Proposal grant ASTR from Astar Treasury to StakeCraft for providing Snapshot service for Astar and Shiden

Proponent Address: Wj14Wp8CD8D8K58hpxbuFSTmXyFeBvjfAoJqbHjrHRsm1pN

Requested Amount: 330$/month (±8680 tokens at the price 0,038$/astr as of today) to cover the server cost and its support.

Date: 10.11.2022

Short Description:

The snapshot service is intended for collator nodes, namely, it helps to bring the node back online in a very short time, because pruning 1000 is set.

There is also a link to our GitHub where you can find all the information related to the Astar & Shiden Snapshot service and on our Website


Hi everyone,

STAKECRAFT supported Astar since it was called Plasm Network and at the beginning of 2022 was chosen as one of the first collators for Astar. We are confident in the future of Astar and Shiden, and have been working to deliver the best uptime and additional services for them.


We want to request $990 on the first day of every quarter (330$/month) in ASTR from the Astar treasury as a reward for providing our Snapshot service. We ask this amount for covering expenses on the server and its support.
The snapshot service has been online since the middle of October 2022, for the first three months we ask:
- $165 for October
- $330 for November
- $330 for December


We are committed to keeping the service up and running and updating it regularly.

  1. The address of the fund recipient: Wj14Wp8CD8D8K58hpxbuFSTmXyFeBvjfAoJqbHjrHRsm1pN
  2. There is no cancellation period from our side for running the snapshot service
  3. Snapshots are updated on a daily basis
  4. The options to contact the manager of the funds:

You can reach us at:


Telegram: @urb4n_thr34t


Website - GitHub - Snapshot service - Twitter - Discord


Thanks for the proposal, snapshot is very useful for collators.
Can you please precise

  • the period the grant would cover
  • the frequency of update of snapshots

Also please add the link to the website so everyone can understand it is already up :slight_smile:


Sure, thanks for stressing these points.
I added the necessary information.

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Hi @StakeCraft

Thanks a lot for waiting! Let’s get things going now :slight_smile:
Could you share every beginning of the quarter some data/metrics of the use of the snapshot services?

For the current quarter, will we take the closing price of ASTR on November 1st as the first full month? Is this ok?

Address: Wj14Wp8CD8D8K58hpxbuFSTmXyFeBvjfAoJqbHjrHRsm1pN

Hi @Maarten
Yes, we will implement this feature, but it will take some time.
Most likely this statistic will start working after January, 1st.
Regarding the price - ok.

I will initiate the payment this week and share the TX here.

Q4 2022: $825
Total $ASTR based on the closing price on November 1st: $0.04106076 = 20.092,17 ASTR



Payment executed from the Treasury:


Hi @Maarten

Regarding your request to publish statistics on the use of the snapshot service. As I promised, we implemented this feature.
According to the log, last week the service was used:
Astar snapshot was downloaded 12 times.
Shiden snapshot was downloaded 6 times.

PS do you want us to provide these statistics on a weekly basis?


No not needed to provide these statistics every week.
It would be great if you could add them to your next proposal.