructions, significantly contributing to the project’s success daily. Regular reviews of task completion provide valuable insights into project progress and our performance.

This data-driven approach allows us to identify areas for improvement, refine our strategy, and celebrate successes, creating a culture of continuous improvement. The impact of these daily meetings and reports is clearly seen in the increased engagement in the project and the growing transparency with our community.

Throughout January, we shared a total of 16 daily reports summarizing our activities with our community, conducted more than 28 daily Neurolanche meetings, and had over 48 hours of discussions. The reason for the number of reports being slightly less than the number of meetings is that some meetings were short sessions immediately following planning or did not have enough information for a full report.

Recently, in addition to text reports shared on Discord/Telegram, we introduced video recordings of meetings. This allows anyone interested to fully follow the discussions on the meeting agenda. This represents a significant step towards increasing transparency. Our commitment to the community is unwavering, and we will continue to prioritize transparency and implement our development plans. We appreciate the ongoing support of the community and look forward to reaching new milestones together. Stay tuned for more updates and progress in the coming months.

Furthermore, as the Neurolanche X Labs team, we have decided to publish a monthly report showcasing all our development processes, expenditures, and partnerships we’ve made. In this monthly report, you will find significant data including our partnerships with ZkStrike, Firolauss AI, Nerox Token, and marketing while examining our overall expenditures transparently.

With love,
Neurolanche X Labs, Core Team

2.0 zkStrike (Formerly known as Astar Strike) General Developments

One of the biggest problems of Web3 games is their inability to reach Web2 users, their insufficient player base, and their failure to deliver the latest technology to the end user. This month, as the Neurolanche X Labs team, we rolled up our sleeves to find solutions to these problems and deliver our GameFi project, ZkStrike, to the end user in the most accurate way. We invested $40,000 from our dApp staking revenues into the development process of ZkStrike. With this new investment, we secured an agreement that will include many updates ranging from different game modes, mobile integration, mission systems, clan systems, new performance updates, new game maps, to an NFT Marketplace. After long-term efforts, we also defined a new roadmap for ZkStrike. Along with these, we published our new whitepaper and transitioned to a blockchain infrastructure that can reach daily Web2 users. This month, we started working on the Astar Network ZkEvm and account abstraction infrastructure, which will be a significant building block for ZkStrike, while presenting important research reports that include Phala Network’s unique phat contracts. Let’s take a detailed look at what happened this month in the ZkStrike game, where the Neurolanche X Labs team spent a significant amount of time.

2.1 zkStrike Whitepaper 2.0

This month, the Neurolanche X Labs team updated three whitepapers, the most important of which was rewriting the whitepaper for the ZkStrike game (formerly known as Astar Strike), which is currently in active closed beta. After extensive research and development, we rolled up our sleeves to redesign the ZkStrike game and move it to the Account Abstraction infrastructure. With this new infrastructure, we aim to offer a game using the Astar Network ZkEvm to Web2 users, bringing blockchain technology to daily life for users far from Web3.

Summary: zkStrike is a groundbreaking project that redefines the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology, offering players a unique and immersive experience. At the heart of this innovation lies the versatile NEROX token, which serves as the backbone of the ZkStrike ecosystem. This token not only empowers players, enhancing their gaming adventures, but also plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap for Web2 users and traditional gamers through the revolutionary concept of account abstraction. With NEROX tokens, players unlock a plethora of exciting features, including purchasing chests, participating in the staking mechanism, and engaging in bets on in-game events and leaderboards.
The project’s another standout feature is the Chest System, where NEROX tokens grant access to chests containing character costumes, weapon skins, and valuable NFTs. These tokens are subject to a burn mechanism, ensuring a controlled token supply and long-term value. The integration of a Staking Mechanism further incentivizes player engagement, as NFT collections form clans to earn NEROX rewards. ZkStrike also introduces a Betting System, allowing players to wager NEROX tokens on in-game events, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The NFT Store and Marketplace enable players to trade in-game assets, contributing to the dynamic blockchain-based economy. Additionally, ZkStrike simplifies transaction fees through account abstraction, providing a user-friendly experience by allowing players to execute transactions directly through the in-game interface. In summary, ZkStrike’s innovative approach combines blockchain technology, innovative tokenomics, and the convenience of account abstraction to create genuine value for participants, ushering in a new era for both Web2 users and traditional gamers alike.

