Node Management Service for Collator by InfStones - Shiden dApp staking submission

Node Management Service for Collator by InfStones - Shiden dApp staking submission

Project Overview

InfStones wants to provide node management service for the Astar network and its community. Using our service, the community can launch nodes on our platform, and use the session keys generated on those nodes to host existing and new Collators.

A collator plays an essential role in Astar’s network and is responsible for crucial tasks, including block production and transaction confirmation. A collator needs to maintain a high communication response capability to ensure the seamless operation of the Shiden Network.

InfStones has been deeply involved in building a diversified ecosystem for public PoS chains since 2018. It is the earliest validator of Cardano, Solana, Kusama and Polkadot and has gained rich experience in infrastructure and staking services.

Hence, InfStones wants to utilize its expertise and experience to provide reliable and well maintained node management services for Astar’s network and its community members.

Website and Project Display

The above images represent a portion of current protocols that InfStones supports for its Node Management Service. InfStones wants to deliver a similar system for the Shiden network.

About InfStones

Founded in 2018 with offices across three countries and two continents, InfStones is the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider. The company’s core team is composed of senior engineers and business leaders from well-known tech and financial companies across the world.

InfStones is dedicated to bringing down the barriers to connecting with the blockchain, allowing clients to quickly build their applications on a large variety of blockchain networks. Currently, InfStones provides services to institutional clients around the globe, supporting tens of thousands of nodes on more than 50 major blockchains. Some of these chains include Binance Smart Chain, Chainlink, Compound, Polygon, Mina, Stacks, Celer, Qtum, Band Protocol, Oasis, and other blockchain protocols

Recently we collaborated with BitFrost and hosted an AMA session titled “Everything About Bitfrost Collator”. We plan to do something similar with the Astar community.

Builders Program Roadmap

InfStones has few defined objectives for this collaboration with Astar. InfStones want to provide the following services:

● A Reliable Collator service on Shiden Mainnet.

● Education for the Astar community and Marketing of this said service. InfStones want to help with Astar’s objectives of decentralization.

InfStones will achieve the above objectives by executing on the following activities:

● Integration of a collator network on Shiden Network

● Testing and Optimization

● Release and Marketing

● Maintenance and Stable Service of the Network

How The Shiden DApp Rewards Will Be Utilized

The dApp rewards will be used by InfStones to maintain and upkeep the system that will run the node management service. As InfStones has more data about the performance of the node management system, InfStones can decide to spend more of the dApp rewards to improve its service and system performance for the Astar community.

InfStones wants to continuously support the node management service for all future Shiden upgrades. InfStones will actively monitor the system to deliver a smooth performance and will take immediate action if the system is down.

InfStones will also utilize a portion of the dApp staking rewards on marketing and educating the Astar community on the node management service of the Shiden network. This will come in the form of AMA in Discord and using other marketing channels such as Twitter, Telegram and Email Newsletters.

Additional Information About InfStones’ Experience As A Staking And API Service Provider

Staking Service

InfStones has been deeply involved in building a diversified ecosystem for public PoS chains since 2018. It is the earliest supernode of EOS and TRON and has gained rich experience in staking services. InfStones deploys and operates validator nodes on many well-known PoS public chains, and provides staking and node services to its community. Millions of end-users worldwide are benefiting from the service provided by InfStones unified platform, steadily attracting new members joining the ecosystem.

API Service

Based on its unified infrastructure platform,InfStones is providing data API services on over 50 blockchains. With institution-level infrastructure as the platform foundation, InfStones API service was recognized and widely adopted by the industry. Clients including leading blockchain data analytics services provider Dune Analytics, Nansen, and the Graph. Furthermore, Binance Smart Chain, Neo, and numerous blockchain foundations started collaborations with InfStones to provide their community with top-tier public API services.

Public API: utilizing a cluster shared by many users. API endpoints are fast to create at a low cost. The number of requests and request frequency is metered;

Dedicated API: utilizing a dedicated instance to service the API endpoint. The number of requests and request frequency is not metered. Performance is customizable through scaling the dedicated instance.

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Please vote.

Please feel free to post any questions you may have about this proposal and we will promptly get back :slight_smile:

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Very nice presentation for today’s call. Another question, i forgot to ask. In your team’s opinion, will your business model will survive in the near future (lets say 5 years from now).

As we knew with the rise of dApps and public blockchain is gaining traction and caught attention from tech giant. Whats ur strategy if they build a service like yours?


Thank you for your question! We had a great time meeting the Astar community today from all around the world! :pray:t5:

To answer your question, running a blockchain infrastructure company requires a lot of specialization in terms of talent and expertise (both in hardware and software). It also helps to have a headstart! InfStones has been around since 2018, and throughout these years we have developed a lot of long-term relationsihps with some of the biggest blockchains. We are also the largest validators with most of these blockchains, and it takes a lot of time of time and effort to build trust and confidence with the communities with these blockchains.

This takes time, and we think it would be difficult for the tech giants to replicate the trust instantly. And as more time passes, InfStones get stronger! We have gathered a lot of resources over the years, such as funding and hardware partnerships to do our tasks well.

We also welcome more entrants to the blockchain space as we believe decentralization is the primary goal!

I hope that answered your question!

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With all due respect to the Infstone team that look very professionnel, I am voting no because this goes against all our principles of decentralization: we need diversity in collators, not a single point of centralization.
If users want to make money from inflation, there is dapp staking, collator rewards are not made for that.
Thanks for your application.


With all respect to the Infstone Team and all who voted yes, I totally agree with @bLd759 and also will vote no.

I hope I do not offend anyone, but I just can’t vote another way.


Nope must a perfect result

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

We respect your principles of decentralization. At InfStones we also believe a decentralized infrastructure is essential for the success of Web 3.0.

During our collaboration with Astar we will have active discussions with the Astar community to find ideas for diversifying collators! We believe an open dialogue, transparency and two communication will make our collaboration successful.

Thank you for your comment! :pray:t5:

InfStones support launching collators in 3 different continents and has options for 6 geo locations. The Astar community users have a choice from the start to select the location of the geo location.

Our infrastructure is also multi-cloud to support maximum decentralization as possible. This prevents centralization to one specific cloud provider. We have strong relationships with our cloud providers and also use Bare Metal cloud providers. We can always work with our users to find the best approach for their needs :grinning:

Thanks for your comment, I would love too see how this can effectively be decentralized while in control of a single entity having the same setup for all collators even if providers are different.
Also I see nothing about slash prevention, how do you actually plan to insure a slash to all of the collators you manage? I guess your customers deserve to be aware about that.

Infstone being an infra provider, I’d love to see you providing public nodes as a start to decentralization benefiting all, instead of benefiting only the wealthiest ones as it is today.


I’m also against to this submission as @bLd759 and

It isn’t correct for decentralization that a single operator will run several nodes (also if for their users). This is against decentralization and could be a severe point of failure in the future.

Every node operator should have his own infrastructure and rely on it. In addition to that due to incoming slash and big amount of money in game (self bond for collator) needed, I suggest to all people to avoid this kind of services. But this is only a suggestion.

That’s a good question regarding Slashing and public nodes :grinning:

In regards to Slashing, InfStones had very little instances of slashing after its commencement in 2018. We take node downtimes very seriously, and have a solid reputation of deployment service. We have a dedicated engineering team and a reliable alerting system to keep track of any nodes that may be down. In the instance that a node does go down, we act on it right away, without any delay.

In regards to a service for public nodes, we want to use the proposed node management system to help non-technical savvy users to open nodes. These users may do not have the knowledge or hardware resources to open and maintain nodes. That’s where we come in and assist these users :grinning:

I hope I got a chance to address your issues!

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