FiDi - dApp Staking Proposal - Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracker

GM Astar Community,

The FiDi team is pleased to share this proposal with the Astar community and outline our project and its goals. Our team of builders and venture-backed operators brings deep expertise in distributed systems, web3, data, and infrastructure engineering at the internet scale. We come together to build the most comprehensive multi-chain portfolio tracker out there. FiDi today offers secure advanced analytics, intuitive UX, and high-precision data across 100+ chains and 2k+ protocols. Our goal is to become the go-to analytics provider for the Astar community and the broader DotSama ecosystem.

We love Astar’s community for its focus on builders and how supportive, flourishing, and exponentially growing the ecosystem has become. With that in mind, we’d like to equip everyone in Astar with the most advanced and highest precision tooling out there.

We just launched advanced staking dApp analytics on Astar. Here is a sample wallet on FiDi to get you started. Track your own wallets and the wallets of others, and let us know what you think!

Project Overview


FiDi today offers secure advanced analytics, sleek UX, and high-precision data across 100+ chains and 2k+ protocols. We’re positioning FiDi to become a user-friendly presentation layer to accelerate the multi-chain adoption of DeFi across DotSama and beyond.


FiDi supports native wallets like Talisman, Polkadot js, and SubWallet, and aims to provide coverage for all substrate wallet providers. Our platform provides extensive and accurate coverage of Astar assets with a comprehensive dashboard, insightful analytics, and the ability to track reward data by duration, distribution % for delegators, and other essential metrics. FiDi is committed to the growth of the Astar ecosystem and actively integrated with Astar projects. Moreover, FiDi offers its services for free, while competitors require paid subscriptions to maximize their offerings.

Infrastructure & Security

FiDi is a non-custodial secure interface that stores session data locally on the user’s device. It provides a thin analytics layer on top of the on-chain data and is chain-agnostic by design to promote interoperability between the protocols. Our data infrastructure is entirely on GCP, stateless, and built for internet scale. FiDi’s indexing layer is tightly integrated with trusted data providers such as Subsquid, and our indexing and querying layers aggregate raw on-chain data and data from numerous upstream providers, including SubQuery, The Graph, and others in the ecosystem.


Our product offers a comprehensive view of the user’s investments and aims to solve the complexities of managing a DeFi portfolio. Currently available portfolio trackers have limited information, lack coverage for various blockchain networks and protocols, and data integrity issues. FiDi addresses these limitations by providing advanced analytics and comprehensive coverage of Astar assets with a user-friendly interface. Our platform rewards users for their participation, making it an attractive tool for investors.

Value Add to Astar

Our project is and will continue to add value to the Astar ecosystem by offering in-depth network-, wallet-, and dApp-specific metrics that help users evaluate ecosystem performance and optimize their network participation. FiDi also aims to increase Astar’s adoption by creating visibility into advanced analytics for crypto users in other ecosystems.

Past Performance & Milestones:

  • In November, we launched FiDi beta with CertHum community and Moonbeam collators network, processing over 4M analytical data points and serving over 400 users across 50+ chains and 1k+ protocols

  • Since then, we have expanded coverage to 100+ chains, 2k+ protocols, and thousands of DEXes through an expansive partnership with Subsquid, as well as integration with Subquery, The Graph, and other providers; making us the most comprehensive tracker out there.

  • We were the first to launch support for countless new tokens since then, e.g., DAM Finance’s d2O, and became the tracker of choice for showcasing staked and farmed assets for many others.

  • Expanded FiDi’s wallet support in early 2023, with Talisman, Subwallet, Polkadot.js, Phantom, and over 30 of others live on FiDi now; making us the go-to choice for the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • In January, we launched advanced analytics for Moonbeam, with the mission to scale coverage further across DotSama based on the strong interest from numerous parachains.

  • This brought us to Astar! We launched advanced staking dApp analytics on Astar on May 16, with plans to expand Astar-specific support further.


We have plenty of exciting milestones coming up later this year. From more in-depth analytics at the dApp and Astar-wide level to a mobile app and analytics at your fingertips, to user-to-earn coming out later this year. Take a look at the proposed roadmap and share your feedback - we are continuously looking to learn from the community.

We also surveyed the FiDi early beta testers group comprised of Astar Ambassadors and Core team members, and here are the products and features you voted for the most. We are excited to hear more opinions from all of you.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

  • Development & Supporting builders (40%)
    • Advanced dApp analytics, NFT analytics, and mobile application
    • Design, data integration, mobile, and visualization development
  • Infrastructure & Operations (40%)
    • Cloud processing, storage, data and application layers, and load balancing
    • Continuous monitoring, performance, and security audits; as well as bounties
  • Co-Marketing & Community-building (10%)
    • Co-Marketing campaigns with Astar dApps
    • Campaigns promoting advanced dApp and NFT analytics for Astar focused on infusing the community with new members
  • Use-to-Earn Bootstrapping (10%)
    • ASTR Swap and stake functionality on FiDi
    • Initial rewards for community usage, contributions, and giveaways

How to get involved


A useful product for everyone. dApp staking worthy.

My only question is, wen token?

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Minor cons : wallet selector for substrate wallet, which I believe it will come very soon.

Best tracker I used so far and very nice.

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Thank you for the vote of confidence folks @moonme @souleater

@souleater you are right, it’s already in works! really appreciate your feedback

@moonme targeting Q4-Q1 and we’ll keep the community informed!

Is the project audited or not?


Very happy to see useful analytic tool on Astar, I’m in favor of this proposal

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Already using it!
Great portfolio tracker. Looking forward for more features :slight_smile:

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Could you please let me know if there are any plans to support the Shiden network?

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Thank you LORD, bLd759, Maarten, JohnBerg we’re excited to keep building and making Astar stakers life more insightful and fun!

A great call out on security @LORD; We are a presentation layer, take no custody, suggest no transactions, or otherwise do any dApp interactions when showing analytics. So no dApp code to audit! More on

Many thanks @JohnBerg we have balance & rewards support for Shiden in testing already! Expect to be live very soon. We also plan on providing the same level of analytics precision for Shiden as we do now for Astar :clap:


As a tester I can’t be happier to support Your proposal. FiDi it’s a really well organized tool with a clean and clearly comprehensive graphs . Waiting patiently for the roadmap :+1:

Join Astar dApp Staking
  • Yes
  • No

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Nice product. Been using it to track my portfolio. My vote is yes, though I can’t vote officially.


Great product. Welcome to Astar :clap:


I am highly impressed with the product and believe it’s an excellent solution to improve our general UX. Our focus should be on simplifying the onboarding process on Astar, and Fidi has done a great job creating a user-friendly platform to obtain accurate information.

I would like to support this initiative to further stimulate development in the project.


The portfolio tracker is great to use. The roadmap is ambitious and will add utility plus improve user experience.
Voting yes.


I liked the great team and the product FiDi provided, looks cool to me and dApp staking reward usage breakdown and roadmap looks good as well.