Whitepaper 2.0: Summary - zkStrike - Web3 Multiplayer FPS Game

2.2 Game Development (What We’ve Done with Illumate Studios)

Neurolanche and Illumate Studios began developing Astar Strike six months ago, and with a recent investment of $40,000 from Neurolanche, the game is now entering a significant update phase. Coinciding with the anticipated release of Astar Network’s Ethereum Layer2 network, Astar zkEVM, in February, Astar Strike has been renamed to zkStrike. This update not only brings a name change but also broadens the project’s impact by aligning it more closely with its content and vision.

Astar Strike already features a map, deathmatch mode, customizable avatars enhanced with AI, a comprehensive database system for player public data, Web3 wallet connection, NFT authentication, and a play-to-earn system based on smart contracts, merging blockchain and gaming elements through GameFi. With the upcoming major updates, zkStrike is set to be rejuvenated.

The first phase of the update includes significant performance improvements, extensive revisions to the codebase, UI and UX enhancements, and a new map. Next week, an announcement will be made calling for volunteers from the community to test the first major update. During this period, the mobile version of zkStrike is also being developed and will soon enter the testing phase.

By rebranding to zkStrike and aligning with the launch of Astar zkEVM, Neurolanche aims to expand its strength as the first multiplayer FPS game based on Unity within the Polkadot and Astar ecosystems, extending its reach to Ethereum and, crucially, targeting both traditional gamers and Web2 users. This approach is aimed at leveraging blockchain’s advantages to create the largest gaming ecosystem with a significant in-game economy.

Our first step to expand our player base globally was to enhance game performance, thereby lowering the entry barrier and reaching more users. Following major improvements in performance and updates to new maps, the game’s mobile version will be released. Furthermore, with Astar zkEVM, we plan to perfectly merge blockchain and gaming disciplines through account abstraction with Gelato and Safe, aiming for peak user experience and adoption. In a recent meeting with Gelato, we discussed integrating account abstraction into our products and potential Unity SDK integration.

With account abstraction, we aim to appeal to traditional gamers and Web2 users, exploring marketing strategies in this area with Illumate. By combining our strengths, we discussed effective ways to merge Neurolanche’s community with Illumate’s gaming communities, creating a hybrid community and a vibrant gaming ecosystem. We’ll share more on these developments soon.

Additionally, zkStrike will see major updates by mid-year, including the launch of a mobile app, in-game voice chat, more comprehensive character customization, mission and achievement systems, a chest system, custom skins, customizable weapons, blockchain-based NFT storage for in-game digital assets, integration with an NFT store and marketplace, utilization of the soon-to-be-released Nerox token, a clan concept merging NFT communities through a staking mechanism, a RedFlag mode for clan gameplay, and the most comprehensive and widely appealing Battle Royal mode, Survival Of Astar.

2.3 Astar Network Improvements

Astar Strike, in its current state, leverages on the Astar Network infrastructure, employing both Astar WASM and Astar EVM virtual machines and smart contracts. This approach has positioned it as one of the dApps with the highest number of transactions and unique users on the Astar Network. By integrating various NFT Collections, uniting communities from different blockchains, and elevating their value within a live gaming environment via a play-to-earn mechanism designed around web3 wallet access and smart contract interactions, we have made a significant advancement in GameFi on the Astar Network. Not satisfied with merely this accomplishment, we are now aiming to further extend our reach with our new game name zkStrike using Astar zkEVM, leveraging its infrastructure to enhance our game’s features with staking, an NFT store, and marketplace, in addition to incorporating the forthcoming Nerox token on Astar zkEVM. Moreover, through the integration of account abstraction, we strive to simplify the blockchain interface for traditional gamers and broaden access to Astar zkEVM for a larger audience with an exceptional user experience. Our objective is to establish the Astar Network as a premier network in the GameFi sector and to position zkStrike at the heart of a strong in-game economy and a gaming ecosystem that engages players worldwide.

2.4 Phala Network Improvements

In integrating decentralized solutions and methods with the Astar Network infrastructure through zkStrike, we also aim to utilize Phala Network’s cutting-edge Phat Contracts for a variety of functions. These include storing in-game data such as leaderboards, creating a more dynamic play-to-earn mechanism through processing social media API calls, conducting cross-chain smart contract calls in a secure environment, transferring off-chain data like randomness and weather conditions to smart contracts, and converting NFTs that represent in-game digital assets into a dynamic format. Phat Contracts offer a decentralized and robust solution for tasks that traditional smart contracts cannot perform, thereby enhancing our game’s connection to the blockchain.

