RadiumBlock Builders Program Application - High Performance Geo-Distributed Public Infrastructure

RadiumBlock is a web3 infrastructure service provider providing high performance infrastructure to the Polkadot ecosystem. We are proposing to run a high performance, geographically distributed public RPC API Service for Astar ecosystem on our platform, allowing free community access. Our RPC service for Kusama and Polkadot is the fastest(lowest latency) and most Geo-driverse to our knowledge.

TLDR; We are sharing our proposal details here:

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Thanks for your proposal.
Our DevOps will have a look and share feedback.

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Your proposition seems pretty interesting in term of geographical distribution, we can see that the team has a high professional background for sure.

On the other hand, you unfortunately rely on AWS which is far too much used for public nodes providing. Astar team considers these cloud providers (not only AWS) are not sustainable in term of costs because of the computation and data transfer costs. In these conditions, scalable means a monthly price constantly growing and Astar endpoint data shows already a very large usage involving very high data transfert amount and CPU usage, way more than Kusama actually. The daily requests number can reach several hundreds of millions and hundreds of Gb.

We would be very happy to support an innovative public infra solution but until then, we can’t afford paying for another cloud based infra.

Thank you for your understanding and happy to get in touch about any evolution.