RadiumBlock - RPC-node services for Q2 2023 Q3 2023

Couple of points we would make:

    1. If viewed from a free market point of view:
    • 1.a) We offer one of the most competitive prices and a very high performance service.
    • 1.b) We could save Astar treasury funds by reducing its cost, i.e. award the contract for a quarter through a form competitive bidding.
    1. If viewed from a decentralization point of view:
    • 2.a) We offer a more geo-diverse infrastructure
    • 2.b) A more vibrant ecosystem would allow Astar foundation to not need its own RPC services - leading to better decentralization.
    1. If viewed from a ecosystem point of view:
      1. b) An alliance or bounty based approach could be a path forward to limit the treasury expense with a balance of diversity and decentralization in mind.

Having a good RPC will be the foundation for future use. However, I would like to ask a few more questions.

  1. What are the expectations for the budget request?

  2. How will the results be measured for the things that are going to be done and the budget that has been requested?

Based on bLd’s comments, I voted yes because RadiumBlock provided high quality service but I totally agree with @bLd759 and @Maarten, RPC providers should work together to have a sustainable model without requiring tresurary and the tresurary should be used to fill missing gap and support interesting projects.

Do you provide API key for personal RPC like other providers? If yes, what is the cost of having a dedicated node?

Additionally, I think the decentralization will come from the users and I would prefer to support other proposal like “Astar Peers Program”.

Voted Yes, using RadiumBlock most of the time on Astar!

I agree that more RPCs are very important for decentralisation, but I also want our treasury to be used more effectively, so I am voting ‘no’ because I think Astar has enough RPCs.

Hello Community!

Impressive proposal! RadiumBlock’s request for a reimbursement of $8638 to operate RPC nodes for Q2 and Q3 2023 reflects a commitment to maintaining high-performance infrastructure for the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem. Their transparent RPC performance comparison results highlight their dedication to excellence. The proposal to run Astar and Shiden RPC for a combined total of $2500 per month, offering archive node-based RPC endpoints, multi-location PoPs, and low-latency access worldwide, showcases RadiumBlock’s forward-thinking approach. Supporting this proposal would undoubtedly contribute to the robustness and decentralization of the Astar Network.

Voted Yes


Hello Astar community,
Much thanks for the support and discourse. We wonder what the next steps from the vote is?

The requested amount is retroactive i.e. for service already rendered via Q2/Q3 2023. The proposal includes a forward looking pricing of $2500/mo meant to set the price for Astar and Shiden endpoint for future.

Yes we can provide API key for personal RPC. A dedicated node for smaller scale use would approximately be $399. As with most things there is an economies of scale factor that would determine the price.

Thanks for the reply

Congratulations @RadiumBlock, The vote passed and the fund requested have been sent to your address W5UDvLQnfDRCcNS9Aj8pa96c3chgsd83B3wPsmnGZXKeE2R.

Requested: 143 966.67 ASTR
Transaction: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer