Build & Test then Go Live - Ensuring Shiden Growth and Astar Stability

There is a lot of confusion going around in the community considering the value of Shiden Network and how it contributes to Astar.

I would to propose that the team takes a clear stance and approach here. From my point of view, I think any project planning to be on Astar network should be forced to test on Shiden first and upon success can deploy on Astar.

This is extremely impotent for many reasons, but I will highlight the most important two:
1- ensuring stability in Astar network
2- growing Shiden Network & utilizing it’s full potential as a canary network.

Any issues, any problems can be dealt with in Shiden
and then final deployment on Astar would mean the product is top-notch and ready to go with top tier assurance of quality and working state guaranteed as it has successfully been implemented & working in Shiden.

I understand that eventually everything will be permission-less, but we can apply this concept to the dApps Store which we have control over.

Leave your thoughts & opinions and remember we want the long term benefits here so let’s keep them in mind.


I agree and to complete, IMO any projects should first test on Shibuya than they can access to Shiden and later to Astar.
We have built different environments for testing, the project should use them before enjoying Astar.


You are a genius in disguise. Forgot about shibuya thanks for addition :ok_hand: