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About Pinknode

Pinknode is a node-as-a-service platform specialized in providing quality API endpoints and node operation services to the users in the Polkadot ecosystem. Our mission is to support the Polkadot protocol in achieving its vision of a multi-chain future through providing easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable infrastructure services which removes an entire layer of complexities for developers to start building on Polkadot/Substrate.

We launched our MVP in June 2021 offering free API endpoint access to users to both Polkadot and Kusama mainnets and testnets. We’ve served more than 300 million requests through our users’ custom endpoints and public endpoints. You may begin utilizing our endpoints by signing up for an account or through our public endpoints listed here.


Pinknode wants to support the adoption of Astar network for developers and community, with three key pillars: Build, Learn & Earn.


Fast, reliable, and scalable network access is an important prerequisite for dApp developers to build or test on.

Developers pain points:

  1. Diversion/additional engineering resources to build out their own infrastructure to support dApp development on Astar network
  2. Costly to set up and maintain a reliable and scalable node infrastructure
  3. Requires in-depth DevOps knowledge
  4. Extends time to market, impedes developers to build and iterate product quickly

Pinknode aims to bridge this infrastructure gap by providing easy-to-use, production ready, globally available shared node API endpoints for Astar network.
Pinknode API Service is currently available in closed beta.
We are planning to launch Pinknode 1.0 and opening up our platform in early December.

Learn & Earn

A strong and vibrant Astar community is essential for wider growth and adoption. Pinknode aims to build up this community via the following channels:

  1. Cross-pollination of Astar and Pinknode community to accelerate the growth of Polkadot ecosystem
  2. Creation and distribution of educational content for Astar
  3. AMAs with Pinknode’s KOLs
  4. Incentive programs for PNODE and SDN holders to encourage participation



  1. Improved API Services Dashboard for Pinknode’s Portal

With these planned enhancements, Astar developers will be able to:

  • easily manage their project keys
  • uncover valuable insights into their usage methods and patterns, which will positively influence the development of their dApp
  • collaborate effectively with other team members to manage infrastructure needs
  • Timeline: approx. 1 month, to be delivered by December
  1. Network upgrades for Astar, Shiden and Shibuya networks
    Pinknode is currently running node clusters in Asia (Singapore).
  • Pinknode will configure and run two additional clusters in Europe and North America to achieve global coverage and improved performance for Astar, Shiden and Shibuya networks
  • Astar developers will be able to connect to the network via HTTP & WSS API endpoints on Pinknode’s Portal.
  • Timeline: approx. 3 months, to be delivered by Q1 2022
  1. One-click Node Deployment

There are users who require proprietary node setup, eg. for running collator/validators

  • To empower users that needs to run their own nodes, Pinknode will develop a new product which will allow users to spin nodes off Pinknode-maintained docker images or uploaded docker images
  • Pinknode will maintain a secure, reliable and scalable set up for user
  • Timeline: approx 4 months, to be delivered by Q1 2022

Learn & Earn

  1. Content Creation and Distribution

Educating the wider crypto community about Astar platform

  • Educational content to be distributed on Pinknode’s available channels - social media, website and KOLs
  • Conduct AMA with Astar team via several channels
  • Pinknode will support these initiatives via airdrop of PNODE and SDN tokens
  1. Incentive and airdrop campaigns

Campaigns to increase Astar token holders and ecosystem interest in Astar dApp staking platform.

  • Airdrop campaigns can be used to increase visibility and engagement on Astar dApp staking
  • Token allocated in campaigns will be used from dApp staking rewards or/and Pinknode’s collator rewards

Project Impact

With the above mentioned proposal, Pinknode hope to enhance the Astar community in three factors:

  • Reduce layer of complexity in dApp development on Astar network by providing easy-to-use API solution
  • Accelerate adoption by developers
  • Increases community engagement and understanding on Astar solutions
  • Increases Astar token holders and engagement on Astar platform

Thank you for your proposal. This looks great to me.


I really like this purposal and the learn and earn component. The whole ecosystem stands to benefit. Thanks for making the deliverables clear and timely within the quarters of the year.

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The team explained the clear plan - Build, Learn and Earn.
6 months of product traction is also a good sign.

imo it’s a great application, you’ve got my support!

Pinknode Builders Program Application
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Pink node has been providing infra on Astar for a long time now with a proven reliable record.
I’m very excited to see new services for dapp coming!


Thank you all for your kind comments! We’ll be here to support Astar and its community every step of the way. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, please feel free to share here or ping me on TG @ericpnode