News about the burnings

Any news or news About the burning, it has been 60 days since the implementation of V3 and we have no way of monitoring it and there is no one to say anything about it? After all, the ASTR are being burned or not?! OR are you waiting to accumulate to burn at once? Ambassadors do not have information that they can pass on to communities on Social Media. It was said that they would be preparing a screen to monitor the Burns. grateful for any news that is answered. :+1:t2: Forgive me for the English, I’m using the Translator, I speak from the Brazilian community and I only opened this topic because we don’t have information on the topic. If you have any news, I’ll be grateful.

Hi @Kabrine

Thanks a lot for sharing your questions and concerns. Sorry for my late reply!

You are right it’s very difficult now for users to monitor these actions. The next voting period is in less than 40 days and we have our new portal iteration ready that will showcase 2 new values:

  • Live inflation rate, because we have a dynamic inflation, we build out the module to showcase the inflation rate of that day.
  • Total ASTR burned: with the new V3, we created the formula to showcase the total amount of ASTR that is burned/not minted because of open slots in our new V3 model.

At the same time, I would like to give you an update on the Astar zkEVM buyback burn. As promised, we will use the net profit from our sequencer to buy back burn ASTR from the market. This has been delayed because we wanted to make sure our L1 supports a native burning mechanism. Our runtime team has built this into the ‘asset’ pallet, and it should be merged this week in the Polkadot SDK. After this is merged and added to the new release, we will make it available on Astar runtime. As soon as this is done, we will execute the promise and share all the data with our community. If you would like to know more about the implementation, please check here:


Hello @Maarten Thank you for the answer, thank you for all the explanation, great news, without a doubt every update will be of great importance and visibly positive for the entire community. Everyone will be happy with the updates. I’m sorry if I was rude in my question, I tried to be as honest as possible, thank you in advance for your attention.

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