By employing Phat Contracts, we leverage the blockchain’s benefits while also addressing operational processes beyond the capabilities of standard smart contracts in a more efficient and economical manner. This innovative approach strengthens the game’s blockchain integration and efficiently executes functional operations, utilizing high compatibility with blockchains.

2.5 zkStrike Expenditures

Within the framework of our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and development in the gaming and blockchain space, we are pleased to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in our investment strategy for one of our main projects under the wide portfolio of Neurolanche X Labs, ZkStrike. With a total new investment of $40,000, we began payments this month for the development process we completed for ZkStrike. Reflecting our strategic allocation, we successfully made a payment of $4,000 for the development of ZkStrike. This highlights our determination to develop a robust GameFi ecosystem on the Polkadot network.

This investment is part of our broader financial strategy aimed at leveraging unique opportunities from dApp staking revenues. It is an indicator of our belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology and our goal to consolidate our position as a pioneer in the Web3 space. By channeling a portion of our resources into the development of Astar Strike, we are investing not just in a game, but in the future of decentralized gaming and a GameFi Hub utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of the Astar Network and Phala Network.

The funds are earmarked for a series of critical development activities over the next six months, such as improving game performance, integrating new maps, expanding to mobile platforms, and introducing voice chat functionalities. We are also setting the stage for a game experience enrichment phase, aiming to elevate the game’s position in the gaming world with updates such as Gamification, Clans - Flag Mode, and Astar’s Survival & NFT marketplace. Each of these updates is designed to offer our community an immersive, interactive, and dynamic gaming environment.

In this endeavor, our partnership with the Illumates gaming studio has played a significant role, enabling us to benefit from their expertise in bringing our vision to life in ZkStrike. As we progress, we will continue to adhere to our commitment to transparency and accountability in our investment activities. This $4,000 payment is not just a financial transaction; it reflects our confidence in the ZkStrike project and our commitment to our investors and the gaming community.

We thank our stakeholders for their support and look forward to sharing more updates about our progress in making Astar Strike a leading game project in the Web3 world. Together, we are not just playing games; we are creating a new reality in the digital landscape.

Official agreement:

Payment schedule and roadmap:

3.0 Firolauss General Developments

In the last quarter of 2023, we initiated discussions on the ideas behind the Firolauss AI project with our community. Throughout this period, we brainstormed with our community on how Firolauss could be built and started the design phase of our project. This month, after thorough research and development, we meticulously designed our whitepaper and shared it with our community. In addition, we are continuing our discussions with a company supported by Tubitak. Along with these developments, this month marked the first step in the development processes for Firolauss with the release of its new whitepaper, moving the project from draft to development phase. Below, you will find the developments we made during this time and the new features added.

3.1 Firolauss Whitepaper 2.0

When looking at current Web3 projects, most aim to capitalize on the artificial intelligence trend, yet many face challenges due to the user-unfocused nature of blockchain technology on Web3. As the Neurolanche X Labs team, we have revisited the Firolauss project from the ground up and moved to a significant infrastructure with a new update this month.

The Firolauss Whitepaper presents an in-depth exploration of an innovative artificial intelligence application, developed by Neurolanche X Labs, that fundamentally transforms the way users interact with technology. Firolauss integrates advanced AI, Metahuman digital modeling, and blockchain technology, offering an unparalleled experience in digital companionship, AI interaction, and user engagement. The platform leverages the strengths of enhanced ChatGPT models, Unreal Engine’s Metahuman technology, and blockchain capabilities to deliver secure, personalized, and emotionally intelligent interactions. The use of Astar ZkEVM and Phala Network’s Phat Contracts ensures the secure storage and processing of user data, while account abstraction simplifies blockchain interactions for users. Firolauss stands out in its diverse applications across sectors like health, education, and gaming, showcasing its versatility and potential to revolutionize various industries.
The whitepaper delves into the philosophical and technical foundations of Firolauss, highlighting its commitment to understanding human behaviors and emotions. It elucidates the unique features that set Firolauss apart from other AI projects, including its ability to perceive social and cultural differences and its sophisticated approach to identity formation. The integration of blockchain technology is thoroughly explained, emphasizing its role in enhancing security, user privacy, and the overall user experience. Firolauss’s contribution to the sectors of health, education, GameFi, and the Metaverse is discussed in detail, illustrating its wide-ranging impact and utility. This document serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the innovative aspects of Firolauss and its significance in the evolving landscape of AI and blockchain technology.

Whitepaper: Abstract - Firolauss AI - (FAI)

3.2 Firolauss Development (R&D)

Firolauss AI is an artificial intelligence mobile application powered by Metahuman avatars, offering a friend, mentor, or assistant role through a pre-designed humanoid digital avatar, your own creation, or your digital twin. It enables voice conversations with options to choose your avatar’s voice or even converse with a clone of your own voice, capable of emotional responses, human-like conversations, and memory for more natural interactions. Additionally, it leverages blockchain technology for user privacy and data usage agreements, ensuring sensitive data is encrypted and stored securely, and for subscription management, making it a blockchain-powered dApp!

With the design of Firolauss and the writing of its whitepaper, our R&D efforts have accelerated. We continue to fine-tune and extensively test artificial intelligence models sensitive to human emotions and behaviors, capable of human-like communication, using ChatGPT LLM models. Alongside these significant advancements, we are also focusing on identifying the most suitable technology and infrastructure to run Metahuman characters on mobile applications, researching realistic body and facial animations for Metahuman characters, and working on various studies and optimization methods for text-to-speech technology and synchronizing mouth movements with speech animations. At this stage, we are exploring various Account Abstraction SDKs for the integration of blockchain into our Firolauss AI application and the use of account abstraction within Unreal Engine.

3.4 Firolauss - Phala Network

One critical aspect in an artificial intelligence application is the meticulous and careful handling of data shared by users during their interaction with the AI model, as well as the data received in response. The storage and utilization of this information must be conducted with precision and attention. Utilizing the infrastructure of Phala Network and Phat Contracts allows for the secure storage of sensitive data in isolated environments provided by Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), ensuring that only authorized users can perform designated tasks.

In Firolauss AI, we plan to use the Phala Network infrastructure to securely store users’ sensitive data in an isolated and secure environment with great diligence. We aim to grant permissions only to authorized users for creating personalized AI models and are continuing our efforts in this direction.

3.5 Firolauss - Astar Network zkEVM

The Firolauss AI application brings together advanced AI models, Metahuman avatars, and intricate body and face animations, while also integrating a crucial technology: blockchain. We are employing Astar zkEVM in conjunction with account abstraction to facilitate user logins via traditional Web2 methods such as email and social media, while also generating Astar zkEVM smart wallets. Our strategy includes integrating the subscription system with the Nerox token, thereby enabling users to expend Nerox tokens on Astar zkEVM for the use of more sophisticated AI model and advanced AI features. Additionally, we plan to enable the acquisition of Nerox tokens within application through mainstream payment methods like Visa and Mastercard, thus smoothly integrating Astar zkEVM for Web2 AI users, unbeknownst to them about the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

3.6 Firolauss - Aleph Zero

Firolauss AI intends to utilize the Aleph Zero blockchain network, renowned for its speed, scalability, and low transaction fees, to securely manage user data processing and privacy agreements. This network is designed to enable users to sign a form concerning the emotional and behavioral methods to be integrated into AI, along with the legal justifications for their use, providing on-chain proof of these actions. Our AI application, developed as a mobile app, will initiate new transactions every time a user signs the agreement. These transactions will be processed in the background, seamlessly without impacting the user experience, highlighting the potential of Aleph Zero to become an integral part of daily digital interactions.

4.0 Neurolanche Ambassador

In January 2024, we launched the Neurolanche Ambassador Program, inviting some of the most prominent figures from the Polkadot and Astar ecosystems to help us share educational content in the native languages of the key countries that make up our community.

The goal of our program is to provide our community with high-quality information, build educational content, and offer personalized assistance, addressing all the inquiries our community may have about our projects. The Neurolanche Ambassador Program is structured into two tiers: Head Ambassadors and Ambassador. Each tier has its specific requirements, responsibilities, rewards, and selection processes.

Starting this February, the ambassador program will feature a continuous application form, allowing any member to apply and have the opportunity to be selected to join the Neurolanche Ambassador team.


At the beginning of January, we published our monthly roadmap. By completing all the steps on the roadmap, we achieved our goals. In addition, we informed our community about what we are doing technically and what innovations we will offer through our medium content. We introduced the token utilities we will release to our users. By granting access permission to one of Polkadot’s most important communities, the DED community, we have gained a significant user base for the Astar Strike game.

