Need help retrieving SDN stuck in limbo between Blockchain & Moonstake Wallet after Staking Withdrawl

Long story short, and I’m trying to remain very cordial after the amount of Moonstake Wallet issues I’ve had to deal with at this point.

@moonstake Wallet added SDN Dapps staking to their wallet months ago, and it should have never been released publicly in its current form. It’s simply broken, fixed, then something else breaks, keeping funds out of reach.

After dealing with multiple bugs with funds being stuck in Dapps, and multiple Tech support contacts, I was finally able to start the Unstake process of my 1060 SDN. Only the recent SDN Unbonding period implementation change seems to have created further UI errors in Moonstake Wallet where my funds were again stuck pending an app fix/update.

I finally Unstaked my SDN balance March 3rd. On March 13th my 1060 SDN were shown as Unbounded status and I was able to “Withdraw”, which I selected and approved to process. Afterward, the SDN Blockchain shows the Withdrawal process for my 1060 SDN Succeeded, and my wallet account holds the 1060 SDN, but my SDN never deposited back to my Moonstake wallet.

How can the SDN Blockchain show a successful withdraw back to my wallet and SDN never show up? How do I resolve this ASAP?

I immediately contacted @moonstake wallet about this and went through the generic Support info back and forth, and the tech says “they are working on it”, but offers no estimate or timeframe. Just silence while I wait and my SDN are completely held in limbo, again.

I’ve now had my SDN in a state of limbo for months, and dealing with multiple major interface bugs and want to know how to retrieve my funds immediately and get them back into my wallet, so I can transfer them out of Moonstake’s app.

SDN Blockchain says withdrawal Success, Moonstake wallet shows $0.00. Also Moonstake’s interface still shows my 1060 SDN as Unbounded and able to “Withdraw”, but any further attempt to Withdraw receives an error on the SDN Blockchain “Failed(NothingToWithdraw”, as that process actually Succeeded.

There is an absolute disconnect between SDN Blockchain, which sees my SDN as Withdrawn and Moonstake Wallet which still thinks they need to be Withdrawn. View my wallet here. You will find the successful Withdrawal transaction, a couple Failed transactions where I attempted to Withdraw again hoping it would work, and the most recent transaction where I moved ~39 SDN out of Moonstake Wallet.

If developers at Shiden would please contact @moonstake wallet to figure this out, I would REALLY appreciate it.

If all you want is to have access to the funds, I think you can export the moonstake SDN seed phrase to polkadot.js or even math wallet 5.

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That’s a bit outside my scope of technical ability. Is there a how-to step by step somewhere? Thx.

I think I figured it out! Wallet sees my funds, test sending 1 SDN to another wallet…

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On a desktop,

  1. Download polkadot.js browser extension.
  2. Click on “+”
  3. Restore account with seed phrase.
  4. Paste the moonstake wallet 12 words seed phrase.
  5. Give a password.
  6. Click on the 3 dots, select “allow use on any chain”.
  7. Done


  1. Go to and connect polkadot.js wallet.
  2. Left panel, switch to SDN network
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Thank you! I used custom key and password setup in Math Wallet on SDN network, instantly saw all the funds. 1 SDN test transfer just made it to my other wallet. Now sending the remainder. Thank you SO MUCH for the help and I will copy the method you posted here for future reference. You are an absolute life saver! I am so done with Moonstake wallet. Lessons learned.

Edit: All funds transfered A-OK!

@Moonstake wallet DELETED!