Rubic - dApp Staking Proposal - Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator and Tools to Enable it

Good day everyone,

This proposal is prepared for getting approval of Astar and its community to onboard Rubic, which is a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator for users and dApps, into dApp Staking Program.

Project Overview

Currently, Rubic aggregates 60 major blockchains, 90+ DEXs and bridges, and enables swapping of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds - in one click, making it the ideal choice for those seeking the ultimate DeFi experience.
Users can take advantage of Rubic’s Fiat On-Ramp service, where they can buy crypto with fiat currency on a bank card.
Rubic provides the tools for crypto projects to become fully interoperable between blockchains, with an easy-to-integrate widget and a fully-customizable SDK unlocking DeFi right on their website or inside any dApp.

Dev tools usage:

  • Now, by implementing Rubic into your project, users will be able to swap tokens and NFTs for any of 15,500 assets (including fiat payment methods with 250+ currencies) across EVM and non-EVM chains, without leaving your website.
  • Any project will be able to communicate with other networks in a variety of ways, regardless of what blockchain they’re built on.

Rubic is like a GoogleMaps where you need to go from point A to point B. We’re gonna find you all different routes to reach your final destination in the most efficient way and by spending a minimum gas fees. But if something goes wrong with one of those routes we can quickly cut off those routes, we still get you to point B with another more efficient way.

Rubic is bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi, providing a seamless integration for crypto projects. No research is needed to find exchanges with their desired tokens. No need for comparing platforms by security, reliability, liquidity, finding supported pairs, or obtaining the required cryptocurrency.


At Rubic, we are committed to making Web3 more accessible and interoperable.
Our vision is to aggregate the best cross-chain technologies into a single platform that developers can use to easily build interoperable dApps and users even with no experience.
We know that cross-chain technology is not just a trend, but a necessity, as liquidity is distributed over different chains. This point touches each project type - Gaming, DeFi, NFT marketplaces, launchpads, DEXs, Social, Education.
We also understand that this infrastructure is lacking in the blockchain space, making development time-consuming and expensive for developers who want to make their dApps interoperable across chains. That’s why Rubic’s solutions are so important as soon as we help other projects to easily and quickly create cross-chain dApps, regardless of what their function is and help experienced or fresh blockchain users to orient this complex world.


  • 85K+ Users
  • Total Transaction Volume of $350M+
  • Total Transaction Amount of 301K+
  • 24/7 support service
  • Sharing revenue model
  • Automated swap execution
  • Limit order and revoke approval functionality
  • Fiat on Ramp
  • Series of audits by Certik, Fairy Proof and recently made audit by MixBytes
  • Grants from Polygon, Harmony One, NEAR, Kava, Celer, Symbiosis, Telos, Tezos Foundation, Bitgert and DFINITY
  • Top DeFi gainers according to CryptoRank, CryptoGalaxy, and Crowdsense
  • Rubic holds leadership in the top 10 crypto builders by number of GitHub commits
  • Rubic won the start-up competition at the World Web3 Summit, one of the biggest blockchain conferences
  • SDK and widget are integrated into more than 130 projects, starting from DEXs to Web3 Games and NFT Marketplaces
  • Winning Candidate for Web3 Incubation Program organized by Sony Communication Network and Astar blockchain

Portfolio of Projects / Past Experience

  • - Algebra is a breakthrough AMM, and a concentrated liquidity protocol for decentralized exchanges, running on adaptive fees. Providing projects with more user-friendly, fresh DeFi solutions and implementing the most efficient technologies, it reforms the DeFi field as we know it. Algebra is a concentrated liquidity protocol used by 10 DEXs, such as QuickSwap, StellaSwap, ZyberSwap, UbeSwap
  • - MyWish smart contract platform. The platform fully automates the process of contracts creation and deployment making the whole process fast and simple. MyWish fully automated smart contracts creation, and provides pre-audited smart contracts for both: private and business use: Token, Deflationary token, Crowdsale, Airdrop, Token protector, Investment pool, Lost key for tokens, Lost key, Deferred payment, Will contract, Wedding contract.