By participating in the Twitter space event on Polkadot’s official account, we presented the innovations we will make in the GameFi sector to the Polkadot community. We educated the users by sharing the weekly metrics of Astar Strike. By activating our YouTube channel, we started sharing recordings of our daily meetings and prepared a more transparent platform.

While all our developments continue, we also prepared a Notion for users to follow, creating a panel where we will gather all our work together. We started to create a strong business plan by partnering with Dapp Labs. We rolled up our sleeves to become a globally recognized project on the Layer 2 side.

Panel to follow everthing:

As we continue our developments in the Astar Network and Polkadot ecosystem, we are determined to introduce everyone to the Neurolanche projects.

With Love,
Neurolanche X Labs, Core Team


Neurolanche Core Team Daily Meeting

Dapp staking V3
We’ve assessed the progress of our dApp staking V3 campaign. We’re thrilled with the results so far and the community support. However, we’re staying grounded, operating under the assumption that we may not secure Tier 1. This mindset prompts us to plan the project’s next steps with a tighter budget and urging us to work even harder.

Development Report of zkStrike and Firolauss Demos and Incentivized Testnet for Firolauss
Ahmet provided a comprehensive report on zkStrike and Firolauss development, highlighting key details:

Firolauss Artificial Intelligence: Demo version programming slated for March/April. Big news! On the 29th, we’ll release the official Firolauss trailer and testnet application form. The testnet is crucial for testing interactions, server quality, user experience, and costs before the official launch.

Additionally, we’re actively working on setting up an incentivized testnet. This initiative aims to encourage community participation and feedback by offering rewards for engaging with the Firolauss Testnet. More info soon.

zkStrike DEMO version: Likely launch by end of March/April, pending the arrival of Astar zkEVM Mainnet. Significant progress made on the mobile version. Exploring a new points/rewards system and rewards collection method in zkStrike, enhancing our Web 3 connectivity and Neurolanche ecosystem’s network effect. We’re also strategizing the best account abstraction integration.

Meeting with Thirdweb Tomorrow:
Tomorrow, we’ll meet with Thirdweb to discuss account abstraction and Unity integration, simplifying the process for zkStrike. Their Unity integration facilitates web 3/Unity engine integration, streamlining account abstraction in zkStrike.

Future Goals with Firolauss and zkStrike:
With these two new products (Firolauss and zkStrike), we aim to increase our user base to thousands and transactions to tens of thousands in the months following zkStrike and Firolauss mainnet launches.

Nerox Token Launchpad and Partnerships:
We discussed the Nerox Token launchpad process, potential partners, and the overall launch organization now that dApp staking V3 is underway and our airdrop is imminent.

Upcoming Meeting on Tokenomics:
In two days, we have a meeting scheduled with a tokenomics expert, focusing on vesting mechanisms for the long-term sustainability of $NEROX token. Expect valuable insights on vesting and longevity mechanisms.


Very nice update, I applaud the great work you are doing, congratulations!


:rocket: Neurolanche Core Team Daily Meeting :rocket:

:arrow_right: Today, we had a meeting with a tokenomics expert who provided valuable insights into the sustainability of $NEROX tokenomics. We discussed focus areas to ensure its viability and areas for improvement. In our ecosystem, Nerox token will play a pivotal role, aided by account abstraction mechanisms for user accessibility and ecosystem integration while backend operations remain powered by NEROX

:arrow_right: We talked about Firolauss and account abstraction, we aim to onboard 98% of AI users from WEB 2 to WEB 3, making Firolauss a user-friendly dApp with premium subscription options, bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3

:arrow_right: We’ve scheduled a meeting with an artificial intelligence development company that could potentially assist us in accelerating the development of Firolauss, enhancing both its development and business model.

:arrow_right: We talked about Firolauss and account abstraction, we aim to onboard 98% of AI users from WEB 2 to WEB 3, making Firolauss a user-friendly dApp with premium subscription options, bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3

:arrow_right: For zkStrike, with the upcoming launch of Astar zkEVM, we plan to transition to a new operational model from weekly events to missions, offering daily rewards and a more engaging experience akin to daily missions in gaming

:arrow_right: Ahmet is in talks with Illumate Studios regarding Thirdwerb’s account abstraction, aiming for seamless integration in zkStrike for enhanced user experience.

