When new Yoki will be released?

i see there is 12 basic yoki in the notebook, when will new yoki released?

the campaign is until end of april right? i thought there will be 3 new yoki each 2 week

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Same thought here, last time I said we lack OMA.

But now, I have plenty of abundance and don’t know where to spend it.

And we are still at 6 OMA per day… :joy:

Waiting for the new lineup to show up now.

There will be 12 types of Yoki and will be released in batches so you can accumulate OMA to be able to mint new Yoki coming soon.
The Yoki Origins campaign will last until early May.

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Holding more Yoki will reward you with more Lore. We will update more Lore soon.


The next batch of Yoki is arriving this week.


You might discover some new adorable characters from the Yoki collection on Rarible :eyes:

Live :confetti_ball:


Personally, I really like the designs of our yoports :star_struck::partying_face:

It looks great! Let’s go!

I made a new Yoki list.

Statistics and checklists are also provided for your free use.


These guides you’re designing are very useful to share with our community. Great job and thanks!

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