Proposal for Yoki Origins's OMA Incremental

Hi everyone,

I’m writing here to offer a proposal about our official event at ASTR Zk EVM, Yoki Origins.

I already made a thread about Yoki Origins in my language in X.

Here I’m calculating our current daily OMA gain to fuse the Basic into the Legendary rate:

Despite the drop rate being unknown, getting 1 Legendary will cost you 54 days (2 months). Need to note, from what I heard, that this Yoki Origins event only lasts for 2 months. So, if you play Yoki Origin normally (Dialy OMA Claim and est. 3 partner quests/week = est 25 OMA/week) after the first-week buff is removed, it’ll cost you about 1 and a half months to get 1 Legendary Yoki. Meanwhile, we have 12 Yoki on the roster. So it’ll be 1 and a half years to complete the roster of Yoki at minimum. (consider you always got the right Yoki-port)

And as one of ASTR’s supporters, I want Zk EVM to be successful. But the way Yoki Origin is made right now is too slow to increase traffic and interest of new users to ASTR IMO.

  • 1 Account will only spend a max 10 x gwei burn a day. (Dialy Login and Open)

  • The NFT market not working, we only can use Rarible since Dew will not allow Yoki Origins to be posted.

  • Very slow-paced, making some in my community drop this event.

Because of that, I propose to increase the OMA that can be obtained daily. And I propose 2 ways for this,

  • Increase OMA drop per day to 12, so we can cut into a more manageable time frame to obtain Yoki, and increase traffic.

  • Make more mini-games/small challenges that reward OMA. We make this more interactive and less boring, increase more traffic, and push the time frame into a more manageable one.

I prefer the second option as our improvement. But this will need our dev to do more work, so in mind of that, I think the first option also works.

That’s all, thanks for your time!


Hello! I understand your opinion, but there are some errors.

First, there is a mistake in the content: Nobled, Fabled, and Legendary are randomly obtained when three Basics are fused together. Therefore, there is no mechanism to fuse 3 Nobled to become Fabled. So, if you are lucky, you will get 3 types in 3 fusions.
So, all you need is a minimum of 48 OMA (minimum so you may not be able to get them no matter how many OMA you have).
9 Basic = 36 OMA
3 Fuse = 12 OMA
Total = 48 OMA

Also, the current Dairy bonus is 6 OMA. The numbers are different because the calculation in the image is 3 OMA per day. In other words, the fastest you can get them all in 8 days. However, it still takes 96 days at the fastest to collect all types of Yoki (actually it takes longer because the Daily bonus for OMA is reduced, or you can get OMA from additional project quests), and of course it is difficult to collect them all on your own because I don’t think anyone is that lucky.

However, Yoki Origins has leaderboards and there is an aspect of competing for scores. Therefore, you need to think about strategies on how to improve your score within those constraints. This is that kind of game, not a side-by-side campaign where everyone has everything in place.

You can use secondary distribution, or you can collect a lot of Yoki with multiple accounts.

As a side note, if more OMAs are distributed to a single user, that is not a good UX for the user because it will require more transactions to go through. It would be easier if capsules could be pulled and opened in batches…but too many OMAs can lead to an obsessive need to use OMAs, which can be tedious. So I think the quantity of OMA is optimal right now.

I also believe that Yoki Origins is in its early stages now and the experience will change in the future with Yokicho, leaderboards, and additional YoPorts.


@0xRamz can you check this thread Ramz? It’s a good feedback input also a good explanation from @you425

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Thank you for bringing this up! Yes, we have seen the feedback about OMA distribution and availability, and it is a point that we are discussing and soon to make changes to.

We encourage any and all feedback to find the right balance. As we know game mechanics are important for Yoki Origins and please know that adjustments may still happen throughout.

Thanks again and keep it coming!


Thanks for your correction!
I doing this purely by on-chain analysis and Rarible activity, and I know I could be wrong.

I think we can’t remove chances in calculation, since the lore of the Yokicho will unlocked if you get each of the variations. To get 3 of 3 by chance can be more difficult tbh especially since each kind has different fuse chances, compared to calculation. If nobled, fabled, legendary is 4:2:1 (which the kindest rate) then you need 7x fuse.

21 Basic = 84 OMA (Since 3 OMA for open, and 1 OMA for gacha Yoki-port)
7 Fuse = 28 OMA
Total = 112 OMA

Again, for the calculation I using 3 OMA because what is written in the official guide is that 6 OMA is a first-week boost.

Note: The amount of daily OMA bonus will be increased for the first week of the campaign. Participants can expect to collect 6 OMA per day! Don’t miss out on this head start!

So the calculation becomes, 21 OMA + about 3 campaigns per week = about 25 OMA, still 1 month for a collection of Yoki.

So do we encourage multiple accounts for playing Yoki? From what I know, we did not encourage Sybil accounts because user accession is also important in this campaign.

To be honest, I also thinking about this part. Too many OMAs are also not good, therefor I recommend some mini-games to put inside since it’ll increase fun and trx volume. I think a bit more OMA per week/dialy is more better, expect about 30-40 OMAs weekly, enough for open 10 Yokiport or doing some fuse.

I just thinking about how to play it regularly getting 1/2 half of the Yoki at the end of the campaign because only loyal users can reach that point and ofc we want to reward our loyal user by prize and experience.

And I agree that Yoki Origins is still early and will get some patches ahead.



Thanks for your hard work @0xRamz

We will wait for your next update!

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It is indeed boosted now, but it is not doubled, it is +1. Normally it is supposed to be 5 (sorry if I’m wrong, it was 5 during the testing phase).

Also, I don’t know about the probability of fusion, as it is not specified.
This is how it looks on Rarible.

  • Noble: 16.7%
  • Fabled: 16.7%
  • Legendary: 27.8%
  • (Basic: 38.9%)

e number of fusions is still too small to make a real measurement, but the probabilities do not appear to be that extremely skewed. In terms of numbers alone, Legendary has the highest number of fusions of the three.

No, it is not recommended. Of course, the more unique users, the better. But there is also no prohibition against using multiple accounts and being enthusiastic about it. In the end, it comes down to each person’s strategy and how much effort they are willing to put in. Everyone has his or her own way of enjoying the game, so you should play according to your own style.
However, even if the number of unique users is the same, if more accounts access the site and more transactions are generated, that is an achievement. That in itself is not a bad thing. It is similar to how game apps use various methods to increase downloads.

I agree with you that there should be some sort of mini-game or something like that. As it is now, some people will get bored because of the simple repetition. Users like you who give us feedback are very important.

However, I think it will be very tough to add mini-games in the future, so I look forward to the planned updates!


nice info, so it wasn’t multi leveled evolution but 1 level evolution with random result


if we remove the basic, then the noble & fabled % is quite high.

but i will wait for several days to see the development in fusion result


The $OMA distributed as a daily bonus should obviously be minimized. While retention itself can offer minimal rewards, I believe the key point is acquiring $OMA through “Activity.”

For now, the network might be unstable, so the project’s onboarding will likely be gradual, but I expect Yo-port, offering a variety of quests to earn $OMA, to emerge. This could include simple paid gachas or, for example, rewards for contributing to the on-chain network, such as providing ASTR-ETH liquidity on AMM.

I think it’s a good idea to adopt a tiered approach where tasks that are somewhat difficult or paid gachas that are expensive reward more $OMA.


I fully support your idea and this in itself has huge advantages for the ecosystem.

Expanding yoports with different on-chain activities can lead to a considerable increase in network usage, something totally positive!

However, we should also keep in mind off-chain activities, such as following certain accounts or participating in certain spaces like AMAs and community calls in our discord.


This was written with numbers collected from Rarible’s Properties, but apparently it does not reflect the exact numbers.

I tabulated the numbers myself again and got the following.

  • Noble: 49.9%
  • Fabled: 34.5%
  • Legendary: 15.61%

For reference.


Thank you as always for your data @you425

Then we can say, about Noble: Fabled: Legendary = 3:2:1

Then we need 6x Fuse on avg to get all of 1 type. So rounding needed OMA to be

3 Yoki Basic = 4 x 3 = 12
+1 Fuse = 12 + 4 = 16
To collect with avg 6x Fuse = 96 OMA

Per day, 5 OMA after kickstart removed = about 19 days.
8 Yoki Variant = 8 x 19 = 152 days = ± 5 month.

After this calculation, I think all seems alright now.
After all, I think we just need half of the total OMA to collect all Yoki in this campaign (2 months), while we can own a strategy for increasing collection, like trading or buying more OMA from NFT Yo-port.
If we need to boost, I think 1 OMA daily (just like now) is good enough.


Indeed, what I think is on-chain activities. While we are on EVM L2 hype, we should push here so maybe, just maybe, some of them will try our Astr main network. Just a piece of hope.

For me, Yoki was an interesting project. Just check in every day, we see our collection getting better day by day. The graphic is also not cheap quality/AI-made. It’s a well-prepared project. So, I hope we can bring new traffic into Astr by Yoki.

Yeah, indeed off-chain activities should be considered, but as far as I know. They are limited to only 2 OMA per winner and 6 per AMA. That should not be a significant consideration IMHO.

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This looks very interesting! I’ve tried it a few times myself and I think it’s a lot of fun. I have a few additional questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. What are the specific numerical goals for the activity?

  2. What are the team’s contingency plans if the actual situation does not meet the goals?

Yes you are right about that, however I think we need to come up with a method to make this happen, the data presented by @you425 is very complete and we could use it to come up with a proposal to increase traction around Yoki Origins.