Proposal to move the Shiden discussions from Astar Forum to the Shiden DAO Discord Forum

Problem Statement

All discussions related to the ShidenDAO are done via the Astar Forum. This made sense during the early stage before the independence of ShidenDAO from the Astar Network, and this also exposed discussions around Shiden’s proposals to the Astar Network community.
But this also generates noise around discussions unrelated to Astar, making it challenging for Shiden Network to stand on its own as an independent layer 1 blockchain rather than a “beta version of Astar.”

We want Shiden to break free from Astar’s shadows!!

We will prevail!


I propose we achieve the Shiden Network category in Astar Forums and migrate all discussions to the ShidenDAO Discord server’s forum channel.

Action Points

If we decide to carry this out, we must change a couple of things.

  1. Change the proposals channel in the governance category from a text channel to a forum channel
    Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 1.34.24 PM

  2. Edit the governance guidelines to point to the forum channel

  3. Archive the Shiden Network category in the Astar Forum and edit the pinned post (or make a new one) so that all new discussions will be posted on the ShidenDAO proposal forum channel.

Discussion Points

I want to open up the discussion for the readers with the following questions. I do not believe that this proposal is perfect, and through discussions, we can improve on this.

  • Is the Discord Forum channel the best place for active discussion? Or is it better to create our Discourse forum for ShidenDAO?
  • Will this encourage more discussions within and outside of ShidenDAO for Shiden-related proposals?
  • What makes you want to participate in the conversation?
  • Any Web3 alternatives for forum discussions?

One problem I see with this proposal is that it might be challenging to open all ShidenDAO proposals to the general public. Discourse makes this easy since anyone can view the full forum post with the discussions. I’m not sure how easy it is to make forum threads public for Discord forum posts. Ideally, it should be indexable to search engines.

Would it be possible to echo the ShidenDAO proposal discussion to a Reddit page that only allows approved users to make posts? Clearly mark the page that if a person would like to join the discussion they will need to join the ShidenDAO Discord. I think that would make it indexable by search engines and publicly visible on the internet?

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That’s an interesting idea. So we create a bot that posts new proposals as a text post on Reddit, and all replies/threads will be represented as comments on the Reddit post?

It’s not impossible, but I feel like it could be a roundabout way to make the forum discussion open IMO.

I like @Neophyte’s Reddit idea, Reddit may be a better alternative to engage with devs too (our target audience). ShidenDAO reddit page where updates, discussions and what not happen and points to the Discord channel.

We can manage it as a community and bring it up in the recently created Community Guild. Self-assign who can post initially or collaborate on some type of structure/process. I think overall ownership should be someone from the core team though.

I like this!

IMO, I feel that the Forum feature of the discord is even easier to use than here.
Because the Forum is broken up by each project, and also because I spend more time digging the discord.

However, since there are not many members on the discord yet, a bot or something that automatically posts to Twitter or Reddit might increase discussion, as I think it would serve as a notification while attracting mass interest.

This may be a bit of a digression, but maybe we can boost it with a system that can visualize discord reputation using NFT such as SBT, which would work well with InvArch and Phala!

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I’m afraid that having another tool to post and discuss proposal would make it too complicated.
The ideal solution would be to be able to do it on Subsquare but the proposal has to be started to discuss.

Yes, and we are talking about where the discussion should happen (my proposal is Discord). But if open square has a feature about discussions, then that would be great.

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