Concerns about some dapps on Shiden

I am currently making a review of dapps on shiden for an article.
It seems that some dapps have not kept their promises and that the deployment on the shiden network of some of them is still not active.
Here is the list: DAO Launch - Emiswap - Moonstake - Nutbox

Verification of milestones for them

  • Emiswap estimated in SEP 2021
    Milestone 1 : 2 months
    Milestone 2 : 3.5 months
    Milestone 3 : 2.5 months

DAO Launch: estimated in oct 2021 Total Estimated Duration: 2~3month

Nutbox (3 possibilities):

  • 1.5 month 2021.12.1-2022.01.15
  • 1month 2022.1.16-2022.2.15
  • 1month 2022.2.16-2022.3.15

Finally the presence of some nft projects on the dappstore is really questioned: Deepwaifu - MycryptoHeroes - Cryptospells (What is the value add of this projects? What benefits users earn to stake on them?)
All this feedback is write to talk together and be constructive. Don’t see an insult concerning the work of the devs.


Thanks for the update.

:magic_wand: TL;DR: dApps should give monthly updates - specifically about milestones and in relation to Shiden.

I do question if we should have monthly updates (monthly at a minimum) directly from the dApps. Then those updates shared with the Astar and/or Shiden Twitter or another form so the public can stay up to date. (idea: Astar/Shiden Build2Earn Twitter Account?) This will also help keep the “Build2Earn” conversation going and give exposure to the dApps in the store.

Exposure/Updates will be beneficial to team and dApps. Keeps the train moving.

I know Nutbox has been in testing stages with their product. But as a staker, I would also like to know what the relationship/update are with a focus on Shiden? Specifically about the milestones.

Your questions makes a lot of sense to ask from a team, dev and community perspective.


Hey there Nutbox: @iguazi What do you think?


EmiSwap: @EmiDAO
Deepwaifu: @4ndrey
MCH: @Kengo_Masuyama_MCH
CryptoSpells: @natsuki


We had some difficulties before, so we ran multiple rounds of testing. It has been deployed on the BSC and is running normally, and will be deployed on the Astar network in the next few days.

The support for Astar DApp Staking(Milestone 2) is under development and will be tested and deployed as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the reply and great to hear about the progress.

@GreatTeacherKez & @0xRamz
I can personally attest that @moonstake wallet’s SDN Dapps staking is a nightmare. Please see my proposal posted yesterday to immediately remove them from SDN Dapps staking, after months of dealing with their repeated wallet bugs, and keeping my SDN coins held in limbo unable to Unstake, Unbound, Withdraw or Transfer.

What about idea that individual ambassadors will be assigned to a set of dApps to follow the coming changes. Let say, each ambassador will follow five dApps and in that way we cover all deployed dApps.

In that way exchange of information will be much more efficient.

Let’s decrease the amount of chaos, let’s allow to have controlled chaos, more or less :smiley:


I think there are more, how can we make a proposal to delist inactive dapps?
I will be happy to do so.


If you would like to, I think we might use the template like this topic

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