Quidli - Crypto Rewards Discord Bot for Astar

Executive Summary
Quidli is a micro on-ramp connecting Web 2.0 apps and web3 assets for you to embed crypto rewards and incentives into your collaboration workflows to boost participation and motivation. The app enables you to recognize your top contributors natively in your Slack and or Discord, and is mainly used today by community managers who want to leverage community engagement on social media. Quidli users include the community teams at ConsenSys, the NEAR Foundation, ETHDenver, OrangeDAO, iExec, Flare Network, Concordium, and CUDOS.
Quick demo here: Quidli for Discrod

We propose to you to build a light integration of Astar to Quidli by adding $ASTR to our API and hosted app environment. This will enable you to seamlessly distribute Astar as rewards to the top active participants in your community directly in your Slack or Discord.

What Problem are you trying to solve?
Web3 orgs faced challenges regarding their community growth and retention such as:

  • Lack of community engagement
  • Lack of community loyalty
  • Low community growth and acquisition

Our Solution/Proposal

Horizontal perspective:
With Quidli, you can:

  • Maintain a strong and loyal community by rewarding your top contributors in $ASTR
  • Create a culture of recognition amongst the Astar community through Discord.
  • Promote & Awareness of the $ASTR token amongst new holders (quidli existing users).

Vertical perspectives:

  • Community Management:
    • Maintain a strong and loyal community by rewarding transparently on discord your top ambassador in $ASTR token.
    • Create a culture of recognition amongst the Astar community through Discord.

  • Marketing:
    • Use of quidli for special marketing events on discord: airdrop for awareness, Q&A with rewards, monthly prizes.
    • Gain new holders: Quidli is used by 1100+ organizations today, and >$3m in transaction volume over past 12 months

-HR & Internal Culture:
• Rewards internal members through our webApp or Slack integration and share appreciations (Overachievements, On-boarding, Birthday,…)

Use Cases and previous partnerships:
NEAR Foundation

  • Needs: The NEAR Foundation’s Community team was looking for more ways to engage foundation members and to build a strong culture of internal and external recognition using their native NEAR token.
  • Use Case: The NEAR Foundation is using Quidli both internally (in the organization’s Slack) and externally (with its network of external partners as well as in its community Discord) as a tool to reward good contributors in NEAR.


  • Needs: ETHDenver (SporkDAO) was looking for a way to increase awareness of their community to external members as well as to have wider distribute of their own SPORK tokens among existing members.
  • Use case: Quidli helps SporkDAO to on-board new members to the DAO by enabling the community to tip each other in SPORK. Quidli is also used during ETHDenver by community members who want to recognize and acknowledge mutual contributions throughout the period of the conference.


  • Needs: With plans to launch a community ambassador initiative, iExec was exploring way to incorporate RLC, their own token, as a reward that can be distributed natively in Discord.
  • Use Case: iExec uses Quidli to share RLC with both its community ambassadors who help to manage their open Discord as well as with community members who contribute to evangelism across social media.

→ Collab.Land (crypto)
→ Tip.cc (crypto)


  • Bad User Experience: account creation and on-boarding are pretty long, not scalable and difficult for crypto newbies.
  • These tools don’t collaborate with a lot of Crypto communities.

Our differenciation:
Quidli is a streamlined app, user friendly and scalable no matter how large your community is. We already worked with tons of Community Managers and crypto organizations with big and loyal communities.

Define clear Objective and Key Results (KPIs)

PoC & MVP (Key Results):
Our immediate aims for adding $ASTR token to quidli ecosystem are:

  1. To enable Astar to use Quidli internally via Slack and external via Discord.
  2. To offer our existing user base $ASTR token as a micro-incentive option.

Define clear Milestones & Timeline
1st Milestone: first week
Our team will use this first week to review the $ASTR technical token documentation. Our team will probably need additional technical documentation from the Astar team concerning the token integration, as well as using $[token name] tokens to be able to test the token within the Quidli environment.

2nd Milestone: second week
We will use a portion of the $ASTR grant to perform some transactions tests in our Quidli environment during the integration process (send, give, withdraw, deposit, etc …)

3rd Milestone: third week

  • Review of the PoC/MvP with the Grant team.
  • Publish a PR about the Quidli & Astar partnership.

In the future:

  • We can participate in AMA session to promote Quidli to your Community.
  • We can provide you datas/personalized dashboard and engagement metrics.
  • Telegram integration coming in 2023.

Level of Support being requested (in $USD)

We’re asking for $1,500 in $ASTR at the end of the 3rd Milestone and after reviewing the deliverable.

Quidli team:

Justin Ahn - CEO
Previous experience: Helped launch high-growth e-commerce ventures in Southeast Asia, notably ZALORA & LAZADA Vietnam as EiR @ Rocket Internet
Role: Justin is the project coordinator

Guillaume Figielski - CTO
Previous experience: As blockchain engineer (incl. Solidity), launched ChainImpact, one of the first blockchain dev studios in France. Senior full-stack developer @ French multinationals including Airbus, Orange, and Peugeot.
Role: Guillaume oversees token integration and product management

Luke Vignal - Head of Business Dev
Previous experience: Account Manager @Zendesk, Ex-Forrester LinkedIn profile link:
Role: Will be in charge of the partnership coordination and marketing efforts.

Titus Decali - UX Designer
Role: Titus will be in charge of the front-end development

Luis Marquez - Back End Dev
Role: Luis will be in charge of the Back-end development


Luke Telegram ID: @Lukeri0
Email: luke@quid.li

Additional Ressources
User stories:

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Hi Quidli team, can you add another channel for tipping, such as for Twitter?

Thanks for your response! just to clarify, do you mean is Quidli also available on other channels/social networks (apart from slack and discord), such as Twitter for example?

Correct, in my opinion. Slack currently popular for Devs, while Discord after NFT hype is very well known for crypto community before then majority only gamers use that. However both are relatively unknown for wider audience.

But Twitter , everybody knew. Is it possible in the future roadmap?

Got it! our future work app integration in 2023 will be focus on Telegram for now (as our current clients has been asking for this integration for a long time). For Twitter, we will start by adding twitter tasks and automation first.
For example: An Astar community member can achieve Twitter tasks and missions on Quidli (Like Aster page, Retweet this post from Astar, Tag a friend on this post) and get rewards automatically for completing these missions.
We’re focusing our efforts to develop these features on the Quidli web app to start, but the objective is to develop tasks and automations rewards on Discord, Slack and Telegram too.
Is that something that could be relevant for Astar?

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@moonme what do you think? I don’t know regarding grant, need business dev team to answer that particular topic.

For Telegram, Astar Official Channel has been read only mode and we already moved all official channel on Discord, however still a lot of Astar local channels use Telegram to maintain its communication with their local users.

@Lukerio i will dm u on tele, my handle is @ marveLet (capital L )


I like this product. A few years ago, I used a few tipping tools like Seedit and Coinkit. It is a good tool to have.

There is no grant program at this moment. However, upon successful deployment, you can apply to join dApp staking. Please learn more about dApp staking here: dApp Staking | Astar Docs

Myself and @souleater are from Astar Spacelabs. We are a community governed bizdev team. We provide support for onboarding projects. I believe @souleater have reached out to you on Telegram. We can proceed with our discussion in the TG group.


I really like this concept as it offers ecosystem dApps, DAOs, and NFT projects alike to an opportunity to incorporate a tool that can promote further engagement with the product.

I can easily see small and large DAOs or groups using this. Please message me in discord @0xRamz#1251

Hi @0xRamz thanks for your kind message! You can connect with me on telegram: @Lukeri0 (I wasn’t able to reach you on discord, not sure why). I’d be happy to discuss on what you said, as it’s our primarly orgs we want to work with atm.