Petition to formally remove Moonstake Wallet from SDN Dapps & return any granted SDN development funds

@sota & Shiden Community…

This is my formal request to have @moonstake (Mobile) Wallet removed from Dapps staking support and have the team return any grants bestowed upon them for development.

I’ve been trying to use their SDN Dapp staking for months only to be hit with various serious bugs, repeatedly, causing my SDN to be held in limbo while tech support offered nothing of value.

Only thanks to a community member here was I able to tonight retrieve my entire balance from Moonstake Wallet and transfer safely elsewhere.

@moonstake wallet has done an absolute disservice to SDN Dapps and the community as a whole with what I would describe as releasing less than an Alpha version of a product, even after months of development, mainly attempting to resolve repeated bugs, freezes and UI issues causing funds to be locked up.

If I remember correctly, Moonstake asked the Shiden community for funding to support Dapps, and honestly if those funds were provided, they were absolutely squandered, and what was built was a bare bones Mobile app of barely working sloppy code - half the time would freeze when loading before I could even click to view my SDN wallet - that bad!

It’s been an infuriating couple of months to regain control and access to my 1,060 SDN. But now that I have them back in my possession I am writing what needs to be said, after what could only be described as being an unwilling and unpaid alpha tester, with my own ~$1,000 of SDN coins on the line. I wouldn’t wish that unnecessarily prolonged experience and stress on anyone else reading this.

Drop @moonstake support like a ton of bricks. Now.

Other user reviews on Google App Store, not related to SDN issues I experienced… It’s a mess.


I agree with you.

I tried Moonstake wallet when it started supporting Shiden but gave up after a few days.


Glad you got out early and SDN didn’t get stuck in limbo for months. That was absolutely awful.