Proposal: Delist Decus from dApp staking (Shiden dApp)

Proposal to Delist Decus dApp

This proposal seeks to delist Decus from the dApp store on Shiden Network. The justification for the delisting are the following reasons:

Inactive or Changed Twitter - Inactive Community Building - Project does not exist

  1. No respect of the Decus roadmap for Shiden. Decus has not deployed its smart-contracts or integrated its Bitcoin wrapper solution on Shiden in over a year.

  2. No Github activity since November 2021.

  3. Decus has not been active on Twitter since January 2022. The same is true for Discord.

  4. The Decus team hasn’t touched their dApp Staking developer rewards for 380 days. 3,053 SDNs are on the developer’s account according to the subscan.

  1. According to Decus Official Account on Telegram, the project is on “hiatus”.

I’m also pinning the Decus team (@Lyn) here so they can explain themselves and answer my previous points.

Following @0xRamz’s initiative, I propose that this discussion last a maximum of 3 days before going to the ShidenDAO opensquare to be voted on for a maximum of 3 days.

If you have any comments on this proposal or would like to discuss it further, please comment here.

G’, Astar Ambassador and Shiden Ninja :ninja:


What is this name? Did they already have a user?