KEKKAI Dapp Staking Proposal


Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m Danny, founder at KEKKAI. Our first product, KEKKAI browser extension was released in December 2022 and now it is saving more than 20,000 users from hostile transactions. KEKKAI would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview

KEKKAI is a Japan-based web3 security company that offers a web3.0 anti-fraud security solution for consumers. Its product, the “KEKKAI Plugin” browser extension, aids users in safeguarding their assets from on-chain fraud through transaction simulation technology and smart contract security detection. With a daily active user count of 3k, it supports over 100 chains, including Astar EVM.

The KEKKAI Smart Scan was developed as a hackathon project by the KEKKAI team in June 2023. This project earned accolades at the event, with prizes awarded by Astar. It is an AI-driven (utilizing Chat GPT) smart contract security assessment tool that functions as a browser extension. Based on the Astar EVM block explorer and Etherscan, it assists users and developers in comprehending the security and potential vulnerabilities of a smart contract. Moreover, it helps elucidate the purpose and meaning behind various smart contract functions.

With Astar, we hope to seek more chances for working together with the coming mass adoption which KEKKAI would take care of the security issue for users to have a better and secured experience while exploring web3.0 world with Astar.

Our Mission

Our goal is to let users “Experience web3 with peace of mind”.

Team members

Danny(Founder): 6 years of product management and entrepreneurship. Start crypto trading in 2019 and NFT trading at the end of 2021. Studying at Waseda University.

Regison(CTO Co-founder): 4 years lead engineer experience at Bytedance. Full-stack engineer in the field of web2 and web3. Start web3 project with Danny in 2022. Start coding for web3 in 2021. Start auditing smart contracts as personal auditor from 2022.

Yuta Toda(CMO): Worked as 4 NFT projects’ marketing lead(or Japanese market lead) and made them succeed in being well known. Pumped KEKKAI based on his marketing strategy at an early stage from 2k to 20k users.

Past Performance & Milestones:

After we released it in Feb 2023, the active users of KEKKAI in total reached 20,000 users and daily active users reached 3,000.

Monthly transaction: 600-800k

Wallet collaborated: Coolwallet, Onekey

Future roadmap

For the whole KEKKAI, we have a big release in 2-3 months including several product releases and collaboration with major ecosystems. We have several new features that will be updated on product, and new products including a mobile version of KEKKAI.

For KEKKAI scan, we have now supported Astar already and are going to support more major blockchains, constantly improve the user experience and be able to help more and more users & developers.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

Product development (60%)

  • Adding features into product for better user experience
  • Improving AI part of generating accurate score and explaining better on vulnerabilities of smart contract

Co-marketing Activities (40%)

  • Giveaways
  • AMAs
  • User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns
  • Ambassador programs


Here are the basic links to our product and communities:


:open_book:Deck/slides: DocSend

:japanese_goblin:Discord: KEKKAI



By the looks of it, this is a good product. Safety is priority. I will give it a try when I gamble on memes this week.

Welcome to Astat!


It’s very interesting solution. I tried to install it and then to connect to some dApps.
It seems to work fine.

I have a question.
Do you have any plan to support the substrate wallet such as Nova, SubWallet, Talisman, and so on.
It means whether your product has planned to support not only EVM but also WASM.


I love the product and, as @moonme says, security is a priority throughout the web ecosystem3. I love the projects that come out of hackathons because they are potentially winning products. I have some questions, one of them is, is your code visible? If so, where do you have it?


Impressive work with the KEKKAI browser extension and Smart Scan tool. Security is a top priority in the web3 space, and your mission aligns well. Here are my questions:

  1. Can you share your criteria for selecting which blockchains to support with KEKKAI Scan, and how will you ensure its effectiveness across various ecosystems?
  2. Regarding co-marketing activities, could you provide details on your community engagement strategy and how it will benefit both KEKKAI and Astar’s ecosystem?

In my opinion this is a really necessary service.

The numbers of scams, web2 scams, are going up every year and apparently fraud is a really profitable business. It is something that will only grow

Also, usually one of the first barriers a new web3 user has to overcome is the fear of fraud and scams.
A security solution is positive as it adds to the confidence of the ecosystem and trust is a major factor.
People and companies should be users of this kind of services.

I am just studying your website but I like what I see.

I support the project because of its relevance to the whole ecosystem.


As other ambassadors said, security is really an important topic and your product is a very interesting solution.
I have the same questions as @tksarah.
Do you plan to support substrate transactions and the contracts pallet?
Are you considering collaborating with the ecosystem wallets (Talisman, NovaWallet, SubWallet)?


I believe it to be a crucial tool for the ecosystem. Anything that adds more layers of security for users is essential to be supported.

I hope to see native support for WASM and substrate wallets in general on the roadmap.


Hello, good afternoon
I have a question with an example

in this link

there is a tweet that leads to a fraud activity.

if you click it takes you to a fake website that seeks to go to your wallet.

How would the service help the user detect the scam if they have not noticed the fake tweet account?


Absolutely, we are actively working on this essential roadmap and task to support WebAssembly (WASM) while ensuring compatibility with Substrate wallets like Nova and SubWallet, being noticed as a important collaboration between Astar and KEKKAI. We’ve been dedicated to this endeavor for several months now, although we did encounter a few technical challenges along the way. Specifically, our aim is to develop a functionality that closely resembles the EVM Geth debug_trace interface. This interface allows the execution of transactions in the memory pool and provides transaction logs. To achieve a robust simulation system for WASM, we have actively engaged with the Astar development team, and progress is underway. We are committed to delivering this feature and look forward to sharing further updates with you. Stay tuned.


Yes, we have opensourced the previous version here GitHub - KEKKAI-Inc/kekkai-extension

We have been actively engaged in co-marketing efforts alongside Astar JP, fostering a productive partnership over time. Some notable initiatives include:

These endeavors have significantly boosted KEKKAI’s visibility as a relatively new project. We sincerely appreciate the exposure and recognition these activities have provided. Our commitment extends to continuing such collaborative efforts in both the Japanese and global arenas, enhancing the web3 ecosystem and reinforcing our role as a web3 security project within the Astar ecosystem.

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This is a prime example of how our platform assists users in safeguarding against phishing attacks. Typically, individuals inadvertently access phishing websites through deceptive campaigns, such as promises of free airdrops or minting, and subsequently fall victim to fraudulent transactions that can transfer their assets through various methods, including unauthorized approvals, gasless transactions, or straightforward asset transfers.Our product empowers users by providing insight into the anticipated changes that will occur after each transaction is completed. This is achieved by displaying a transaction preview through a pop-up before users proceed to their wallet. You can view a demonstration of this feature in action via this video: link to the demo video. Furthermore, we enhance security by identifying vulnerabilities and scrutinizing parameters that may indicate fraudulent activity, all in real-time. This includes analyzing smart contract code to detect potential risks, such as honeypot scams.In essence, our platform equips users with the tools and information necessary to protect themselves from phishing attempts and potential cryptocurrency-related fraud.

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Thank you for your additional information.
Sounds nice, I’m looking forward to it.

Does it have a load by the kind of transaction?
It seems that it may use a little load when it starts to confirm the transactions, so sometimes the pop up windows had whiteout for a long time. (as a workaround I did reload the page.)

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Welcome to Astar :raised_hands: It ll be great to protect end users


My vote for this is yes, it is a project that I believe contributes to us.

Voted yes! Thanks for Joining Astar

Let’s go to da moon together :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Glad to have you submit this proposal. Welcome to Astar :+1: