Open HRMP Channel Between Shiden Network and SORA

This proposal looks interesting. I think this will be an important foundation for expanding the user base even further. I will definitely vote yes for this good thing.

Hi @catswithouthats,
To be honest, Sora and Polkaswap do not bring back good memories for me: a catastrophic launch of the bridge (funds blocked for several weeks) and the drama fearless/subwallet.
However, dex are missing on Shiden and Polkaswap’s UI is good.
Could you confirm that if the proposal is voted, the SDN could be bridged between Shiden/Sora directly in Polkaswap?
Additionally, do you plan to provide liquidity for the pairs with SDN?

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I do agree with @GuiGou and @Maarten in 100%. Sora team screw up a lot, but I think we need to get SDN interoperable in the whole Kusama ecosystem - even if it’s only for transferring tokens.

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Hello GuiGou,
I am very sorry for the memories, and please rest assured that the entire SORA community is working very hard to provide the best tools for the ecosystem.
With that said, addressing your questions, YES SDN will be available directly on Polkaswap, and vice versa; SORA network tokens will be available for Shiden users on their chain.
Regarding liquidity for the pairs, this option can be discussed, another option is that Shiden network users benefit from providing SDN liquidity for SORA and other network users. This could be a benefit for token holders and the entire network.
I am happy to answer other questions you may have.

Greetings team, good to see you here

Obviously we need to know more about the project. I think you should tell us more about it.

Other than that, I don’t think it’s going to be good for us. From what I’ve heard from other official ambassadors, you’ve handled things badly before.

In the light of that, my vote is definitely ‘NO’.

Thanks for proposal

I can’t wait to hear the outcome of this vote. I like this new connection with SORA.


Thank you for your response.
I now have a better understanding of the consequences of your project. However, it was difficult for me to determine the magnitude of future use cases. I will vote with no this time.

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I am not a big fan of SORA and its products :slightly_smiling_face: , but I like Shiden and want more activity on it, so I voted YES


Me neither :handshake::slightly_smiling_face:. But it’s always nice to see improvement and moving on from past. I still believe the opening of this channel can improve each other eco.