Proposal for new Shiden Dapp


We are opening up this discussion on our proposal for a new dapp on Shiden.

The dapp will be combining tech and expertise from multiple projects (Phala, OAK, Kusama Kingdom NFT) to create one of the first true cross chain dapps.

The dapp will be built in ink/wasm which we believe needs to be utilised more going forward on shiden as we prepare for the release on Astar, we aim to battle test this dapp on Shiden before hopefully deploying onto Astar once WASM is live.

The nature of this app is Raffle based whereby stakers will be in with the chance of winning monthly prizes consisting of some of the dapp rewards as well as the potential for NFTs, other tokens etc as we partner with projects across the eco. The other portion of the rewards that aren’t paid out in rewards will on the whole be put back into the ecosystem through liquidity provisioning or supporting seed/private rounds of projects entering the eco. This is an important point as we do not want to be a mercenary dapp whereby we earn rewards and move them out the eco.

We aim to utilize Phala Phat contracts, Oak automation, Kusama Kingdom branding as well as the support and help from Astar/Shiden in order to deliver a great dapp to the ecosystem that will attract in more users as well as showcasing of the tech in an easy to digest format.

We would love the support of the community on this, please do ask any questions.

Many thanks,
KBL & Hashwarlock


Can’t wait to see the raffle!
This fits Shiden’s new vision! Unite builders and create unique dApps in the Dotsama ecosystem.



A very good news that shows Shiden is finally maybe not a ghost chain.
A 1st step with whifch we expect to be the 1st one of a long run :innocent:

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very nice to see this type of use case!

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Cross chain dapp is great! I am really excited to see what are you guys are working on.

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that’s boomer ebay speak for excellent