Rollalove: dating web3 application

Hello, Astar community and team, my name is Iker and I am representing the whole Rollalove team. Mainly I create this post to show you our project.

Roll a love :heartpulse:

Roll a love was born from the hackathon of ETH Cinco de Mayo, Mexico, where Astar gave us their support in advice and mentoring, also, we were winners of the first place in the Tooling track. We received full support from @Juminstock who advised us in the construction of our product, introduced us to the Astar network tools and helped us to integrate them into our application. We want to improve our product and make it a scalable application within the Astar zkEVM ecosystem.

What is Roll a love :heartpulse:?

Rollalove is an application that seeks to protect the data and privacy of its users through the tokenization of profiles. Mainly, we believe that interaction on digital platforms is increasing, so finding a timely solution to this problem is of utmost importance.

We plan to create an application that allows users to continue interacting in the normal way, as they already do, but protecting their data through smart contracts.

Why Astar zkEVM?

We plan to develop on Astar’s zkEVM network, to take advantage of the existing tools in the Ethereum ecosystem, Astar’s technological innovation and the aggLayer that will allow us to increase liquidity in our application.

Rollalove presentation


We settled at the ETH Cinco de Mayo hackathon

We want to support Astar in his massive adoption!


The rollalove team is great! It was their first hackathon and they put in a lot of effort, developed a usable product in a very short time and managed to present a very attractive pitch. They received all my support during the hackathon and my advice after the hackathon was over.

I fully support the project!

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I like the idea. It seems to be something that is fundamental to our lives. However, I would like to ask some additional questions.

  1. I am not sure if I understand correctly. There are quite a number of competitors in this market. What additional benefits will users get from switching to the above project?

  2. In terms of data and privacy, how will the team handle unexpected problems, such as data leaks?


Interesting project but… As Rollalove into “social application”, you mention that the chat/match will engraved into the blockchain.

So, please correct me on this one.
Will you use permissionless on your layer and use Astr ZkEVM as a validator? Or stand alone?
Will you also be available in other chains?

And put aside that, how is the AI gonna remake our picture? In the example, the woman using the same dress

While the picture changes to much (beauty enhancement?) why not go annon as well?
Since the pic = catfish, we still can use anyone’s picture. I think the approach of AI remake pic as identity stealing is not solving tbh.

And last,

Liquidity here, how do you do it? Is We stake ASTR? or your/our NFT?
Need more explanation here about what you look for and what to commit?

I think the idea itself is interesting, but the solution is not fully answering the mentioned problem.


Thank you very much for your interest in the Astar eco, the idea is very interesting! I have the following comments:

  1. Will all data be on chain and how do you make sure the data privacy part?
  2. Will Astar token be used in the application and I am curious about how the project plan to support the Astar eco
  3. Any marketing plans? I think the Rollalove would be interesting idea, and would like to know if you already reached out the Astar eco projects for the product
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I want to hear more regarding your marketing plan, since on Social apps already heavy cluttered especially when facing giants like Instagram or TikTok.

Is it going to be somekind of DID (Decentralized ID ) platform added with Social engagement?

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Welcome to Astar ! :raised_hands:


Nice to see these new kind of project joining our journey!


Oh yeah, your support was key! :tada: Without your encouragement and those post-hackathon tips, it would have been a different story. Thanks to you, rollalove won!


Regarding the data on-chain, we’re implementing a hybrid model in our MVP, meaning essential data will be on-chain for transparency and trust, while sensitive information will be managed off-chain to maintain privacy. We will use encryption techniques and security protocols to safeguard data privacy.

As for the use of the Astar token, yes, we are indeed doing so in the MVP. The Astar token is utilized upon making matches.

Regarding marketing, we are in the early stages of designing a strategy to put Rollalove on the map. This includes reaching out to projects within the Astar ecosystem for collaborations and synergies. We’ll share more details soon as we progress and define the concrete steps of our marketing strategy.

We’re excited and on the way to making this a reality!


Our platform indeed utilizes concepts of Decentralized Identity (DID), but it goes beyond just being a DID platform combined with social engagement. Our focus is on a specific niche of people who deeply value their privacy, not necessarily those who are already immersed in web 3.0, but those committed to protecting their personal information, similar to Bumble’s value proposition. We believe that by leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience and bolster data security, we can offer something unique. Additionally, with the support of Astar, we have the tools to implement decentralized solutions that further strengthen our users’ privacy, allowing us to stand out in a competitive space. Importantly, although we will be using web 3.0 technology, it is not necessary for our users to be experts or even aware of this technology.


I’m glad you like the idea and recognize its importance. Regarding your questions, here are some answers:

As for differentiation from competitors, our project offers several unique advantages. First, our focus on privacy is foundational, not just an additional feature. We utilize cutting-edge technologies like Decentralized Identity (DID) and artificial intelligence to personalize the user experience while maintaining the highest data security. This combination of advanced technology and a commitment to privacy offers significant added value compared to other options in the market.

Regarding data management and privacy, we are fully aware of risks like data breaches. To mitigate these risks, we implement multiple layers of security and encryption protocols from the initial design of our project. Additionally, we have a team of security experts constantly monitoring the system to detect and respond swiftly to any threat. In the event of an unexpected incident, we have data response and recovery plans to minimize the impact on our users and their information.

Our priority is always to protect the privacy and security of our users, and we are committed to being transparent about how we manage and safeguard their data. We believe our dedication to security and privacy, combined with our innovative approach, sets us apart in the market and provides users with a compelling reason to choose us.


We’re excited to be part of this adventure and thankful for the warm welcome. Our team is committed to bringing innovation and value, and we look forward to collaborating and learning alongside you on this journey. Together, we can achieve great things!


Thank you for the welcome; we are here to stay and contribute the best of ourselves.


Thank you a lot for your information. I got your points =)

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Seems like an interesting project! SocialFi can attract many users, similar to what FriendTech did with Base. However, I would like to know the difference between your project and XO.


Thank you for applying for dApp staking.
Your project seems interesting!
Could you tell us about the staking rewards allocation?

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Hey, glad to see you guys on here!

Some questions/Feedback:

  1. How will dApp Staking Rewards be used?
  2. Will you run the server for the privacy relevant information? And what data falls into that category?

Still waiting for my question to be answered.

Since I still miss the point of AI, Blockchain, and dating.

I was an avid online dating app user, so I know catfish can be painful. But, what’s the point of AI here, since AI fakes the photo, and the uploaded photo is also taken from a gallery which can be a stolen pic? So, enlighten me with all this.

If you make a chat help with AI, that will be a different story. (like, your best icebreaker with 0x00 wallet account is … since both your interests are… , or something like that)

Blockchain is also cool since your data is yours alone like the key is yours. But, how does it work? For every message you send, do you need a gas fee to keep it in the chain by inscription or sign? Or every chat is made permissionless in your db or an end-to-end chat? Since this will play a role in your expense so we know how wise the stacked $ASTR will be used.

Not mean to dis you guys, I just want to make something constructive here.

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Hi Rollalove team, welcome to Astar Network!

Glad to see your dApp introduction and am curious how it can contribute to the ecosystem. In regard to it, I have a couple of questions, it’d be great if we can get some feedback :slight_smile:

  1. Seems XO is one of the most similar dApps on Astar ecosystem at this moment, would you be able to stress out what uniquess Rollalove can bring on top of it?

  2. AggLayer itself is quite new, so it’d be great if you have more details how to exploit it on Rollalove.

  3. What would the Rollealove expect to achieve on Astar Network, if any?