Team’s short bio

Rubic team consists of talented entrepreneurs and smart contract developers, with a wealth of experience in the industry and previous stints at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Visa, and Unilever.
Rubic team is multinational from different regions of Earth including Eastern Europe, Germany, and the United States, with our headquarters in Dubai, UAE.


Exciting milestones are ahead for Rubic such as a mobile application, oracles cross-chain aggregation, NFT bridges aggregation and many many more to make our tech aggregator the best on the market.
We value community feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our roadmap.

Value Add to Astar

Rubic currently supports Astar and Astar EVM for on-chain and cross-chain swaps.

We’re proud to contribute to the Astar ecosystem and offer our development tools to integrate with any dApp.
Our commitment extends beyond development tools integration – we’re actively seeking collaboration opportunities to enhance cross-chain operability and foster the growth of the interconnected blockchain space on Astar.
We welcome projects of all sizes and functionalities to join us in exploring mutual synergies. Whether it’s dev tools integration, marketing campaigns, platform improvements, or any other ideas, we’re open and excited to discuss how we can work together.

How Staking Rewards Will Be Used

  • Operational needs
  • Marketing
  • Others

Official links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cryptorubic_chat

Join Astar dApp Staking
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  • No

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Thanks for the proposal, Astar is a parachain of Polkadot, and is not “the next EVM chain” due to interoperability and possibility to cross chain execution of smart contracts. Do you have any plans to utilize full potential of Polkadot ecosystem including ink!?

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Hey Rubic team,

Great tooling and easy navigation on the site to start building. Both important for developers to use your toolkit. Even I could create a sleek custom widget.

Since you are involved in a lot of chains, I know your roadmap needs to be general. But can you share what are the next steps you have to build within the Astar ecosystem specifically? Or, cross-chain to Astar?


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Hey, thanks for the question.

Yes, indeed we have plans to expand our presence on Polkadot partnering up with Web3 projects.
We’d like to emphasize is that Rubic provides its cross-chain protocol as a free integration widget and SDK.
Wallets, dApps, games, launchpads, NFT projects, GameFi, Metaverse - all of them can become interoperable with our tools that allow users to onboard and transfer tokens from the chain of their choice to another chain or into a preferred wallet or a game, massively simplifying the process. Users don’t leave the platform or gameplay to look for a DEX or bridge. No research is needed to find exchanges with their desired tokens.

According to posted roadmap you can see our intentions to aggregate the best and the most important practically usable DeFi features and launch NFT cross-chain swap as well. We’ve even developed a prototype for this so yeah, our focus is on Polkadot due to its parachain nature.

Appreciate you support, thanks for that.
SDK and widget are pretty easy to integrate, additionally them give integrators a share of transaction on-chain or cross-chain fees by setting customized charge with options for percentage, fixed amount, or a combination of both.
Widget has fiat on-ramp features letting users to buy tokens directly with fiat currency in certain cases in one step, making it easier to buy tokens without any extra hassle.

In regard to your question about next steps within Astar Ecosystem I can tell you that cross-chain swaps are already available but in limited mode on app.

We announced new staking round on Rubic, Avault yield aggregator on Astar can become a partner for us, we have some ideas how to collaborate.
Cosmize metaverse looks pretty eligible for integrating our dev tool, from our perspective integrated swap funcionality into metaverse create a pefrect case for interoperability and interaction between users.
That’s not the full list, it’s only a start!

No not a full list but this helps me see that you are finding pockets to use Rubic on Astar. Fiat on-ramp is a nice addition that I didn’t realize you offered.

I’m a yes. Thanks for sharing.

hi Ilya just curious which network you prioritize for use with your interoperability tools / cross-chain messaging?

Hey there, we are interested in L2 and zk, L1 and gaming. Actually we do want to provide to a user each route he likes to go.
Tools are great for gamefi we are sure, try to imagine how it’s good to don’t leave the gameplay for swapping assets, NFTs? That’s true interoperability and the place that shouldn’t be leaved.

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