Proposal To Delist Emiswap

I am writing to propose to delist Emiswap from Shiden dApp staking. These are my findings:

  1. No liquidity. I can’t even swap 0.7 SDN.

  2. They are pausing their development due to market conditions. This is against our culture. Bull or bear, we have to build.

212 eras of unclaimed rewards. It seems that they have forgotten. Therefore, when they come back being active to develop and increase the liquidity, we can vote to list them again.


This proposal makes sense, the app is in dead state, doesn’t make sense to keep it in dapp staking.

I completely agree with this proposal, Emiswap deployed their DEX on Shiden when the chain went live, joined dApp Staking and left our ecosystem, leaving their ghost DEX running and receiving rewards. This is not the spirit of dApp Staking and unfair to our ecosystem.

I am for this proposal. Delist the Emi.

I have never used the dApp but the core approach remains the same , if You are not active You will be delisted. I support the proposal.

100% agree. Let the BUILDERS build.

Link to voting page: Proposal To Delist Emiswap from dApp Staking