Guilds on ShidenDAO discord


Create the first guild for ShidenDAO to structurd our discord in a way that’s easy for any user who joins to find information, purpose, help and feel welcomed.


Discord is the most common social platform used by crypto community to connect with a project and its community.
ShidenDAO was created in August 2022, so far we have 229 members.
Main aim was to open up the chain to anyone and everyone according to the Manifesto.
Discord being the platform where most people will mingle ought to have a structure that’s easy to navigate and find the right people/resources to help anyone in the least possible time and effort.
Currently I feel (and I maybe wrong) its not so easy to find information on what ShidenDAO is about, #about-us, #welcome and #resources is pretty blank.
Also allow members who have joined since the beginning to suggest extra channels or even reducing or extra tabs…


This can improve the productivity of the members, encourage participation and have a positive effect on our OUTLOOK and OUTREACH.


  1. Create a Guild tab & guild specific channel
  2. Discuss guild structure
  3. First guild to discuss improvements to our discord and then present to everyone.


Swankiest discord?


Great initiative!
Please do share this initiative inside the community.

Love the idea and will definitely back it.

Seeing how its still early we can hold a simple emoji vote and discussion on discord. If after a few days no major push back is seen and/or discussion is not present, then I say lets do it. We can always put forth a proposal to remove them down the road if needed.


Love what you are doing here. How do I find the Manifesto you refer to?

Found it: Astar/ at master · AstarNetwork/Astar · GitHub

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