:arrow_right: Leo provided updates on discussions with our partners, Dapp Labs, and a important Launchpad platform for the potential launch of NEROX token on their platform, one of the largest in the crypto

:arrow_right: We’ve talked with renowned UX creator NINJA to enhance our UX/UI across our platforms, including website and mobile UX for zkStrike. Check out their work: uixNinja | Dribbble


Man. Haven’t seen any project which is this transparent and shares this much information. You could write a whole book with your stuff haha. Love the transparency and keep it up!

One question I have not really understood. There will be zkStrike. So it will only be available via zkEVM or Astar EVM (old) aswell?


ZkStrike mobile will be released in the second week of March, and by fully transitioning to an account abstraction infrastructure, we aim to onboard Web2 users into the ZkEVM ecosystem.

Furthermore, if you look at our published manifesto, you will see all the details. To be honest, we expect to reach at least 50,000 applications next week with the testnet applications.

For each product we anticipate, the average number of daily active users is expected to exceed 5000. We are working in collaboration with dApp Labs. Our main goal, together with both AI and ZkStrike, is to reach more than 10,000 daily active users. Currently, the Astar Network has an average daily user count of over 5000. Considering these factors, we aim to accomplish all of these within the month of March.

Both Firolauss and ZkStrike with account abstraction infrastructure will be released in March. Of course, this is contingent on the ZkEVM launch happening.

You can check out the new ZkStrike whitepaper and our manifesto below.



Note: Although Gelato Network currently appears in the account abstraction infrastructure, we will likely use a different SDK. We are keeping this under wraps for now. We will announce it soon (within 2 weeks).

ZkStrike developer team:

Founding Team:

Development Team:



:rocket: Neurolanche Community AMA Recap :rocket:

:one: We achieved Tier 1 in the dApp staking V3. A huge thank you to the entire community for all the support, as we’ve accomplished this remarkable feat together. However, we do face challenges ahead. In comparison to dApp staking V2, our monthly revenue has been reduced by over 50%. We’ve implemented a new spending system to adapt to this new reality of fewer resources. As the total amount of ASTR tokens staked no longer directly influences revenue proportionally, all dApps in the same tier receive equal rewards, with the rest being burned. We’ll continue to work hard, doing more with less.

:two: Ambassador Program Expansion: In two weeks, we’ll be expanding the Neurolanche ambassador program. The most active members of the community will have the opportunity to become ambassadors of our project and work alongside our team to elevate Neurolanche to the next level, a global project!

:three: Firolauss Trailer Launch: On the 29th, the official Firolauss trailer will be released along with our call for the incentivized Firolauss testnet. Stay tuned, as our AI dApp is progressing rapidly.

:four: March Updates: Significant improvements are coming to our website, branding, and UX/UI of our products in March. We’re working with UXNinja, a renowned professional in the market, to enhance these areas we consider lacking in our design.

:five: Mobile Version of zkStrike: The mobile version of zkStrike is being developed in collaboration with Illumate Studios and is progressing rapidly. We’re excited for its arrival as it will allow us to reach many more users. This union of mobile with account abstraction has explosive potential in zkStrike.

:six: Daily/Weekly Missions in zkStrike: With the mobile version, you’ll be able to play zkStrike anytime. Daily and/or weekly missions will be available, allowing you to collect rewards for each completed mission. More updates coming soon.

:seven: Nerox Tokenomics: We’re working with a tokenomics/vesting design expert to ensure the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem token, Nerox. NEROX Token Expansion: Initially launching on Astar zkEVM, our goal is for Nerox to become an omnichain token. We’re already in contact with cross-chain technology projects to facilitate this idea.

:eight: Important Launchpad for Nerox Token: Our Nerox token will have a significant launchpad behind it, allowing for global reach and introducing many more people to our ecosystem. Negotiations are advanced, with our partner Dapp Labs facilitating connections.

:nine: Early Access for Holders and Stakers: Holders and Stakers will have early access to our Nerox Private Sale. In the near future, Neurolanche governance will be decentralized, with Neurolauncher NFT holders becoming the true owners of the project.

:keycap_ten: Account Abstraction Across Products: Front-end will be all about account abstraction, while backend transactions will all be in Nerox. This will generate demand/utility for the token in every interaction with our products, creating lasting utility for our token.

AMA Video: